[BAW13] March Round-Up!

Hi All!
Can you believe it’s the end of March already? And it’s spring!! Glorious spring!! I love spring, and the promise of summer around the corner 🙂 Even if it doesn’t seem too spring-like in Southern Ontario right now- it’s still all the inspiration I need!
It has been quite a fantastic month, and you guys have been very busy bees!! So many gorgeous bras this month- and so much inspiration for spring too!
On with the bra parade!!
First we have this beauty from Claire!

Claire made this bra using the Boylston pattern from Orange Lingerie, she made it with foam and the beautiful floral! WOW this one has me dreaming of spring! Love it!

Next we have this lacy number from Ilna!

Ilna made this using a gorgeous burgundy lace she was saving in her stash! This was the perfect project for it! Gorgeous!

She used the Azalia pattern from Marinique, and with a few alteration got a great fit and even made matching panties! So lovely!

Next we have three panties from Christie!

She’s been working on a collection of panties for women with curves! Lovely! And aren’t these dotty pair so cute!!

And I love these- nothing like a little peek-a-boo lace on the side!

And this pair looks super luxurious- love the colour!! I’ve never had a pair of panties in velour- I’ll definitely have to add it to my list!
Love them all!

Next we have two bras from Lynda of Elle-Joan’s!

Lynda made this bra using the Boylston pattern from Orange Lingerie, with foam and a beautiful floral! I love the colours in this bra! So stunning! I can just imagine wearing it with a sheer white top!

Next she made this beauty using the Marlborough pattern from Orange Lingerie. Again she used some foam lining and a beautiful floral overtop! Both of these beauties have me dreaming of spring! Make sure to head over to Lynda’s blog to read more about these bra!

Next we have two lovelies from the lovely Sian of Rebel Angel!

First we have this stunning swimsuit, with a simple elegant front and a very strappy back detail. I love this suit of course 🙂 it reminds me of the one I made from the same inspiration of the swimsuit in the movie Atonement! Gorgeous

Read more about this suit over on Sian’s post!

Next Sian made this beautiful Boylston bra! Again- loving these prints!! This was the second attempt at the Boylston, and still working towards the perfect fit- but it’s definitely coming along- this looks gorgeous- beautiful work Sian!

Make sure to head over to Sian’s blog to read more about this beauty! 

Next we have a very pretty bra from Andie of Sew Pretty in Pink!

Andie made this bra by cloning one of her RTW bras. She used navy lace, sheer cup lining and my favourite part- yellow fold over elastic- LOVE this combo and style! She was inspired by a prep-school blazer and I can totally see it! Gorgeous! Make sure to head over to Andie’s post to read all about it!

Next we have a lovely little number from Samantha!

Samantha wanted to jazz up her standard black bra, and added this beautiful delicate white lace to the upper cup! I love the bridge detail with the peak of lace! So pretty!!

Next we have a gorgeous satin treat from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

This is a self-drafted pattern from Sofia that she has used in the past and modifies to whatever her fancy is for her current bra project- and this one is a real beauty with seamed powerbar, split lower cup and lace uppercup!

Sofia used a stretch satin for this bra, and enclosed all the seams inside with a non-stretch lining- as beautiful on the inside as the outside! So gorgeous!

Make sure to head over and read more about this bra in Sofia’s post!

Next we have two beauties from Linda of Uplift Custom Bras!

First is this pink and black beauty! Linda made this using the lace ‘Butterfly’ technique- can you see it? Such a pretty effect- and so perfect for spring!

And next- after my own heart- is this lovely green bra, that was made in time for St.Patty’s! I’ll wear a green bra any time of the year! Love it Linda!! You never fail to impress! 🙂

Next we have two beautiful sets from Anemone of Sew Anemone!

This first set was made using a modified Shelley pattern from PUG patterns, paired with the Bikini bottoms pattern from the Watons set from Cloth Habit. What a classic set- so pretty!

make sure you read more about this set over on Anemone’s post! 

Next she made this super cute set using the DL01 pattern from MakeBra, with great success! I’m loving this set- it looks so cute, casual and comfy! perfect and very fresh for spring! Fantastic!

Next we have a beautiful set from Angela of My Little Sewing Dreams!

