#MMMAY16 Final Round Up & Plans for June

Pictured this week are the (starting from the top right counterclockwise) mermaid bikini with flower top, dreaming in silk bra, gingham retro bathing suit, ivory lace bra, zig-zag sport bikini & black lace body suit

Hi All!

Okay, so May didn’t go quite according to my #MMMAY16 goal. I really wanted to be able to to make an indie pattern every week, and wear and photograph something different everyday, but alas, even the best plans don’t always go as you wanted. I’m pretty happy with how well I did, and I still have lots of plans to get making those indie patterns this summer (there may or may not be a cut and ready to sew Carolyn pyjama pattern sitting in a heap at the end of my ironing table). But May was just not the month to do it all! I had other things to do in May!

What I have been doing in May is getting sick (boo!), spending time with friends and family in the beautiful spring weather (yay!). And getting a whole pile of work done! I’ve had so many new products come in, and I’m in the middle of putting so many new things up!

I have my new foam!!

A gorgeous microfiber laminated foam imported from France, I can’t wait to use it in all my swimwear this month <3, you’ll see the first swimsuit tomorrow!

Also I have some other bits for swimwear :

My favourite swimwear elastic by the meter 🙂


And I’ve added another size to my triangle bikini cups! I now have them in small, medium and large with 5″, 6″ and 7″ cross-cups!

Not to mention I’m going to be releasing a TON of new swimwear to buy by the meter and in swimwear kits!!

And another exciting release! The Orange Wire!!


These are the wires that are designed to go in the amazing Marlborough and Boylston bra patterns designed by the lovely Norma Loehr over at Orange Lingerie. These are very similar to my popular Round Wire, but they are a little shorter at the centre front, making them the perfect fit to the pattern!
I’m so excited that I could get the perfect wires in, I love Norma’s patterns, and I’ve seen so many people have great success with them!!
Well that’s a little taste of what’s been coming in to the studio, but I feel like there is so much more to share. I’m planning to make June a really fun month. June is my birthday month, June is the start of the summer, June is swimwear month (my fav!!) and I really want to get making some cool things, get more active on my social media, and connect with all of you!!
What are your plans for June?
How was your May?
Let me know in the comments!
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  • Reply

    Happy Birthday, I turned 59…
    Impressed with your expertise in so many things! Love your pics of your suits.

  • Reply

    Hey Erin,
    June is also my birthday month! I may try sewing a swimsuit but i have never sewn a swimsuit before so it scares me a bit.

  • Reply

    It sounds like June is going to be a great month!! I've lots of plans too, both for sewing and for blogging… let's see if I have enough time for all of them! 😉 Also, I've started my hunting of swimwear supplies in Barcelona, which has proven to be more difficult than I thought: asking for swimwear elastic produces the same effect as asking for the last unicorn! Wish me luck 😛

    • Reply

      Hi Sofia!! June is always a great month!! I can't wait to see what you're making too!! Hopefully you can find some supplies- or a unicorn, it would be nice to find a unicorn too. Just off to read your #MMMAY16 round up post!! 🙂 🙂

  • Reply

    Will you be offering kits with foam for the Boyleston bra? I have made her Marlborough pattern, but prefer foam bras.

    • Reply

      Hi Kara, I do have bra kits and foam up in my shop, so you can easily purchase both, but that is a great idea to offer it all together in a foam kit! I will look into that!! 🙂

  • Ilna

    Hi! May also didn't go according to plan here. I was also ill (bronchitis) and didn't sew much at all. June is winter here, so I have other plans: swimwear is not on the list:) I want to try a longline bra, but I'll see if I have time. I did realize I need new bras, so I have an excuse to sew some more. I hope all who're going to sew swimwear are going to have lots of fun!

    • Reply

      Hi Ilna! I'm so sorry you were sick- it's always such a bummer. I hope you get some of your other sewing done, longline bras are always so beautiful! and fun to sew too!

  • Reply

    I too am making swimwear! And hopefully I'll be able to help my friends finish theirs too. I so love sewing swimsuits.

  • Reply

    I ended up trying your round wire into the boylston bra eventually. Originally I reused ones from an old Berlei bra, which was of reasonable quality, and a new one from our local chainstore Spotlight. Having taken apart 8 op shop bras recently, I was very struck by the difference in quality in underwires. The round actually brought the bra against my chest wall. It was a big improvement. I'm amazed by the difference in length and shape within a cup and size.

    • Reply

      Hi Cornelia! I'm so happy you had success with my round wire- it's quite similar to the Orange wire, and also works well in the Boylston and Marlborough 🙂 I special order my wires so that they are a higher quality and stronger, so that they can get back to the wall and hold their shape- it's so much fun experimenting with different styles of underwires!

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