Hi All,

I have an outing to share today! A couple weekends ago Karin, of Mrs.Weaver’s Finest, and I went to the fabric district on Queen st. in Toronto to do some shopping!

We were completely smitten with the huge selection of ribbons and trims and beads and charms! And of course some beautiful fabrics!

First off, we went into some bead stores, which is where I got most carried away!


There’s nothing quite like pretty little things to get my attention! And I definitely had a bit of a splurge… I just can’t resist all those beautiful colours! not with swimwear coming up!


And of course we had to go into Mokuba, to see all the pretty pretty trimmings that they had in there- they take their ribbons very seriously! And I couldn’t get away without picking up a little something!

Then we moved on to the fabric shoppes where we found some beautiful things! Karin purchased some beautiful fabric for a future corset, and I chose a lovely silky fabric for a light summer robe!

Naturally after such a exhausting day of looking at beautiful things and inspiring ourselves for all our future creations, we had to stop for some equally beautiful dessert! at a little macaron shoppe on Queen st. called Butter Avenue. – it was just as delicious as it looks!

What a great day, I feel like I can talk to Karin for hours and hours!! We are definitely kindred spirits! And I can’t wait for more fun times with her, and possibly some blog collaboration in the future 😉

Now I’m off to keep dreaming of all the beautiful things that I bought, and all the inspiring plans that we made to use them!! Don’t forget to see Karin’s post on our outing- she is much more on the ball than I am and had it out weeks ago! Hey-ho, better late than never!

Have you ever been shopping in the Toronto fabric district? What did you think? Any favourite spots?

xo erin