Hi All!

It’s late summer, and for me I feel like that’s a time of reflection. Somehow for me the ending of summer feels so much more like the end of the year than December. I think it’s because so much always changes in September- you go back for a new school year, you get ready to jump into a new project after a summer of taking it easy. It’s a time where I feel like I always reflect a little more, dream a little more, and somehow ready myself for the big push of fresh creativity that I always feel in September. Are you the same?

So with that thought, I wanted to talk about some ideas and changes that I want to make, starting with this week. I was thinking more and more about the round-up posts, and there are so many things I love about them- I LOVE seeing what you guys are making and your incredible creativity and skill, I love hearing from you in your emails and in your posts, and feeling like our community is close and always growing! But I also feel like there are a few holes- people who are maybe doing bra-making tutorials, or other cool things that I want to share too- you guys are such an awesome community! So I’m now going to do more updates and community sharing in the post- where I share a little bra news first, and then show off your makes 🙂

And the other wave of creativity and change that I’ve been mulling over since my last post is….. I’m going to take September and October off of the Bra-A-Week Challenge. Instead of just underwear I’m going to be focusing on outerwear! After my post last week, I got thinking more and more about my style, and where I’d like to be with it, and clearly you are all interested too, based on all the amazing comments and tips I got on the post, thanks guys!! I want to explore my style and a system that works for me, and get down the path to a me-made wardrobe that represents me as a person. I will be including some of my essential me-made undergarments as part of my posts, since underthings are really important to the overall look and feel of an outfit to me 🙂 I hope you’re all happy for a change of pace- and I’m looking forward to learning a little more about myself and my real style.

But alas- now onto the Intimate News! 

There are some fun things happening in the intimates world this month!

There have been some fun pattern releases, including the expanded size range of the gorgeous Marlborough pattern from Orange Lingerie! (Now in 30-40 DDD/F – J) I can’t wait to see the resurgence of a million more marlboroughs!!

Another bra-maker, Madalynne has partnered up with one of the big four to bring you a SimplicityXMadalynne underwired bra pattern as well as a soft bra pattern with two different styles- super pretty!

In the world of bra-making and lovely tutorials you shouldn’t miss the great series that Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier has been putting together! She first did some great tutorials on Power Bars, and now she’s been covering Scallop Lace Panties! Amazeballs!

This is maybe a bit of a stretch for bra news- but I did submit on of my favourite bathing suits (Slice of Paradise) to the Social Sew over on Allie J’s blog! It’s this super cool thing where every month has a theme – this month is hot hot heat- and you submit your makes and link up your blog! As I say- it is very Social and very Sewing- and Allie is a total doll- so you should really check it out!

If you’re an instagram junkie (like I’m slowly becoming) you might like to drool over my recent fave lingerie and swimwear instagram accounts

And if you’re a pinterest addict like I’ve already become, and you spend many of your free moments pinning lingerie, then you will probably get lost down the rabbit hole of Diana’s pinterest – a complete lingerie lovers dream <3

And Now on to all of your beautiful makes this month!


First we have this gorgeous set from Ashley of Craft Sanctuary!

Ashley made this bra using a pattern that she copied off a favourite RTW bra with a vertical seam. She has a sheer upper cup with this lovely lace detailing along the bottom of the cups- how gorgeous is that!!

She used Bliss wires and bra tulle for the sheer parts, and this beautiful stretch lace! And of course, some matching undies!!

Make sure you go and read more about this gorgeous thing! 

Next we have three beautiful bras from the lovely Ilna!

Ilna had a month of trying new patterns!

She made this first bra using the Maya pattern and some pretty pink lace, an overall good shape but the upper cup was much too big.

Next is this silver crushed velvet longline, a pattern from Azalia, an end of winter project for South Africa! I’m totally feeling this crushed velvet – it’s making me dream of fall projects!

Next is a new pattern from Marinique, the Lizelle a bra/camisole with a vertical seam- so pretty!

Gorgeous makes this month Ilna!!

Next we have two makes from the lovely Ciara of Crabigail Adams!


Her first make this month is a bra bathing suit! And she made it using the most adorable pink print with birds- everything is better with a bird print! She made it with a ruched front modesty panel for a lovely retro vibe and ruching under the cups! va va voom! Love it!

Read all about this suit here!

Next she made this teal bra & panty set. As her seventh Shelley from PUG patterns, this one has been tweaked to perfection- and in true Abigail style, it’s all about the gorgeous details- and this one of full of beautiful details!

Make sure you head over to her post to read all about them!!  

Next we have a cute-as-can-be swim top from Lauren of Lady Sewalot!

Lauren made this top using the Noelle pattern from Madalynne, and some polka dot swim fabric!

This top was a travelling top! And it was made on various friends sewing machines during Lauren’s travels around England this summer, but she had it finished in perfect time for her holiday in France! So cute!!

Make sure you read the full post of this cute suit over on Lauren’s blog!!

And last but certainly not least we have a beauty from Kat of the blog Kat!

I think it would be fair to say that we have a new bra addict amongst us 🙂

Kat made this gorgeous bra using a gorgeous lace matched with this stunning floral stretch satin!

There are so many beautiful details in this bra I’m not sure where to begin!

The foam lower cup, the boned long-line band and she even made her own matching hook and eye!

You’ll definitley want to go and check out Kat’s post on this beauty! There are pictures for days too!! 


Well you guys have sure been inspiring this month!! So many great ideas are bouncing around in my mind!

What did you think of all the bras this month? What did you think about the bit of intimates news to start?


As always, don’t forget to check out the Pinterest boardand pin all of your lovelies over there! And if you’re on Instagram and posting your lovely makes- don’t forget to add in #braaweek!! You can go here to grab a challenge button!

Don’t forget to send your bra next month to bra.a.week@gmail.com with your photos, description and links for the next Round-Up post! Also – if you have any bra news for me- you can always send me the lovely tutorials and ideas you’ve been seeing around the web!

And last but not least- how are you guys feeling about taking a short break to go on this style journey with me? I think I’ll still do my Round-Up posts so you guys can share all of your intimate makes! But I feel like it’s time for me to really get my personal style sorted, and there may be some posts about my personal undergarment style mixed in there too!

So generally- let me know what you’re thinking, I love hearing from you <3