How to Make: A Removable Bra Harness


Hi All!


I thought I would give you a really quick and easy tutorial this Valentine’s! Something that is quick, easy, and doesn’t even require making a whole new bra 🙂

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A Little Mom & Me Sewing

Hi All!

It was time for a little selfish sewing this month. Something that wasn’t underwear, something that would add to my non-lingerie wardrobe. But instead of pure selfish sewing, I decided it would be better if mom and I did a swap and sewed something for each other.

We were both in need of a long-sleeve top. Mom wanted something with a casual, polished style for her upcoming vacation to Cali, and I was looking for something that was comfy studio wear, with a little bit of an edgy girl-grunge look that I’ve been feeling lately. And we both love a good raglan- so naturally the Bethioua and the Lane Raglan were perfect options.

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#BRA NEWS [ JANUARY ]: Podcasts, Patterns & Meet Ups!


Hi All!

Back at the bra news! And I am so excited to share, because there are so many amazing things that have happened this month! So let’s hop into it!

And first, I want to talk about Rachel over on MakerStyle who has been having an amazing bra making month over on her blog and podcast! This whole month of news could really just cover that!

She’s been doing a podcast every Sunday with a new bra maker! You can hear podcasts with some really awesome bra makers out there including: Sarah of Ohhh Lulu on where she finds bra inspiration,  Hannah of Evie La Luve answering her bra making FAQ and Karu of Studio Costura talking about getting into business and finding supplies.


There even might be a podcast coming out later today.. with someone you know 😉


Besides her podcast she’s also doing an Instagram Takeover with Ying of TailorMadeShoppe covering 5 free sewing gorgeous undies patterns!

Rachel has also written three bra-making posts for her blog all about: Saving & Spending on Bra Supplies, Building a Lingerie Capsule & finally an exciting GIVEAWAY!! I can’t wait for the last week of bra month and see what else will be coming from MakerStyle!

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Exposing the Unders: Dreaming in Silk

Hi All!


This Sunday I have an exposing the unders on one of my favourite bras- Dreaming in Silk. This is one that has seen lot of wear since I made it just over a year ago. There’s something about it that is so perfectly me- it’s a relaxed fit, it’s has nice lines and is soft but not too girly? I don’t know, I just love it, and I wear it all the time. So I thought it was the perfect choice to deconstruct for you today!


— Very quick PSA first —

If you didn’t already read in my Reflections & Resolutions post- I’m bringing back my MONTHY ROUND UP!! and I want to add any bra news in there too! Just like before, they will be the last Sunday of every month- and it’s a great way to come together as a community, show off your gorgeous makes, find other bra makers and know what’s happening in the boob community.

So, if you’ve MADE A GORGEOUS BRA/SWIMSUIT/INTIMATE APPAREL, or if you’ve WRITTEN A TUTORIAL on lingerie or swimwear making, or generally have any BRA NEWS that you want to share- then please send pictures, descriptions and links to:

Now that that’s out of the way- let’s dive in!

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Sheer Guide: Bra Tulle, Sheer Cup Lining & 15 Denier

Hi All!

My post this Sunday is all about the sheer things, which are some of my favourite things! And I know that if you haven’t worked with these fabrics very much, then it can be a little confusing what they are and how you use them, so I made this comprehensive guide to knowing all of the sheer lovelies!

The three fabrics that I’m going to be covering in this guide are my favs: Bra Tulle, Sheer Cup Lining, and 15 Denier. They are all made differently, with different properties and different recommended uses, so I’ll be going over them each in detail!

Here we go!

Of course I’m going to start with my absolute fav first- Bra Tulle! This is what I’ve used for so many of my favourite bras like the Black Beauty, Snow White, Parisian and many more. There are so many great things about this fabric for bra making!  What I love most about it is that it’s deceptively easy to sew, and it almost feels like you’re being supported by a completely weightless fabric, because it’s so light and airy!


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