Supper Sunday: Beef Stroganoff

Happy Sunday everyone- this Sunday I have something very delicious! Beef Stroganoff, I know that there are lots of different ways to make this- but this is how I make it!

Beef Stroganoff 

2 lbs beef- sliced thinly into strips (best to use a leaner cut of beef)
1/2 cup butter

3 large portabello mushrooms diced

2 cups of beef stock
2 tbsp soy sauce

1 cup of sour cream (or more)
parsley for looks 
Salt & Pepper to taste- I like quite a bit of both!

1 – 375g package of egg noodles

To start slice your beef nice and thin. Put the butter over medium high heat in the pan, when it’s melted put the beef in and fry it until it goes nice and brown.

Then take the meat out with a spatula, leaving the remaining butter and juices in the pan, then throw your diced mushrooms in to cook them.

Once your mushrooms are fairly reduced and cooked, add your beef back into the pan along with the beef stock and the soy sauce. Simmer these away covered until the beef is tender and everything has married together and reduced (approx. 15 minutes)

You can make a side salad & cook your noodles during this time.

Take the pan off the heat/turn the heat off and add the sour cream, mixing it all together. Don’t simmer it after you had added the sour cream or it could curdle. Add salt and pepper until it tastes perfect to you! 

Serve over some perfectly cooked egg noodles with a lovely side salad!


It turned out fairly saucy this time- which I love, but you can make it a thicker consistency by reducing the juices more before you add the sour cream!

I know that this is by no means a diet meal with all the butter and red meat and what not- but I can promise it is worth it!

So good.

Hope you are having a delicious Sunday! 🙂

xo erin

DIY: Starry Ceilings


So I have been waking up in the morning to this:

And I love it, it makes me smile- as it was on my list of 33 things that make me happy!.

This was really simple- just a little time consuming but I absolutely love the effect 🙂

To make these stars- I bought these strips of paper that were designed just for this purpose (although you could just make your own out of any paper)

I actually bought these a few years ago in chinatown and they sat on my shelf collecting dust until I found them again when I was moving.

They are SO CUTE- Hello Kitty patterns, which instantly got me hooked- This is my favourite pattern, purple with princess Hello Kitty riding a giant swan. 🙂

Anyways they are so simple to do you just tie one end like you would a simple knot and then flaten it out

Then you fold that little tail piece in- so that you have a pentagon shape with the rest of the strip sticking out one side, then you just keep wrapping the strip around, following the angle of the sides of your pentagon.

When you run out at the end you simply tuck your little end bit under the other folds of paper (in the little v)

Then using your finger nail- I like to use my thumbnail because it is the most firm- you press into the edges of the pentagon, pushing them out- once you push in all the sides you have a puffed out 3D star!

So I ended up with a bowl of 131 of these while I was watching a movie one day…

 and I wasn’t sure what to do with them- so I looked up at the ceiling above my bed and inspiration hit!

To string them up it was very easy, just cut a bunch of different length threads, tie a bead to the end.

Then using a needle, thread the thread through the star.

Then tape it all over your ceiling however you want. I concentrated them all over my bed, and tried to make sure that they varied in colour and length all over.

When the light is on at night it makes the strings more visible and it almost looks like they are shooting starts that are all pelting towards my bed leaving behind a trail of star dust 🙂

They have definitely been making my dreams that much sweeter- and now I can look up and count the stars above even in the daylight, although I can only make it to 131…

Hope you are having a star-filled day!!

xo erin

Wellness Wednesday: 33 Things that make me happy

I was thinking about what I should do for this Wellness Wednesday, and it occurred to me- the most simple and the most important part of Wellness- Happiness. So I set out to make a list of 25  30 33 things that make me happy, big or small. As you can tell it is addictive to think of things that make you happy and I couldn’t stop coming up with more things once I started!

It was amazing how happy it made me feel just to put together this list! which makes me realize how simple it can be to be happy and to turn your mood around- I know that I will be coming back to this blog post anytime I feel down 🙂 and I would HIGHLY recommend making a list like this yourself! 🙂 – if it was a youtube tag – I would tag everyone to do this!

Here we go:

1. Listening to a good audio book while doing crafts :): I recommend the Harry Potter series read by Jim Dale, and anything by John Green

 (in this pic mom and I were listening to the Triwizard Tournament)

2. Really creative blogs that I love- TOO MANY TO LIST HERE- I will do a blog post on my favs soon!

3. Petting random cats – you know that cat that comes up to you on the sidewalk- I will flat-out sit down and pet it for 1/2 an hour. 

4. Keeping my nails painted & really bright crazy currently:


5. Walking in the woods with my dad 🙂

6. Listening to music & crafting with my sister and Kaitlyn until the wee hours of the morning when we all get a little loopy 

7. When my favourite shows come on and I get to watch them right away! – Yes I have diverse taste … lol


8. Looking up at the paper stars I hung above my bed when I wake up in the morning, blog post here!

9. Youtubers & their entertaining/ creative videos 🙂



10. Smothering my dog with attention

11. Clearing away clutter & donating my things I don’t use anymore

12. Looking through old photos of me and my sis 🙂

13. Trying new recipes with my mom – we were de-boning & stuffing chickens in these pics! 

14. Skyping with my friend Claire, never less than 4 hours lol.

15. Ordering fancy looking cocktails/ beverages of any sort

16. Really fluffy pipe-cleaners, you know the ones 🙂 

17. Going to Boretski – I never leave without the biggest smile

18.  Watching TV in bed with my mom at night – currently working through Supernatural

19. Flowers on my table 🙂

20. Dancing and singing along to music in my car at stoplights/ anytime if I am not the driver: especially ‘I love it’ by Icona Pop with my sister  

21. Traveling anywhere & everywhere 🙂

22. Doing my make-up for a night out.

23. Trying new activities with my friend Jenn (horseback riding, paintballing, skipping school to go to the beach & take pictures, hosting murder mystery parties!) — What’s next Jenn?!?! go-carting?!?!   

