Sewing Blogger Weekend (ft. Maker Style & TailorMadeShop) | Vlog

Hi All!

I had a pretty cool weekend with Rachel of Maker Style & Ying of TailorMadeShop– and I wanted to share it with you!


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What do you like to do when you meet up with your sewing friends?






#BraNews July

Hi All!

How has your summer been? My summer has been all about moving studios. I usually think about the summer as this ‘in between’ time where everything is more relaxed and things just coast for a little while. You take more time out to enjoy the sunshine and do all the fun summer things that you miss the rest of the year. And, while I have still been doing my best to enjoy the sunshine, it’s been way busier than my normal summer coasting- full of big changes and new challenges- it feels much more like fall that way.

If you haven’t been following for a while- you might not know the two big things- first (and by far the biggest) is that I’m moving my studio to a new spot- which I couldn’t be happier about! The second is that I’ve launched a YouTube Channel- and posted my first video – a vlog about moving- so you can see some behind the scenes of the move! Both of these changes are so new for me and come with challenges- but honestly I feel like I’ve just swung open a door that has a million more opportunities on the other side! If you haven’t seen that video yet- it’s a great way to get up to speed with this moving process (and I’ll be coming out with a part 2 of that vlog soon!). You can watch that here 🙂

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Modifying Your Bra Pattern for a Different Size Wire

Hi All!


Today’s post has been HIGHLY requested after the past posts in underwire month, especially after my Underwire Fitting Post where I explained the ins and outs of wire sizing and how to find the right wire for you!


So now you’ve found the underwire that fits your size…. but maybe it doesn’t fit your bra pattern size- bummer.


Let me start off by saying that this is SO common- it’s almost the norm – it would be crazy to think that every person with the same cup volume would have the same wire size- so what do you do about it?

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Rebranding and Moving

Hi All!


I have some exciting news to share with you!


Firstly – I’ve opened a new Etsy shop!

So basically I’ve split my Etsy into two sister shops- on is my classic Bra Shop, and the other is my Swim Shop.

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The Plunge Wire

Hi All,

This post is all about my Plunge Underwire!


If you want to know more about underwire styles & the wires I offer check out – Underwire Styles & Body Types

If you’re looking for more info on fitting underwires check out – How to Fit an Underwire


This is a really fun wire! And the name for it is pretty self-explanatory! This is my Plunge wire, perfect for making that gorgeous plunging neckline on a bra! What I love about this wire is that it’s high on the sides so you can get that great support and leverage to pull your cleavage to the centre- because that’s what we all really love about a good plunge bra!

You can find the printable PDF wire  chart for this wire here: Plunge Wire Chart PDF

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