Hi All,

I’m no longer on dog sitting duty since my parents have returned from the sunny California! And of course with them they brought me some lovely gifts:

A little clutch wallet, matching panties, california dates, and -drumroll- the new american BurdaStyle magazine- This is their second ever issue. Spring 2014

I absolutely love the european BurdaStyle magazines, so I instantly started to go through and pick out all of my favourite patterns and think about the ones that I want to make.

I also noticed that over half the patterns in the magazine were not in the traditional pattern insert in the magazine- but that they were ‘available as downloads’ to which I thought – great printing them out might be easier than tracing them.

So I picked out a pattern- went to the URL they listed in their pattern instructions and… it brought me to the page where you can buy it on their website…

What they failed to mention in this magazine is that the “+ 23 more styles to download” are NOT INCLUDED – So rather than getting all 43 patterns in the magazine like you expect from a BurdaStyle, you only get 20- whichever 20 are included in the pattern insert.

As Murphy’s law would dictate- most of the things I wanted to make were not included like:

this top

this jacket/cardigan

this top

this jacket

or this dress

There are a couple patterns I like that are included like:

this t-shirt

these shorts

and this dress

But I can honestly say that I feel so ripped off- this magazine is SO MISLEADING- nowhere in there does it say that the patterns aren’t included or that you have to pay for them. Apparently their first winter issue the downloadable patterns came with a passcode so you could get them included, but they didn’t do that with their second issue.
You can only imagine the absolute shit-storm happening in the comments on their site right now- and rightly so! I was all ready to print out that jacket/cardigan pattern (the blue bomber style one) – I had my fabric all chosen and I was like “YAY- first american BurdaStyle make!”- and then when I found out that I have to pay $5.99 for the pattern- after buying the magazine (which is no cheaper than any other BurdaStyle, despite offering less than 1/2 the patterns)- I felt so ripped off.
I considered for a moment just buying the pattern, because I have my fabric picked out and the finished project in mind- but I am so angry about this that I thought “forget this!”. 
So to anyone considering buying the american BurdaStyle magazine: DISCLAIMER- PATTERNS NOT INCLUDED. – If you look through and think there are enough patterns included that you like- then totally go for it- I still like the patterns themselves- this is just such a misleading rip off! 
Is anyone else feeling this way about the new american BurdaStyle?
Let me know in a comment!
xo erin