[BAW 25] A Floral Tankini for Mom

[BAW 25] A Floral Tankini for Mom

Hi All!

It’s the big reveal!! It was so strange being behind the camera instead of in front of the camera this time! But I’m so excited with how this tankini turned out, and mom is too!!

In case this is your first glimpse of this gorgeous tankini- I did two tutorials based around it! One is on Bra Making with Foam, and the other is on Turning your Bra into a Tankini!

This suit was directly inspired by mom and everything that she’s looking for in a swimsuit: support and lift in the cups, and a little extra fullness and coverage around the middle. Mom’s body type is an apple shape (which my sister and I can take full credit for – we were both huge babies), Β and her waist measurement is almost the same as her hip measurement, so the ideal bathing suit is one that nips in right under the bust, then flows away towards the hip.


The basis for this tankini top is a 3-piece cup bra pattern that I designed custom for mom. The inner layer is cut & sew foam covered with a seamed layer of black swimwear fabric, then over the top I added the stretch mesh. Rather than seam the stretch mesh, which I thought would be too bulky, I just used my pattern piece to make a solid cover that is ruched at the bottom of the cup. I thought it was a really pretty solution that almost makes it look like moulded cup!

For the bra frame I used: a layer of 15 denier for stability, a layer of black swimwear then a layer of stretch mesh. The back band is just a layer of black powernet with a layer of stretch mesh over top.

I finished the top edge with black binding, and made some simple high-waisted bottoms out of the same black to go underneath.

The high-waisted bottoms are perfect, because they can still give a little bit of tummy control, and you can just see them and a tiny bit of upper-stomach through the slightly sheer stretch-mesh!


I’m SO happy with how this suit turned out, and I’m proud to report that mom says it’s her favourite bathing suit she’s ever owned! It has the comfort of a bra, it camouflages the mid-section without being tight and ruched, and it’s super light-weight and fun!

Mom is turning 50 this year (can you believe it!) and my number one goal is to only make things that I would also wear (no old- lady bathing suits allowed!) and I can definitely say that I have some serious swimwear envy over this one! πŸ™‚

Now I have some slightly disappointing news. I was planning to have a big surprise give-away of a tankini kit with everything I used to make this suit. However, Canada Post looks like they’re going on strike very soon, which means anything I put in the mail could get stuck there until the strike is over. I’ve looked into different shipping options for the giveaway, and for my Etsy shop, but the prices are pretty steep and right now I think the best option will be to temporarily close my shop and postpone this giveaway until the strike is over or until I figure out an alternative. But I do promise that I will be having this giveaway in the future (as well as a couple limited kits for sale!), so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

But I’ll end the post on a happier note, with this picture of Gibby, the happiest puppy in the world, moments before he shakes and showers mom with a million droplets of water. πŸ˜€

How are your sewing plans coming along this summer? Made anything super cute?

I’m getting all ready for the submission post going out tomorrow, so if you have any last minute entires- make sure you get them in right away!!

Also let me know what you think of this tankini, and if you think you’ll use the bra making with foam or turning your bra into a tankini tutorials I put out earlier this week!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

Hi All!

This is my last and final indie pattern make for May! As you know, I was trying to make one indie pattern for each week of MeMadeMay- because I love supporting indie designers and I wanted to try out some of the patterns!

Well this is the last week of May- (I held off my weekly round-up until Monday so I didn’t have two extra days of may left over- so you can expect that on Monday!) And I decided that it was time for a summer dress- and I wanted something sure simple! So I picked the Tank Dress form Sew Caroline!

This is a really simple tank dress, no bust darts or fitting, so I cinched it in with a waist belt- which I think has a nice effect.

The pattern printed out well, very simple just the two pieces front and back on a fold- I decided against the pockets because I wanted the dress to be as light as possible, and I thought the pockets might make it heavier and not drape as well. I also reduced the seam allowances from 1/2″ to 1/4″ so I could serge it together.

I made it out of this navy and white knit that I got at Lens Mill. It’s very light, a bit see-through and slightly stretchy- I just loved this print! It says summer to me πŸ™‚ and it helps that it was on sale!

You can wear it without the belt too- which I really like, I can see wearing this without a belt as a bathing suit cover up this summer, just very loose and casual. Mom actually whipped this dress up for me- it took no time, just a quick serge up the sides, some 1/4″ fold over elastic to finish the neckline and left raw for the hem- couldn’t be easier!

Pretty fabric! It has these see-through stripes running through it horizontally-but since it’s dark enough and there’s enough of a print, you can’t tell if you wear nude coloured under-things! But it’s also nice for a bathing suit cover up for that reason!

This is a nice dress for the summer!

I also found this pretty moth in the back yard! Mom saved him from our dog, who thought he was a very interesting toy!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! And you’re enjoying the last days of MeMadeMay if you’re participating!

