[BAW18] The Boyshort

Hi All!

It’s the beginning of May! And if you didn’t know yet, May is all about bottoms for me! I figured that after 16 months of bra making, it was about time that I dedicated a month to making some matching bottoms.

For the first week I thought it was most fitting to make my favourite bottoms pattern: my boyshort pattern 🙂 I wear boyshorts almost everyday, there is something about the construction of them, the way they sit on my body and under my clothes that I just love!

This is the same pattern that I have in my Cast Away Collection (don’t worry I didn’t forget about those patterns- they’re just taking me a little longer than I thought they would!) But while I’m in the midst of grading and pattern testing, I couldn’t resist just making myself up a few pair to go with some of my favourite bras!

I did three different finishes on them:

The simple fold-over to go with my favourite winter bralette
The simple lace-elastic edge to go with my favourite red bra
And the pretty blush pair to go with my blush lace demi bra (oops, my lace demi was in the wash- you’ll have to check out the post lol)


These were all made using my new bamboo, which I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time stroking ever since it came into the studio- it is SO soft! and gorgeous to work with too! Not to mention 7 colours that match my lace 🙂 it can be found here 😉

I was almost shocked by how much I enjoyed making up these undies this week. Not only were they fast to make (all three pair took 2 1/2 hours, with cutting, serging, elastic & clean-up! wow!) But they were actually really fun to put together, and this is coming from the girl who has done her best to avoid making panties for the last 16 months!


(sewing up my blush pair with my pink bow-dazzeled safety glasses #safetyfirst)
Do you like sewing undies? or do you usually skip over them to move on to the next bra like me?
I have a feeling that this month is going to release the hidden undie-addict in me and all of my bras might get matching unders in the future 🙂
What are you working on this month? Are you working on bottoms? tops? bathers? I love to hear all about your sewing plans 🙂


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    Hi Erin, I've made a few pair of undies so far & will cut out a few more this week. I'll email you what I have so far.

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    I just made a bunch of undies for me, a friend (as payment for hair cuts and color!) and my two daughters. One is getting married in 9 months and so I am on a mission to make her some 'fun' honeymoon items too! My girls like the boyshorts, I have a quick and easy (I think it's called) Tanga style that I've made. I used up all kinds of stretch lace though and now I'm waiting for more! Oh, the perils of group sewing! 😉

  • Christie from Serenity Lingerie

    I love making undies – which you can tell from my Instagram (serenity_lingerie). They are quick. I get my perfect size. I get fabulous fabric and lace choices – bamboo and modal are both leading favourite. Looking forward to seeing more from you this month.

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    Lovely undies!! They match so well with your bras, the red set looks amazing! I love boyshorts too, they're the perfect combination of cute and comfortable 😉 And I can't wait to see your Cast Away collection in yor shop! 🙂

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    I try to make matching undies for all my bras. Part of why I got into bra-sewing is because I'm a size that is outside the range of most cute, affordable sets. I'd have to spend $100+ for a well-fitting, non-beige, non-grandma matched set.

    Sewing bras is still more exciting, but I don't really feel done with a bra until I've made undies to match. I'm always on the look-out for ways to change style lines or add cut-outs, lace details, ribbons, etc to a TNT pattern, so I will be following this month with interest.

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      I think this is going to be an undie trend for me too! There's something about wearing a set- I wore the red bra & undies yesterday, and it made me feel so put together to wear matching! Even if it's a casual set!

      I'm looking forward to seeing some of your makes this month too!! 🙂

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    I force myself to make matching undies, but after I finish them I'M always satisfied that I have a set!

    Also a question: doesn't it bug you that there is a center seam all along the undies? I made once like these, but they were so uncomfortable so now I always make a seperate gusset – lining and main fabric without a center seam and it's much more comfortable, relaxing fit.

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      I know! I forced myself to do this challenge this month, and now I'm so happy with it!!

      I don't find the centre seam uncomfortable at all, I do have a solid piece gusset lining (because I don't like to just have the four seams meeting exposed!), but I find boyshorts are some of the most comfortable for me!

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    I love making undies! In fact, I'm almost to the point where I can eliminate RTW from that category of my wardrobe! Boyshorts or similar styles are some of my favorites, as I find that the seam down the front really irritates me. And these are some stunning and simple makes, my favorite kind.

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    Love these shorts ! Can't wait for the pattern.

  • ilna

    I agree with Michelle, they are lovely sets. I didn't make undies for a long time, they seemed to be such a hassle, but now I got the hang of it and quite like making them too. I still need to find a favourite pattern, but I'm working on it 🙂

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    I love making undies! Im not very good at bras yet, but I make all of our chonies and it's so quick and satisfying!

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    What lovely sets! I love matching sets, and I love that I can do what I want with them. Lace. Oh, I love adding lace to mine. I look forward to seeing more of your makes this month, and maybe I'll make a few more for myself before I make the bras even.


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      I'm already dreaming of all the different styles I'm going to make 🙂 And it's incredible how fast they come together, I feel like I'll have a SO many by the end of May!! I look forward to seeing some of yours too!! 🙂

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