Hi All!
Week 11 is here! Which means that if you have made it this far- you have completed the original timeline from the challenge! YAY!! I know that I am 11 bras/swim top richer! Not to mention a whole lot more knowledgeable in bra-making!

This week I wanted to do another technique- something I’ve never done before, and work with some cut-outs! And of course I had to include my two old favourites- fold over elastic and cut & sew foam!

I pulled some inspiration from Pinterest on this one! I had this pinned to my swimwear board, and I thought, ‘well that’s a pretty cool idea’.

Although I did it in a much less ‘cleavage-y’ way, and I injected some colour into the design, which I think compliments my skin more than all black, since I am clearly just as tanned as this model…..

My design turned out a little different, but the cool idea is this free-standing bridge piece! Which is actually quite a simple design element!

What I did was use my cup pattern from my Ivory Bra in Week 7, making sure to finish the neckline edge of my cups before inserting them into my frame (and those cups were designed for a low short wire). Then I sewed them into a long-wire frame, turning the channelling in towards the frame (as you do for a full band bra), which leaves a finished edge on your frame. And then for a final touch I finished the top of the bridge with some fold over elastic that connects to the top of the cups at the strap attachment!

To keep the colours solid, I used the cover fabric as a binding to finish the neckline edge, which was this pretty hot-pink stretch cotton jersey! It’s a pretty finish on the inside too because of the little stripe of pink!


As you can see, the cups just join lower on the frame, but it’s all tidy and finished with the channelling folding towards the frame as usual! Completely loving this style, and it’s really comfy too!

How about all of you? How are you feeling after 11 weeks of the challenge? Gained any more skills? Feeling more creative with your designs? What are you goals for the next stretch of the challenge?

Now on to your beautiful submissions!


First we have this extra pretty set from Monique of Lingerie MoLou

A stunning blue and white lace set with rhinestones! how beautiful!  Love the little charm and bow in the front too!


Next we have two bras from a new contribuor! Emily of Dressing the Role

Emily made this first bra with the Florence Lounge Bra pattern from Colette in the February edition of Seamwork. A very comfortable bra, without all the structure of a traditional bra- she says it makes a lazy day in your pjs more glamorous – and I can definitely see why!

Next she made a Watson bra from Cloth Habit, her sixth! (and her admitted gateway bra! that got her into bra-making!) She made it from this beautiful lace fabric, with foam padding on the cup pieces- very gorgeous! Don’t forget to check out Emily’s post on these gorgeous bras!

Next we have a pretty spring bra from Christie!

Christie made this bra with cut&sew foam and a self drafted cup- her first self-drafted cup! Wow!!


She made it with this beautiful white and green stripe fabric and fold over elastic! Great job- loving this style 🙂

Next we have a peaches and cream dream from Karin of Mrs.Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables!

Karin made this balconette beauty with a 5-piece ivory cut & sew foam cup covered with alternating cream and ivory lace, finishing with a clean line of ivory fold over elastic across the top edge.

With a lace frame, gothic arch, delicate double straps, bows and a little pearl decoration in the front- this definitely earns the name “Peaches and Cream Dream”. How beautiful! Don’t forget to check out Karin’s post on this beauty!

Next we have two awesome foam cup bras from Anne!

Anne made both of these bras using the Amanda Bra pattern from Pin-Up Girls, using the MA pre-formed foam cups and these really awesome fabrics! She got this one from Spoonflower!

As much as I love the orange, I have to say this is my favourite, there is a big place in my heart for all sparkly spandex! As soon as I saw it I thought ‘I need one!!’ Thanks so much Anne- these are amazing!

Next we have a beautifully simple bra from Ilna

Ilna got creative with her bra pattern this week and put her seamless cup pattern into her favourite band pattern. She dolled-up this every day bra with a little bit of lace on the bridge and she tells me it fits nice and smooth!

She also added padded straps and has started playing with some fold over elastic! Very lovely 🙂


Last but not least we have this pretty yellow and black bra from David of Bonnet Blue

David made this beautiful ‘Spring Bra’ with foam cups, yellow lace and a black cotton frame. Very pretty!

David is a freelance lingerie designer, label: Bonnet Blue

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl


So much bra-inspiration! You are all so amazing, so much variety!

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments about your goals for the rest of the challenge, or what you’ve discovered about your bra-making so far!

As always- don’t forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to bra.a.week@gmail.com!!

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Hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday!

xo erin