Angela made this bra using her TNT Merckwaerdigh pattern BHS10 modified to be a partial band bra. She used a stretch lace fabric lined with some non-stretch tulle.

This set is just so classic and pretty! I love it and the seamlines! And a matching pair of Cloth Habit Rosy Lady Shorts never go amiss either! Love it!

Make sure to head over to Angela’s post to read all about this set!

And last but not least we have three beautiful bras from Jen of Jensware!

This is Jen’s Ivory Floral- so pretty! Jen used the Shelley pattern from PUG patterns for this bra, with floral lace and powernet lining- super pretty for spring!

Jen also made these two black beauties with fuchsia stitching and bows for a fun touch! These are both Classics from PUG patterns, but in a 40E and a 52E – quite a difference!


WOW! Again- you’ve all inspired me with so many beautiful makes! It makes me so excited for this month coming up!

And I thought I would keep April really free and open just like I’m feeling right now with the changing season! – so my theme for April is a very simple one- Spring! I’ve just been craving all things light and airy and fresh and pretty! So I challenge you to make whatever makes you feel like Spring! You’ll definitely be seeing some stretch lace from me!

What are your plans for April?

As always, don’t forget to check out the Pinterest boardand pin all of your lovelies over there! And if you’re on Instagram and posting your lovely makes- don’t forget to add in #braaweek!!

You can go here to grab a challenge button and don’t forget to send your bra next month to [email protected] for the next Round-Up post!

I hope you’re all having an amazing Easter weekend! And eating all the chocolate you can like me!!



[BAW12]: The Cast Away Collection

Hi All!!

I am so excited for another week of swimwear and to show you more pics of all the swimsuits that I made this month!  As you saw from last week, I made three different style bottoms: The High Waisted, the Boyshort and the Bikini, which to me are all essential in a swim wardrobe!!

I’m calling these my Cast Away Collection! Because they are everything that I would want if I was cast away on an island (along with my piña colada, mask & snorkel of course!)





I think of high-waisted bathing suits as so glamorous! I like it start right at my natural waist to show off the smallest part! And a medium cut on the leg height, to make your legs look nice and long!


I love a good print with this style too, something that screams glamorous tropical island!

A little bit of ruching never goes amiss either!




I think of this as a more sporty chic style! It’s what I always reach for if I’m going to be running along the beach, or poking in the tide pools for critters! And I love this style under my wetsuit too!

It’s super comfortable to wear and lets you get up to all sorts of shenanigans like my sister and I were!




The bikini to me is such a classic, it’s so fun and flirty! I like my bikini to be just a little bit cheeky and high-cut to make your legs look a million miles long!


They are even better when you make them in a mermaid print, and go swimming in the ocean! I bet I scared all the sea turtles with my paleness!

But it’s also the perfect style to lounge on a hammock and tan!

Did I get you all excited for some swimwear??

Next month I’m going back to some bra-making, but I promise that isn’t it for swimwear!! I will be releasing this Cast Away Collection as PDF patterns sometime next month! EEKK!!

So are you excited for next month? Which style of bottoms is your favourite?

Also don’t forget to send in all your submissions to [email protected] for the March Round-Up Post next Sunday!!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!



[BAW 11] Easy Ways to Accessorize your Bikini!

Hi All!

Today I have something super fun! As you know, I was away on holiday last week and I made myself some bikinis for the trip. And I basically lived in my bikinis, which got me thinking of ways that I could change them up, and make them more interesting that just the same bikini everyday.

I also made lots of bikini strings using the second (and my favourite method) of sewing swimwear straps from my tutorial  , and with this method you have to trim off the excess fabric from beside your seam, which leaves you with all these tiny little strips of swimwear fabric…

Which naturally got the creative juices flowing, and I thought about all the beautiful charms and accessories that I could string on to my bikinis! And this is what I came up with on my trip!

Very simple things like this little fish charm for a bit of fun!

Or a silver turtle to add some interest!

Or some interesting charms with extra strapping!

So now that I’m back and have full access to all my beads and charms I thought I would go through and come up with some great bikini accessories that will mix up your bikinis!
Here are three accessory ideas for a simple black bikini- the most versatile swimwear I own for sure!


