Hi All!

After last week I definitely needed a little time away from my closet, and to recharge in front of my sewing machine, think about everything and process a little more. Firstly thanks so much for all of your amazing comments! You guys are the best! You gave me so much encouragement, great ideas, tips and support! And I promise I’m still going to plough on, even if it’s a challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

But this week I wanted to make something that was an easy project, something that I thought would have an immediate big impact on my wardrobe and would go with EVERYTHING. The one from the list that really stood out was a simple knit skirt. So I did a little browsing and I found my perfect simple pattern – the Mabel from Colette.


And it was so easy and fun that I decided to make myself two!

One I made a little more casual out of this light-weight denim-look knit, and the other a little more dressed up out of my black quilted rayon. Both SUPER comfortable, and very versatile.

So I made one outfit for each skirt from my fall wardrobe!

This first outfit includes my new blue skirt. I chose this short-sleeved, hi-lo, sweater top over a simple white sleeveless button up blouse. I have some tights in the colour ‘nightshade’ on for a little more leg coverage, with my little ankle boots which are super comfy and as high of a heel as I will wear lol. Also for my bit of a pop of colour, I chose this coral coloured necklace I found at a thrift store.

It feel like this outfit is a good balance. For me this is an outfit that I would wear to my studio and I would feel cool about going out to lunch, or if someone stopped in. It would also be fine for sitting at my computer or sewing machine for hours. To me it hits the comfortable, chic, youthful and fresh pretty well.

It was easy enough to wear for a hike around the boardwalk and I think it’s pretty body flattering. It has enough visual interest to be cool, but not too much to be quirky or overdone for me. And I think that because I have a blouse on, and this grey/black sweater, it still gives off the professional vibe, with a skirt that’s a little on the shorter side to add the ‘young’ to young-professional.

At this point I’m probably way over-analyzing the outfit, so here is a picture of me hugging Gibby, and let’s move on to the next outfit!

This next outfit with my black quilted Mabel, is a little more casual and a little more warm for later in the fall.

For this outfit I have my skirt over opaque black tights, with my lace-up boots that I bought a little big so I could wear my super-thick wooly socks- in my pop of colour deep fuchsia. On the top I have this grey sweater that is like a really thick wooly net- it’s all holes, so it’s warm but not too warm (I’m a very warm person all the time). I have a black tank top underneath it (which is actually an old pj shirt with a saying on it worn inside out just for this outfit- I really need some tank tops!) And finally I have a scarf that is also deep fuchsia!

This outfit to me is really good because it is very practical and cosy without just being my yoga pants all the time- to me the skirt-and-tights combo is a slightly more stylish thing to wear than another day of black yoga pants. For me this is more on the comfortable, youthful, cool, edgy – because of the boots with thick socks, and the grey sweater that’s all holes. It’s also a very dressed-down version of this skirt, because I think it has the potential to be very chic and classic if I pair it with different things.

I can see myself going apple picking with my friends in this outfit, or maybe going to a fun little cafe for hot chocolate when it gets cold. I think it would also look cute with hats and mittens and a coat when it gets even colder. I think all the textures make this outfit cool to me ๐Ÿ™‚

And as you can see it was definitely practical enough for me to get up a tree with my puppy ๐Ÿ™‚

So there are my first two outfits. But I had a great idea- for next week instead of adding another new thing to my wardrobe, I’m going to make more outfits with these skirts, to really see where they fit into my wardrobe and see how versatile they can be.

One of my goals with these outfits is to make one that is more dressy to go out somewhere that is maybe a little glamorous for a girls night out, maybe an outfit that is a little more fresh and youthful before it gets too cold and all I want are the coziest things! I would also like to show more the shape of these skirts, because both of these outfits have a lower waist line with longer shirts/sweaters, but the skirts actually come all the way up to my waist- and I think that an outfit that shows off my waist might be more flattering and show my curves a little more.

What do you think? Any suggestions for these outfits or for next week’s outfits?

And don’t worry, I’m definitely feeling a little more hopeful and maybe slightly less lost this week? Let’s hope it holds through my outfit making ahead!

I love hearing from you!