Hi All!!

I just realized how insanely long it’s been since I’ve written a post that wasn’t for Bra-A-Week. It’s been too long!

So it’s very refreshing to write a new post! And this one isn’t specifically about lingerie or swimwear (although of course it will involve both!!) This is about Me Made May 2016!! I’m SO PUMPED!!!
I’ve been doing Me Made May for the last two years and I LOVE it (if you want to check out some of those, you can look in my Sewing tab)!
If you don’t know what Me Made May is you can go to one of the hosts – So, Zo and read all about it and sign up! 
Basically the quick-notes version of Me Made May is that you make a pledge to wear your me-made items during the month of May, and you can make whatever goal suits you! It’s a challenge that helps to get you actually wearing all the gorgeous things that you make, and also see the holes in your me-made wardrobe of things that you should make yourself! And you know me, I love a good challenge 🙂
My Me-Made-May Goal:
 -To wear a new me-made item everyday without repeats
– To make a new indie pattern every week  (4 new makes!)
What this means is that I will have 2 extra posts every week!! On Thursdays I will post about my new indie pattern make and on Saturdays I will post my weekly round-up of outfits!
I’m also going to be participating on Instagram with  #MMMay16
I haven’t decided on all the patterns that I want to make, but I know for sure that I’ll be making the The Bethioua Long-sleeve from Elle Puls,  Hudson Pants from True Bias, and a pair of Carolyn Pyjamas from Closet Case Files sounds like something I want in my life!
As you can see, the theme for my me-made-may is comfort lol
Are you participating in Me-Made-May 2016? What’s your pledge?
Have you been loving any indie patterns lately? Have you made any? Are you dreaming of making any?
4 more days until it starts!!! YAY!!