Adding a little rhinestone bling to the string of your bikini between the cups makes a really simple bathing suit look SUPER expensive and classy- especially when you pair it with high-waisted bottoms!


But some days I’m feeling a little more fun and tropical- and I love matching black tops, with printed bottoms and tying them in with an accessory! Not to mention it adds a little attention to the décolletage!


But then sometimes I’m feeling a little more sporty chic! And I love to pair it up with some simple boy shorts and a fun charm that hangs lower- like this fox! I think it’s just so fun!

And a little bonus pink bikini idea!


Accessories also really jazz up bright bikinis too! I LOVE this little leopard 🙂 and with my mermaid bikini bottoms- it’s the perfect land meets sea!
I hope I’ve inspired you all for some swimwear coming up!
I know that for me bikini accessories are amazing because I am a totally indecisive style chameleon, and I love that I can make one bikini look like five different bikinis with just a couple strings and charms! And of course mixing and matching with the bottoms is great too! I just love having choice!!
Which of these bikinis is your favourite version?  Are you inspired to spice up some of your swimwear?
Let me know in the comments!


[BAW 10]: Bikini Time!

 Hi All!
This week I have something super fun! Bikinis! Which is why I’m calling March Bikini Month!
Now I do have a super selfish reason for making March Bikini Month- and that’s because I’m on a family trip to Grand Cayman right now! I am writing this post with the ocean lapping at the shores – and yes it’s bliss! But I couldn’t leave you without the Bra-A-Week Challenge post this week, and I couldn’t leave for my trip without some super cute bikinis!

Because they’re so quick and fun to make- and because I have a sister- I thought it would be a good idea to make more than one for the trip, then of course I got inspired and a little carried away, and ended up with 3 different styles of bottoms that I love: Bikini, BoyShort and HighWaisted! And then some tops to mix and match!

So because I’m in the middle of doing some blog photography here- instead of showing you one make, I’m going to do a little preview this week, tutorial next week, and then a full showing the third week of March!

Here I am doing a little beach combing in my nautical boy shorts!



Getting a little hammock time in my mermaid bikini, with an accessorized bikini top.


And of course I couldn’t be taking underwater shots without a  little selfie fun with my sister Kristie!

Well there you have it! There is your little preview of some of the suits I’ve made for this month! I can reveal that I have three bottom styles, and I left with 6 bottoms and 3 tops to mix and match! So you will be getting lots of shots! And these could possibly be patterns in the future.. maybe 😉

How has your week been?

What are you making this month? Anybody joining me with bikinis or are you sticking with some bras?

Let me know!



[BAW 9] February Round-Up

Hi All!
It has been a pretty amazing month for lingerie the February! The Curvy Sewing Collective is hosting their Lingerie Month, I’ve been positively swooning over all of your makes this month showing up in my inbox..
But most special of all was winning for Best Bra Maker in Madalynne’s Best Sewing Blogs 2016  along with Miss Maddy Sews and Madalynne herself!
If you haven’t seen the grand finale of the Madalynne’s Best Sewing Blogs 2016 then you better go check it out to see some amazing blogs!
I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, I feel so honoured!!
And now that I have all those exciting bits of February talked about, on to the most exciting- which is all of the lovelies that you’ve made this month- and all I can say is WOW, and you better get a cup of tea and a comfy spot on the couch before starting this post!!!
Here we go!
First we have two bras from Diana of Poetsie Patterns

Diana made two bras inspired by the ‘witches’ specifically Mary Sibley from the show Salem!

I love cool inspirations like that, and I love these bras! This first one is so sleek and sexy! and the second is so fanciful! Love it!

Gorgeous! Make sure to head over and check out more about these bras over on Diana’s post!

Next we have a set from Angela of My Little Sewing Dreams

Angela made this using the free bralette and string pattern from Make-Bra- and wow is this set sexy and strappy!!

This is a picture from the Make-bra site to show it on a form, but Angela made a very similar version with fold over elastic and sheer lace! So cool! Make sure to head over and read more this set on Angela’s blog! 

Next we have three beautiful bra makes from Anemone of Sew Anemone!

The first bra she made using the Elan #645 pattern, which turned out a little pointy for her taste, but lovely colours!

