Jordy Bralette Sewing Tutorial | Video

Hi All,


It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a video to my channel- and it was definitely because of this video. As someone who is still pretty new to the planning, filming and editing that goes into making videos- this one was a bit of a beast for me, and there are definitely ways that I will improve them in the future! But I would love any suggestions you have about what you would like to see on that channel going forward!


As you can probably tell from the title, it’s a full tutorial on sewing my Jordy Bralette pattern, all the versions! It might help some of you that are better video learners than illustrated instruction learners 🙂


Watch the video here 


And while you’re there, you can check out my other videos & subscribe! I’m getting SO excited about making more videos, especially now that summer is on the way and I have so many ideas!


Hope you’re having a lovely start of Spring!





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  • Taylor

    Hey, I know this is for the Jordy, but I bought the Tuesday boyshorts too and was wondering if using stretch lace for the back or even the whole thing seems unrealistic? I’m not sure how the leg holes are set up and if they would stretch out or be loose without elastics?

    • Emerald Erin

      Hi Taylor, You can absolutely use a stretch lace, but you will have to modify the pattern to straighten the leg hole to follow the lace edge. If you find that it’s a bit too loose around the leg, you could always add a narrow elastic to the inside of the lace edge 🙂

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