[WEEK 2] MMMay16 Round-Up!

[WEEK 2] MMMay16 Round-Up!

Hi All!
It’s already the end of week 2 of Me Made May, and I have to say that I’m just as smitten with it as last week 🙂 This week I’ve worn lots of my me-made underwear, some me-made pjs, an indie pattern make from last MMMAY and of course my latest indie pattern make from this week, which I love!
Here is my week in me-mades 🙂
 This was a day where I wore one of my favourite new pairs of boyshorts that I made in my tutorial on Three ways to sew panty elastic!


This was a day to be out in the garden and the sunshine, and to get a little extra vitamin D and feel the sun on my skin, I wore my low back nettie body suit (from closet case files) that I made last year for MMMay15 🙂



DAY 10
I sneaked this bralette out of my sisters draw on this day, this was the bralette that I made here for Christmas 🙂 
DAY 11
This was another day for some me-made lingerie, and I pulled out one of my favourites, my Snow White bra, that is looking very lovely for Spring too 🙂 


DAY 12
This was my indie pattern make day, and this week it was my version of the Hudson Pants from True Bias, which I am in love with! 


DAY 13 
It’s finally starting to warm up (some days) and it was the perfect opportunity to break out my favourite summer pjs! They are self-drafted bloomer shorts and the Sorbetto top from Colette!


DAY 14
And today was of course another day for some lovely me-made lingerie, and my Parisian bra was my pick of the day, I love it just as much as the day I designed it <3

There is my round-up for Week 2 of Me-Made-May 2016!

I’m finding that it’s much easier this year than it was last year, after a full year of the Bra-A-Week Challenge!

How is your Me Made May going? What challenges have you found? Still sticking to your goal?

Let me know!



The Hudson Pant

The Hudson Pant

Hi All!

It’s time for my second indie pattern make of Me Made May! And I’m SO happy I chose this pattern I love it!

This week I made the Hudson Pants from True Bias .


I made them using a deep fuchsia, thick stretch knit with this subtle zig-zag texture. For the waistband, cuffs and pocket detail I used a thin ribbed grey knit, I’m really loving this dark grey and fuchsia combo.

These pants are supremely comfy, the only modification that needed to be made was to add 1 1/2 ” to the length because I’m pretty tall. I think the fit is pretty spot!

I think my favourite thing about these pants is that they still look chic enough to go out in, not just your stay at home track pants.

I feel like that’s all I can say about these pants! They came together so quick and easy, Mom and I tag-teamed, one pinning while the other serged, one topstitching while the other cut out the cuffs- and poof, they were done!

Have you made the Hudson Pants before? What do you think?

How is your Me-Made-May coming along? Have you found any gaps in your me-made wardrobe yet?



Bra-A-Week: Week 27 & a New Red Bra for Me!

Bra-A-Week: Week 27 & a New Red Bra for Me!

Hi All!

Today I have a bra for Bra-A-Week! I wanted to experiment with some new fabrics, instead of always using either duoplex or cut&sew foam.

I found this amazing stable knit (it has no spandex or stretch, only mechanical give), but it’s MUCH lighter than duoplex and is less rigid with more give. It’s also nice and soft with a bit of a waffle design.

And of course it’s bright red! which I love- and a little trick I learned from a friend at Bra-maker’s, red is the perfect colour to wear under white- it doesn’t show up! I’ve been wearing this ALL week (it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned) and I wore it under white blouses- and no showing at all!

(Sorry I didn’t find time to get a better than phone selfie pic!) But even from this you can see the fit is perfect!! There were a couple things that I did differently for this bra- firstly I really rounded this bra out, taking about 1/4″ off the apex and spreading it out through the rest of he cross cup, and I split the lower cup for even more shaping and rounding. I think the horizontal seam also helps with rounding the shape. I love this shape- it’s like my natural shape perfected!