Read her post about this bra here 🙂

Next she made this beautiful bra using the Shelley pattern from PUG patterns. How beautiful does this lace look!

Check out this post here! 

And finally the month culminated in this beauty! I love the coral! Anemone made this bra using the Elan pattern with a really good make-over using a RTW bra for guidance! Love it! and amazing month!

Check out the post on this bra here!

This next bra is a light breath of air from Kathy of The Nerdy Seamstress!

Kathy has declared that this is her favourite bra and I can see why! She made this bra using bra tulle, with a layer of lining and a layer of polka-dot tulle on the outside. All this with bliss wires, gold sliders and rings and black findings really makes this bra pop! wow I love the combo!

I love how Kathy took the photos too- it just makes it look light as air! Make sure to head over and read all about it on Kathy’s blog!

Next we have a very fun bra from Réka of Red Heels!

This beauty is a self-drafted partial band bra pattern from Réka! She made this using foam lined with cotton and a magenta fabric covered in black lace!

I love how this turned out with the lace over the magenta! gorgeous!! Make sure that you head over and read all about this bra over on Réka’s blog! 

Next we have two beautiful bras from Marian of Ill Signo!

Marian drafted this bra herself using the guidance of the Bra-Maker’s Manual from Beverly Johnson. She used foam and a diagonal seam cup for his simple pretty look!

This set has me dreaming about spring! I love the colours 🙂 You can read more about this set in Marian’s post here!

Marian was a busy bee and also made up this beautiful bra!  For this bra she used the Maya pattern from AFI and this beautiful lace!

I think this bra came out beautifully and of course I’m loving all the lace for February!!

Make sure to head over and read all about his bra on Marian’s post!

Next we have a lovely blue bra from Ilna!

Ilna made this bra for her friend using turquoise lace, black findings and three black bows with little pearls! So pretty!

She used the Doline pattern from Marinique, a South African company local to her! She’s sending it off to her friend in the US – I hope it fits!! 🙂

Next we have some men’s underwear oh la la from the lovely France!

France made these underwear for her husband using the Wallbrook Boxer Briefs pattern from Green Style patterns, and some lovely soft grey stretch knit!

And a perfect fit too! Thanks for modelling! France is making these along with underthings for herself to go under their drysuits for all their amazing scuba diving adventures! Fantastic!! 🙂

Next we have two beautiful bras from Samantha!

Samantha made this first bra using this gorgeous hearts pattern fabric she found at her local fabric shop, when she went in to only buy thread 😉

She even got the print to repeat on the back band too! How cute is this- and so perfect for February and Valentine’s with the red and white! Love it!

Next she was feeling inspired by the lace theme this month and broke out this beauty! Peach duoplex bra with a lovely off-white lace appliqué!

She said this is the most beautiful piece of clothing she owns and I can see why! You’ll have to find some sheer tops that show this bra off- just stunning!!

Next we have two of the most beautiful delicate lacy lovelies from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

Sofia made this bra, her black and white lacy bra, with her vertical seam pattern and an internal power bar for that little extra oomph!

This bra is also an all-lace bra, with lace cups, lace detail and lace frame and band! SUPER pretty!

Check out her post about this beauty here!

She was back to work with the lace again this February and made up her Strawberries and Cream bra. Wow, this bra has me dreaming of spring!!

Sofia has an incredible knack for making the most delicately beautiful things! And she is really doing an amazing job on her powerbars!

Make sure you head over and read more about this delicious bra over on Sofia’s blog! 

Next we have a wonderful line-up from the lovely Andie of Sew Pretty in Pink!

First we can start off with this beautiful ‘Garden Bra’ because of the garden of lovely rosettes on the bridge! I love that she names her bras! More about this bra in Andie’s post here! 


Next is her Naughtier Nautical, which was her second try at the Maya pattern from AFI, don’t you just LOVE this nautical look!! I will definitely not make it through the summer without a nautical beauty like this!!

Next she went on to make her Lace Dreams bra! This was her third try with the Maya pattern. You can see her post over on the Curvy Sewing Collective with her fitting and alteration process with these lovely bra makes!  

