Sewing Room Curtains!

Here it is! , as promised, this post is going to be about those fabulous curtains/window-coverings that I showed in my sewing room tour. These were made with the help of my mom, who is a little more experienced at sewing household-y things than I am.

So after realizing that the amount of sun coming into my sewing room made it impossible to inhabit between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, I called to my mom for help in making some curtains, and she took me to Fabricland where we picked out this beautiful fabric!

We measured for the large window, and decided that we would do 3 panels, that I could roll up and tie at whatever height suited the current position of the sun- easy peasy.

This is me cutting out one of the panels, with a grey lining – because the sun simply cannot be stopped by one layer of fabric. After serging these panels together, the next step was to secure the bottom, so that I could roll it up and it would keep the shape- I used small wooden boards for this, but you could go to the hardware store and get dowels as well, and just cut them to the width of the panel. Then I just sewed a little fold-over pocket in the fabric to hold it.
To secure these panels to my window I sewed a strip of velcro to the top of each panel (fuzzy side of velcro), and glued a long strip of velcro to the top of my window frame (hooked side of velcro). Check out my handy work with the hot glue gun! (and the not so handy camera work… sorry for the blurry pic)
Then I sewed some ribbons on, front and back, and stuck them up! I used off-white twill tape for the front ribbon and didn’t have quite enough for the back, so on the back I have used a coordinating green ribbon, which I think worked out well in the end.

I am quite happy with the finished product, and now I can use my sewing room in the day without wearing sunglasses and SPF 50. YAY!

xo erin

New Sewing Room Tour!

With my first post I thought I would show off my new sewing
room. After recently moving into a new apartment with my sister I finally have
a sewing room! It is so nice to have my own little space where I can have my
machines set up and ready for whenever I am!
Complete with my dress form (dubbed ‘Stella’ by my mom), and
an inspiration board, which I admit is slightly devoid of inspiration at the
moment, that is pending..  I also want to get some artwork up here, my sister is
currently a Visual and Creative arts student in college – and I’m hoping that
she will make/help me make something great to put up there. (HINT KRISTIE!)

I’ve also made some new curtains in here with the help of
my mom (blog post on the making of these curtains is in the works!). The midday the sun beats directly into these windows making it a billion degree
light box in this room- but now that I can manage it with these snazzy new
curtains I appreciate all the light I get!
This apartment also offers an impressive number of closets
and I was able to snag one for all of my sewing swag. – It makes me so excited just
looking at all my fabric together in this closet, thinking of all the future
projects – I haven’t completely organized everything yet, but at least all my fabric off the floor!
I am really loving this organizer because I can see all my bright and patterned
fabrics and remember everything that I have. As you can probably tell I have a bit of a soft spot for bright prints!
Now I feel ready to take
on some sewing projects! Here we go! 
xo erin

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