I think dresses like this are going to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer, such an easy go-to outfit to throw on.

What are your wardrobe staples?

xo erin

My Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named

My Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named

Hi All!

You might have seen in my Me-Made-May Week 1 Round-up yesterday that I have some new pants! Specifically I have some new Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named Clothing.

I decided that in this year of Me-Made-May I would take some time to appreciate all of the amazing indie patterns out there- since I haven’t had a chance to make many yet- and I really love them! And I was looking through some indie pattern companies and I saw these pants- and I instantly knew what fabric they had to be made from, and that they would be mine!

They’re a pretty simple design, loose fit, pleats in the front, trouser style pockets, elastic waist; very comfy and very chic!

Now I have to admit up front- this is as far as I got with this pattern- I printed it, taped it together (which was all pretty straight forward) And I cut it out, and because I was only doing the pants there were no overlapping pieces and I just cut it out directly, which was nice. But then I had a bit of a panic about finishing this and my swimsuit for Bra-A-Week, so mom very kindly took over and made these pants up for me. *Presents millionth mom of the year award*

Mom was able to cut these out at 9 am, and sew them together by noon! Amazing!! I picked this very drape-y blue printed rayon, and I think it has the perfect amount of weight and drape for these pants- not to mention it is the softest pair of pants I own!


Just casually chilling on the beach in my new pants, looking through my sketchbook.

For an elastic waisted pant I think these look pretty great- I always have the fear that I won’t be able to pull them off, and that they’ll look like pyjama pants, but I think I would wear these ones anyways!

Named gives a 3/8″ seam allowance on their patterns, which works out pretty nicely for a serged finish on the inside like mom did πŸ™‚

I fit their sizing chart pretty closely to a size 8, so I made these up in a size 8 and they fit pretty perfectly. I did add about 3″ in length to them at the lengthen line, but ended up taking most of that away again in the hem, because they sat a little lower than I thought they would, and the fabric has quite a heavy drape.

Me coaxing our dog Gibby into the water for the first time! Made sure to roll my new pants up so they wouldn’t get wet! And I actually like the look of them scrunched up!

I opted out of the back pocket because the print was so busy and I thought it would look better without.

Perfect beach pants!

So happy with these pants!

Have you sewn any indie patterns? What are you favourites? Any recommendations?

Now on to my swimsuit for tomorrow!! And if you haven’t already entered- don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

xo erin

TBT: Nautical High-Waisted Shorts

TBT: Nautical High-Waisted Shorts

Hi All,

For Throwback Thursday I have some cute shorts!

Mom made these for me two summers ago! Aren’t they adorable!

They are from this Kwik Sew K3854 pattern- view B
They fit so well! I think these were made in a side medium, and I remember something about mom taking the leg in a little bit.

I LOVE these so much! and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit this summer- they are just so fun!

I love that they have a bit of a vintage nautical feel- and they fit really well!

Even in the bum- which can be a tricky area for shorts lol!

I love the set of triple buttons as the front fastening and the way the connect with the pocket!

Beautiful gold buttons!!!

And they are actually 100% functioning buttons- not just for show- and to add a little extra fastening power, mom added a little hook and eye further down to make sure the pockets didn’t gape when I sit down.

These shorts have been such a summer staple for me πŸ™‚ They really class-up such a short pair of shorts!

Have you made yourself any wardrobe staples that you’ve been living in this summer? – these are definitely mine! 
Although I didn’t make them myself- thanks mom πŸ™‚ <3
Hope you’re having a great Thursday!
xo erin

TBT: Black Coat McCall’s M5513

TBT: Black Coat McCall’s M5513

Hi All!

This Throwback Thursday, I have a slightly more recent project than last week’s TBT , but this was also a project made for me by my lovely mom πŸ™‚

And it is this coat, made from McCall’s M5513 about 5 years ago:

I consider this my more ‘dressed up’ winter coat- since it is so nice over dresses and just for a really chic look πŸ™‚

le front

le back – I love the waist line on the back, so flattering!

le side, showing off those pleats and the bubble hem!

Mom made this out of black boiled wool, and she lined it with a lovely red, white & black plaid cotton, and red satin on the inside.

You can wear it with the collar up or down, I usually opt for up, but it is super cute down too.

close up with the lovely vintage cut-glass buttons

And the satiny lining:

The boiled wool makes it really warm- which was nice because it was FREEZING and windy on the beach!

Always lots of sisterly love when taking photos:

 (I must not hit my sister over the head with a big stick)
And as you can tell from this photo Finn had just about enough of the pictures- he was ready for the walk! 

Here’s to my second Throwback Thursday- and this amazing coat that my mom made! My mom actually has a Pattern Review account (which I have convinced her to start using!) and she put a review of the coat up today! her first review πŸ™‚

Hope you are having a nostalgic Thursday!

xo erin