Getting Rid of the Winter Woolies!

Getting Rid of the Winter Woolies!

Hi All,

This is going to be a bit of a random post today- but I thought I would show you my dogs new hair cut-  curtsey of the Erin&Mom dog salon. You may have seen my dog, Finn, featured in some of my past pics- he is a fluffy little white bichon frise- emphasis on the fluffy

Mom and I are definitely dog grooming experts- I mean we watched at least 3 youtube videos on it 😛 So I figured I should give you my simple tutorial on how to cut your dogs hair:

Step 1: Let your dog get WAY TOO FLUFFY – by not cutting him all winter

Step 2: Wash your dog completely, let him dry, then brush him until he is tangle free and a complete poof ball.

Step 3: Coax your dog onto an old blanket using whatever treat he most enjoys, in this case I used sweet potato, but liver works very well (treats may be needed repeatedly through whole process).

Step 4: Lull your dog into a sense of security, getting him to lay down with lots of pets and gentle words. Then whip out your already prepared clippers and hack into that fluff!

Step 5: Hold the shed fluff in your hand and pretend that you are holding a cloud.

Step 6: Once you are done what you can do with the clippers (the body)- leave his head, legs and tail for a while and let him run around like a little lion.

Step 7: Have one person continuously pet the dog to keep him calm, while the other attacks each leg one at a time, and then the tail. Then carefully trim his head, ears and snout until it forms a perfect round shape. Now you have a, still ridiculous looking, dog- just one with less fur to maintain. And Voila!

Now try to take a picture of your dog while he is feeling super frisky and free of about 10lbs of fur.


Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to recently, lol.

Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

xo erin

Dog Socks

Dog Socks

I came home to find that my mom had made our dog these:

Little work socks….. let me just say – death by cuteness-

Now she made these because he gets clumps of snow in his paw fur and it’s hard for him to walk very far in all the snow that we have right now. But I think the result is just too adorable not to share.

These have to be one of the most simple projects- they were made from an old pair of wool work socks that had a hole in them. Just a couple quick cuts and one quick seam and you have dog socks. It took one pair of socks to make these four little ones- using the top ribbing of the sock.

Now with Finn being super fluffy, I feel these give him the ‘marshmallow-toothpick look’ as I like to call it- where his body is the huge fluffy marshmallow and his feet are the little toothpicks. But oh my, is it SO CUTE to see him walking around the house in these.

So just in case you didn’t have enough cuteness in your life- here is a little more, and also a very simple sewing project!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!

xo erin