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Bra A Week Challenge

The Bra-A-Week Challenge is an open sewing challenge that I’m hosting on Instagram. It’s a challenge where you can set your own goals and timelines. These are the main rules:

  1. You don’t have to only make bras, it can be a bathing suit, bralette, bodysuit, garter belt, panties, nighties- basically anything that you feel is intimate apparel!
  2. You don’t have to make something every week! You can set your own timeline and your own goals!
  3. Share your projects with #braaweekchallenge on instagram! So we can all see the beautiful things you make!

My goal is to make a bra/swimsuit/undies every week, and specifically every Friday on Instagram in stories and instagram feed!

I’ve made a Project Print Out for you to keep track of your bra makes! 

I’ve saved all of my making videos in my Instagram story highlights, and I share little tips and tutorials! If you want to search through them or re-watch any I have them all catalogued and organized below!


Project: Panties!

Panties to match my week 11 and 12 bras! These are both great examples of how to use your non-stretch bra fabrics in matching panties! 

Pattern Used: Self Drafted

Fabrics Used: Black Pair: french dot stretch mesh, black satin, 1/4″ fold over elastic,  Lilac Pair: lilac floral embroidered tulle lace from Tailor Made Shop, latte bra tulle, latte light bamboo, micro stretch mesh in beige, 1/2″ strap elastic in latte, latte sliders and rings, bows

Tutorials/Tips included: using non-stretch fabric in panty designs


bra a week challenge

Project: Lilac Dream 

My second bra in the mini series on Fantasy bras, this was made with lace from my good friend Ying, and was another deep-dive into the process of design and discussion on lace placement, and bows, big bows! 

Pattern Used: Self Drafted

Fabrics Used: lilac floral embroidered tulle lace from Tailor Made Shop, latte bra tulle , latte powernet, bows

Tutorials/Tips included: deep dive into bra making and the process of making a new design


bra a week challenge  

Project: Fantasy French Dot Part 1, Part 2

I launched a new mini-series within the Bra-A-Week Challenge on Fantasy bras! I did a deep-dive in this story showing the process from inspiration photo to the final bra and all the troubleshooting and decisions along the way! 

Pattern Used: Self Drafted

Fabrics Used: french dot stretch mesh, latte bra tulle , 1/4″ fold over elastic, black statin, black powernet 

Tutorials/Tips included: deep dive into bra making and the process of making a new design

WEEK 10 

Project: Jordy Bralette Pattern Hack

I made two pattern-hacked versions of the Jordy Bralette! One with satin fabric center pieces, and one all-over lace with a lace edge (both mini tutorials).

Pattern Used: Jordy Bralette

Fabrics Used: Bralette 1 –black fold over jordy finding, latte bra tulle, satin rose fabric. Bralette 2- latte picot jordy findings, latte bra tulle, red stretch lace

Tutorials/Tips included: Bralette 1 – How to replace the lace with a satin center, Bralette 2- How to make a lace edge Jordy


Project: Ruches For Kristie

This was a bra for my sister, a Black Beauty Bra hack, where I ruched the upper cup piece (mini tutorial), and moved the powerbar to the inside of the cup for a different look.

Pattern Used: Black Beauty Bra

Fabrics Used: garnet bra tulle, black grosgrain bows 

Tutorial/Tips Included: How to ruche the upper cup of the Black Beauty Bra


Project: Darcy Bralette

I wanted to give another pattern company a go! So I chose the lovely Darcy Bralette from Evie La Luve, which turned out beautifully!

Pattern Used: Darcy Bralette from Evie La Luve

Fabrics Used: fauna black stretch lace, black micro stretch mesh, 1/4″ black FOE, 1/2″ black picot elastic, 1/2″ black strap elastic


Project: Fairytale Black Beauty for a Friend

The topic of the week was ‘sewing friends’! I had a friend with me for this week and I was making this fairytale bra for him from lace I got from my friend Ying at Tailormade Shop

Pattern Used: Black Beauty Bra

Fabrics Used: Romantic Embroidered Tulle Lace, Black Beauty Bra findings (small, view B, latte)

Tutorial/Tips Included: Mini tutorial on mirroring lace and lace placement & we all shared tips on making sewing friends!



Project: Mermaid Bra

This lace was chosen from a poll on Valentine’s day! And I decided to make this strapless style, which turned out to have a gorgeous clam-shell look! 

Pattern Used: Self-drafted Pattern

Fabrics Used: gatsby lace in black 

Tutorial/Tips Included: A talk-through of my problem solving process of designing/making this bra (making it a partial band bra, lace placement, underwire choice & strapless bra cup modifications)


Project: Plunge Valentine’s Beauty

I was inspired by Valentine’s day coming, this pink lace and two bras that I made years ago in the last Bra-A-Week Challenge!

Pattern Used: Self-drafted Pattern

 Fabrics Used: damask lace in dusty rose, plunge underwire, bra tulle in latte, powernet in latte, FOE in latte, 1/2″ band elastic in latte, 1/2″ strap elastic in latte, channeling in latte, hook and eye 30mm in latte, 1/2″ sliders and rings in latte.


Project: Sew Panty Party!

Batch sewing panties is the best! You can really maximize your efficiency- so I made all the undies!!

Pattern Used: Self Drafted Patterns

 Fabrics Used: fauna stretch lace, flora stretch lace trim, panty elastic, 1/4″ FOE elastic, bee tulle, micro stretch mesh in black, bamboo in black


Project: Silver Lace 

This beautiful lace was a present from my friend Ying of Tailormade Shop, and I wanted to make something super special with it!

 Pattern Used: Self Drafted Pattern

 Fabrics Used: Silver embroidered tulle lace, white tulle lining 

Tutorial/Tips Included: Talk about partial-band bras and tips on making a lace band for a partial band bra


Project: Coral Ruffles

A simple addition that has such a cute effect- ruffles! This is a very simple hack on the classic Black Beauty Bra

Pattern Used: Black Beauty Bra

Fabrics Used: coral bra tulle, latte findings

Tutorial/Tips Included: How to move the powerbar to the inside of the cup of the Black Beauty Bra, and how to make a tulle ruffle



Project: Bra Thong Bodysuit

Kicking off the bra-a-week challenge with this Black Beauty Bra, pattern hacked into a bodysuit, so I can be super trendy and have a cool bodysuit!

Pattern Used: Black Beauty Bra, incorporated into a self-drafted thong bodysuit

Fabrics Used: Stretch crushed velvet in Wine, microfiber foam lining, View A findings