All cut out and then poof! (after a few hours work lol)
I think that the shape and fit is also due to the fabric. For me, I realize duoplex is just not the best option, it’s too rigid. And I know that sounds crazy because you want your bra to have lots of shaping and support. But for me, while I am still young, pre-children and breastfeeding, and am self-supporting- duoplex is very difficult to work with. It’s partly because my breast tissue is not very mouldable, and with duoplex you have to get the shape PERFECT, and quite tight to lay smooth with no wrinkles- my breasts will not just fill whatever shape you put them in. So for me and my tissue density, it is better to have a fabric that will give and mould around me.
I still don’t think that something with actual spandex stretch would be the best option for anyone- but something like this that is lighter and has more mechanical give is better for me. I also like the weight and give of 15 denier for lacy bras!
With this fabric this bra just seemed to whip up so quick! I even used it for the strap lined with a strip of twill tape. The other thing I did to make this bra more sleek is doubling the upper cup, so I could have a seam at the neckline and finish the top edge straight, and I also used 3/8″ elastic for the top and bottom band, with no picots, which gave it a really clean finish!
And of course the bow! <3 <3
So to recap the features of this bra are : full band, thin band, horizontal seam, split lower cup, double upper cup with a straight top, fabric front strap and full coverage with extra long wires! (that’s quite a list!)
If you want to see more lovely bras  right now you can hop over to Michelle’s Creations, where she is hosting the Bra-A-Week Challenge!! (thanks lovely! <3)
Have you had any bra-revelations? what fabric do you like for your bras?
Happy sewing!
xo erin
My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

Hi All!

This is my last and final indie pattern make for May! As you know, I was trying to make one indie pattern for each week of MeMadeMay- because I love supporting indie designers and I wanted to try out some of the patterns!

Well this is the last week of May- (I held off my weekly round-up until Monday so I didn’t have two extra days of may left over- so you can expect that on Monday!) And I decided that it was time for a summer dress- and I wanted something sure simple! So I picked the Tank Dress form Sew Caroline!

This is a really simple tank dress, no bust darts or fitting, so I cinched it in with a waist belt- which I think has a nice effect.

The pattern printed out well, very simple just the two pieces front and back on a fold- I decided against the pockets because I wanted the dress to be as light as possible, and I thought the pockets might make it heavier and not drape as well. I also reduced the seam allowances from 1/2″ to 1/4″ so I could serge it together.

I made it out of this navy and white knit that I got at Lens Mill. It’s very light, a bit see-through and slightly stretchy- I just loved this print! It says summer to me 🙂 and it helps that it was on sale!

You can wear it without the belt too- which I really like, I can see wearing this without a belt as a bathing suit cover up this summer, just very loose and casual. Mom actually whipped this dress up for me- it took no time, just a quick serge up the sides, some 1/4″ fold over elastic to finish the neckline and left raw for the hem- couldn’t be easier!

Pretty fabric! It has these see-through stripes running through it horizontally-but since it’s dark enough and there’s enough of a print, you can’t tell if you wear nude coloured under-things! But it’s also nice for a bathing suit cover up for that reason!

This is a nice dress for the summer!

I also found this pretty moth in the back yard! Mom saved him from our dog, who thought he was a very interesting toy!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! And you’re enjoying the last days of MeMadeMay if you’re participating!

I think dresses like this are going to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer, such an easy go-to outfit to throw on.

What are your wardrobe staples?

xo erin

Off-the-shoulder Nettie!

Off-the-shoulder Nettie!

Hi All!
For my third indie pattern make of Me Made May I have…. another Nettie!!

I know I was supposed to do a different pattern every week to try out new patterns, but after I saw this pattern hack tutorial on Closet Case Files for making your Nettie an off-the-shoulder style I knew I needed one!

You know that moment when you see something that inspires you and you instantly have a complete project formed in your head- this was one of those!

I grabbed this grey and black bamboo knit out of my stash and got to work on my crop-top beauty!

It was a super simple pattern hack and Heather explains it really well in her tutorial. After dropping the shoulders, I cropped my pattern off at the ‘Shelf Bra’ line on her pattern, and I think it was the perfect length for a crop top for me. I cropped the sleeves to be the same length too.

Instead of doing self-binding I went back to my old stand-by, 3/8″ fold over elastic, matte side out. It worked really well for this! Although you should keep in mind that if you are finishing this with fold over elastic instead of using her method of binding, you’re going to lose a little height, since this doesn’t add any height to the neckline.

I am looking forward to rocking the high waisted skirt/short with a crop top trend this summer! (since I’m not quite bold enough to expose my whole stomach).

Getting my puppy love! 🙂

I feel so stylish in this outfit!

I think the Nettie is going to be a staple in my pattern collection!

And absolutely loving this pattern hack! Do you have any favourite pattern hacks?

xo erin