Mom Monday: Lace-edge Undies, Cloning Your Favourites!

Mom Monday: Lace-edge Undies, Cloning Your Favourites!

Hi All,

This Monday mom surprised me by cloning one of my favourites- a pair of undies!

I’ve had these undies for a while and I love them, super comfy boy short style, and with the lace edge leg they’re great for having a smooth edge that doesn’t show through clothes.

But as with every clothing item you love- it can’t last forever. Especially if you leave your laundry on the floor in a house with a dog, a dog that has a special taste for women’s underwear… gross.

However, if you have an amazing mom like I do, she just might surprise you with a clone of them!!

And most helpfully a picture tutorial of how she did it! 🙂 YAY for blogging mom!!

So first she cut the undies apart at the front, back and crotch seam- you don’t need a side seam on a boy short- and flattened the pattern piece down snipping along the elastic to make it lie flat.

Then she traced a pattern – marking the line for the lace. – It’s also handy to put a name and date on the pattern 🙂

Then she cut it out of this super soft stretch cotton 🙂 It was such an amazing match to the lace on my old undies that she cut it off and used it for the new ones!

Stitching on the stretch lace with a twin needle.

Serging up the center seam 🙂

Stitching on the gusset lining.

Then trimming away all the fabric under the lace with some applique scissors.

The final step is the top band elastic!

Oh and a bow of course!! 🙂

Such a fantastic pair of undies 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thanks mom- best surprise ever!

Do you ever clone any of your favourite clothes? How did it work out for you?

xo erin

Mom Monday: Nautical Bike Shorts

Mom Monday: Nautical Bike Shorts

Hi All,

Mom made some shorts!! Super cute little bike shorts in a nautical fabric.

And they fit really well too- she even wore them in a sailing race! – shorts selfie!

Mom used the Jalie leggings pattern, and some of the nautical swimwear fabric I bought at Ann’s back in March durning master swimwear.

And then she used matching navy to make a band to finish the bottom of the legs.- so sharp!

Just zip them all together on the serger!

So cute- I want a pair!

And so quick to whip up! They look great on mom too- definitely helped her in the sailing race!

I’m going to get her to put them up on her Pattern Review so watch for that if you like!

Hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday!

xo erin

Mom Monday: Anchor Applique Sweater

Mom Monday: Anchor Applique Sweater

Hi All,

Today is a Mom Monday, meaning that I have a project from my mom!

This one was pretty simple- an applique project on an old sweater that had a stain.

You know when you have an old sweater that you like and that has potential, but it’s a bit boring and has a stain right down the front? well here is a wonderful solution to that problem.

Mom started off with this sweater- simple white, thin, cable knit- and of course with her love of all things nautical she was like “this needs an anchor!” – so she printed a clipart anchor off, and cut it out of a thin light denim and iron-on adhesive.

Then simply ironed it on to the front (covering the stain), and then did a little zig-zag around the edge in a matching thread to fully secure it.

It gave a really neat finish, and doesn’t it look so cute!?

My sister modeling it!

So there is a really quick and simple sewing project, especially if you’re looking for something that you can whip up quick and enjoy!

Hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday!

xo erin

Mom-Made: Vintage Sewing Themed Nightie!

Mom-Made: Vintage Sewing Themed Nightie!

Hi All!

I’m back with another sewing project, and this is one that my mom made me!

You got a sneak peak of it last Saturday when I included it in my #MMMay14 Week 3 Round-Up– but here it is in full detail!

A lovely nightie (with matching sleep mask of course)! Made out of this lovely flannel- it’s SO SOFT!

and the best part is that the flannel is sewing themed! – little spools of thread and needles!

Mom used this cute little elastic with a ruffle edge for trim on the front , and to close the front slit, that goes down daringly low!

She made it from this adorable vintage pattern

It’s version C length, but with no collar, and mid-length sleeves which are not a pictured option.

I’m absolutely loving this nightie, we had a couple cooler nights this week and it has been so snuggly!

And of course, can’t have pictures anymore without me smothering my dog 🙂

He was so tired after all the snuggling that he needed a snooze
Hope you are all having sweet dreams! 
xo erin