Hi All!

It’s time for another addition to my wardrobe 🙂 And this one was something I definitely wanted to check off my list, because I think it will be perfect for my fall/winter wardrobe and it hits so many of my style words! And that of course is a wrap dress!

I made this using the Ultimate Wrap Dress pattern from Sew Over It.

I’m really loving this wrap dress- I cut out a straight size 12 from the pattern with no fitting alterations. The only alterations I made were: I shortened the sleeves to this 3/4 length (which I knew I would be pushing up to my elbows anyways), Then instead of doing a facing along the neckline, I made a band with the same fabric, and I finished the neckline with it. I found that this was perfect, because the fabric was a little thin and stretchy and I was worried that the neckline would gape, but with this I pulled the band a little as I was serging it on, and now the neckline hugs perfectly!

I also didn’t hem the dress, because this fabric is a little thin and ridiculous to work with and it looks just fine with no hem- so I’m going to just be sketchy and leave it like that.

I feel like this dress hits perfectly with my : Classic, Comfortable, Timeless and maybe a little Glamorous.

My only initial concern with this dress was that it doesn’t follow my colour palette very well. It doesn’t really have the emerald, scarlett, mustard yellow, deep fushia or bright coral. I feel like it does have some of the essence of corals and mustard although they’re a little different. And I also realized it it was CRAZY that I didn’t put any blues in my colours because my wardrobe is very heavy in blue.

But this was one of those things where the print just won me over, and I really don’t have many printed or statement clothes in my wardrobe right now. I feel like this dress does go with many of my neutrals and but it’s very stand alone.

The other thing that I noticed was that my style choices have been evolving in a way that I really didn’t think they would. I don’t know if it’s because it’s fall or because the colours go with this season, but I’m finding myself drawn to a more 70’s vibe, like this wrap dress and a few other pieces that are in my wardrobe. In the past I’ve always though of myself as a much more 50’s or 60’s lover, and really leaned away from the 70’s style. Maybe it’s just a coincidence for my fall capsule, but it was definitely unexpected.

I wore this dress immediately after I made it, for  a whole day out in the sunshine at a craft beer festival, and it was perfect- I felt so chic, and it was super comfortable, short enough to be a little cool, but long enough to be comfortable. I think there’s so the fact that everyone looks amazing in a wrap dress, but I definitely feel figure-flattered in this dress. And what I really like are the proportions that it gives me, having it tight at the waist then flaring out gives me the longer-legs proportions, when really I have quite a long torso.

I’m really happy with this dress, the fit and overall versatility, and I’m thinking that I might just need another one in my closet. But if I do make another one, I think I’ll make it in a solid colour – either something very neutral like a navy, or cream- or possibly even in one of my pops of colour- like emerald or scarlet.

Of course I had to include one funny picture- and this one highlights just how fluffy Gibby is getting, and how insane his underbite is!

I’m pretty happy with my progress so far for my capsule wardrobe, and I’m already finding it easier to get ready in the morning! I still feel like I’m missing some basics from my wardrobe and I’m still feeling out all of my style words and deciding if my original plan needs any tweaks, but I am feeling  a lot more in control of my style and closet and feeling more stylish and confident when I leave the house.

I think I might do a mid week post either this week, or probably next week and go over some of the thoughts that I’ve been having about my wardrobe or any conflicting or challenging things that I’ve found.

Are any of you also working on your wardrobe? How’s it going for you?

Are you drawn to any style decade more than others? has it changed?

I love to hear from you!!