And finally rounding out the month with these lovely panties! 😉 Just kidding Andie- These lovely Barrie Briefs that look oh-so comfortable and cute!! Check out Andie’s post to see more about these briefs and for the opportunity to taunt her with the word ‘panties’! 

Next we have a lovely bra basic from Jennifer of Jensware!

Jennifer made this bra using the classic pattern from PUG patterns along with beige duoplex, powernet and findings.

She added that lovely little pink bow that brings it to life! Very pretty!

Next we have two beautiful sets from Ingrid of IsaTe’s Designs!

Ingrid made this lovely set using the longline bralette pattern from Ohhh lu lu, along with the Grace panty pattern form Ohh lu lu as well!

She made them both using this beautiful black and white floral lace! Lovely set! You can read more about this set on Ingrid’s post here! 

This next set is also a lovely lacy one! She used the Sierra pattern from Madalynne for the top and made matching boy shorts for the bottom with this lovely stretch lace! These sets are making me think that every month should be lace month!

Make sure to head over to Ingrids blog to read more about this set! 

Next we have the most delicate little lovely from Maddy of Miss Maddy Sews!

This is Maddy’s ‘Meringue’ set and it definitely is delicious, and has me pining for spring!!

Maddy used the Boylston bra pattern from Orange Lingerie for the bra, and the Merckwaerdigh Pocket Boxer pattern for the matching bottoms!

Maddy used a lovely cream coloured stretch lace all-over for the Lace February theme, along with some cut and sew foam for the cups, and super special rose-gold sliders and rings!

Make sure to read more about this gorgeous set over on Maddy’s blog! 

Next we have two gorgeous makes from the lovely Linda of Uplift Custom Bras!


In standard Linda style these are both very Va Va Voom!!  I’m loving this sheer upper cup with satin bound edge!!

And this animal-print lace is just so cool! I love the shape and styling of this bra– lace February is definitely a good month for everyone!!

Next we have a sheer lovely from the very lovely Emma of A Hand Stitched Life!

Emma made her beautiful Black Betty bra using the Boylston pattern from Orange Lingerie, and one of my Bra Tulle kits from The Emerald Studio!

There is something just so high-end, sexy gorgeous about this bra, and I’m so happy to hear that it’s her new favourite bra!!

Make sure you head over to Emma’s blog to read all about this beautiful Black Betty! 

Next we have a very lovely bra make from Amy of It’s My Turn!


Amy made this bra using the Marlborough pattern from Orange Lingerie, and beautiful white fabrics, lace and elastics! This was Amy’s first bra make ever! WOW so gorgeous!

Make sure to check out more about Amy’s lovely make over on her blog!

Next we have two bra makes from the lovely Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow!

Gillian has been super busy this month as the host of Lingerie Month over on the Curvy Sewing Collectivehttps://curvysewingcollective.com/category/curvy-sewing-101/curvy-lingerie/ and sewing up a storm of bras for herself!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Gillian earlier this year, and work with her on a custom drafted bra pattern! If you want to read more about the whole process and the end results you can check out here post about it here! And see her beautiful bra makes!

You can also see her most recent make- this lovely flirty number using bra tulle over on her blog! Love it!!

Next we have this lovely fresh set from Rosa of Rosamade!

Rosa made this set using the Marlborough pattern from Orange Lingerie. She made this using a rigid floral satin fabric with stretch lace upper cup- super pretty!

Rosa made it a matching set using the Thong pattern from Ohhh lu lu! I love how fresh and delicate this set is! I think it also needs a robe and sleep mask for the ultimate super luxury!!

Make sure you check out Rosa’s post on her gorgeous set! 

Last but not least we have this beautiful bra from Holly of Intimate Underpinnings!

Holly made this beauty using some red and gold lace, with a matching gold sling to go under the cups! How delicate and pretty is this bra! I love the coordinating bow and straps as well- very dainty!


Did you make it? How inspired do you feel right now? I know I’m chomping at the bit to get back into my studio and designing!

What were your favourite makes this month?

Do you have any plans for March?

I’m going to be making a little detour off the path of lingerie and into the world of swimwear this March! You’re welcome to join me in the pool or stay with your lovely underthings! All is fair game this month!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful February, and I’m already dying to see all your inspiring makes in March!!



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