I’m going to start this post off with a disclaimer that I am not a professional, I am not a dietician, or nutritionist, nor a doctor of any sort. But I did minor in health in university, and I have a pretty big interest and general wealth of knowledge that I have collected concerning health over the years. 

Next I’m also going to say that I don’t really do the ‘vitamin thing’, nor do I believe that people need to take vitamins, and that they mostly just result in expensive pee, BUT that being said- I have been taking a vitamin lately, and I do notice that it is doing some good things!

(the very legit- medicine like bottle)

This is the vitamin supplement that i am taking right now. It is a liquid form, and surprisingly it tastes fine- and I am really bad at taking any liquid medicines so that is saying something- You keep it in the fridge and it is supposed to be made will all the best stuff in Germany.

(the box it comes in)

I can honestly say that I did not seek this out- my mom bought it for me- and I am taking it mom! – BUT I do like it so far, and most importantly, in amongst all the other wonderful things, it has iron supplements, which are helpful to the anemic person that I am.

Since taking this- I notice that I haven’t been sick for quite a while *knocks on wood repeatedly*, which I will mostly attribute to the iron supplement, and I have also noticed that my nails have been a little nicer- more firm and less prone to tearing and peeling like usual. 

Whether this is a result of the vitamins or not, I don’t really know, I’m sure it can’t hurt, and it very well might be having these good effects. So if you are feeling in need of taking vitamin supplements- I would recommend this one!

So that is my first ‘Wellness Wednesday’! I hope you like it- these will be mostly little short ‘what I do in my life to be well’ sort of things, and what I find works for me. 🙂

Hope you are having a healthy Wednesday!

xo erin