24.  Watching cat videos on youtube… I know I know….. if you have my same addiction then you might enjoy watching this cat: MARU  ^..^

25. Fruit Picking, ALL THE FRUITS

26. Getting a new music playlist from my sister 🙂 

27. When my oatmeal doesn’t overflow in the microwave 

28. Butterflies, just butterflies

29. Rock climbing with my friend Karen- ALWAYS fun times racing up the tower

30. My Kitties!


31. Playing Euchre with my Grandparents ( Me + Grandma = dream-team forever!!)

32. Picnics on the beach

33. Writing blog posts- it makes me feel so creative and proud the second I hit publish! 🙂

So there are 33 things that make me happy 🙂

and 33 things that I am currently smiling about 🙂

Hope you are having just as happy of a Wednesday and that you take some time out to think about all the things that make you happy!

xo erin

DIY: Purple Dip-Dye Hair

I have never dyed my hair before, no highlights, no crazy colours, no regular colours- I have always been fairly content with my hair colour, which I would describe as a darkish brown.

It’s somewhat strange that I’ve never thought of dyeing my hair, since I do my fair share of dyeing other people’s hair- I dye both my mom and my sisters hair- with my sister keeping her hair in a constant state of the most blonde you can possibly be- like the box with double bleach packets blonde- as close to white as it gets blonde-

So I thought it should be my turn to be in the hot seat- and dye my hair. Although I am still a huge wimp when it comes to this- I can say that I have had pretty much the same hair style my whole life- just ditching the bangs in grade 4, and switching to a side part (that I still have) in grade 10. So I wanted to do something different, but not too different- and I was thinking purple ends.

I used Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye in the colour Ultra-Violet.

Since I was not too committed to this overall look, I waited until my hair was really long- almost in need of a cut- so that, if I really hated it- I could just cut it all off and pretend it never happened. 

I decided on a cut-off point and tied sections of my hair off with rubber bands – here I am looking nervous-

Then I got my mom to apply the dye- straight to my freshly washed hair, making sure it was fully saturated- and left it for 30 minutes. Watch out because this stuff will stain EVERYTHING around you. – Then I cut the elastics off and rinsed it out in cold water- at which point I felt very grateful that it was not my whole head and only the ends of my hair that were being doused in cold water.

And Voila! Purple tips!

I have to say I am pretty happy with the look- it is very subtle, since my hair is already dark and I didn’t lighten it before applying the colour, and you almost can’t see it in dim lighting- but you can definitely tell in the daylight, it just gives that trendy edge.  
I’m sorry if you were expecting something super dramatic! But I have to say, I did this a few weeks ago and the colour has completely left my hair, which is making me think that I want to redo this- but perhaps a little brighter and with permanent dye- I will keep you updated if I do!!
Hope you are all having fun with your hair colour, lol! 

*Glamour new hair look pose*

xo erin

Supper Sunday: Pretending it’s Summer with Steak!

I don’t know about you all, but I am pretty much over this whole ‘winter’ business. I mean snow can be pretty and whatever, but I have found that the weather in Southern Ontario so far has left much to be desired. I mean an ice storm over Christmas? really?

Anyways, that said, I have taken to staying indoors and pretending it’s summer as a coping mechanism! And the best way to do that is to enjoy my favourite summer dinner: Steak & mushrooms with salad!

 Mmmm so delicious- Just how I like my steak, medium- rare and covered in delicious fried mushrooms.

Ideally I would BBQ the steak, but as it is about -20, I opted for pan frying.

These are lovely thick rib steaks and the process of cooking them is pretty much:

Sprinkle this:

All over both sides of the steak then throw them into a pan on high heat searing one side, then flip, put the lid on and check on it until it is your preferred doneness, possibly flipping it once more, but I keep it on high for the whole time.

While you are doing this you can also do your mushrooms- I like a lot, so this is about 5 extra large portobello mushrooms:

That I like to cook very simply with some butter and salt, adding the salt at the very end so that it doesn’t pull all of the water out of the mushrooms right away.
Meanwhile- if you really want to pretend it is summer- like my sister and I- you can whip up a couple extra large cocktails! 

This was very simply just a shot of Grand Marnier, about 1/2 cup of mango juice and sparkling water- all mixed into an oversized white wine glass and garnished with an extra large orange wedge! Cheers!

MMM tasty, of course I went all out and decided to paint my nails rainbow in honour of summer as well… or it might have been a nod to Dexter… you can look at it either way.
Then whip up a little spinach/kale/red pepper salad, maybe have some veggies & dip on the side and BAM!! insta-summer!!
I savoured each bite- which of course is best when you skewer some mushrooms followed by the most juicy piece of steak like this:
Overwhelming deliciousness!! I even dressed the Kitties up in their bathing suits for the occasion!
So that has been my way of coping with the winter so far. Do any of you have good ways of coping with the long cold winter? Or any favourite summer dinners?
Hope you all have a delicious Sunday!!
xo erin

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