Saturday Life [03.10.15]: Queen st., Keys & Corsets

Saturday Life [03.10.15]: Queen st., Keys & Corsets

Hi All!

What a crazy week I’ve had! So many exciting things!

One of those exciting things was a trip into Toronto, shopping on Queen st.W for fabric!


I love the variety of shops that you find there- some are tiny, some are big, some are organized- and some are so packed that you have to wander single file through the shop scanning over the piles and piles of fabric- like this shop –>


It was so much fun spending the day and wandering around with mom 🙂 When we’re together- we are almost the same person 🙂

The other big and exciting news is that I picked up the key to my studio!! YAY!! It’s finally here! I’m so excited!!


You can expect lots of updates on my studio coming up! (after my trip to Calgary!!) And stay tuned for the big launch!!

Other than fun times shopping and celebrating the new addition to my key-chain- I’ve also been fiendishly sewing to get all of my corsets done this month! They definitely take longer than bras!!
Well I’m back to my sewing room! I hope you’ve add had a lovely week, please tell me all about it!
xo erin


Saturday Life [19.09.15]: Signs, Spoolers & Studio Updates!

Saturday Life [19.09.15]: Signs, Spoolers & Studio Updates!

Hi All!

What a crazy week I’ve had! I feel like I’m still trying to catch my breath. *deep breath* Let’s jump right in!


This week started off with more teaching. Looking back I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in my life as I did in those 8 days! It was quite the experience! And wow- so much information and so many lessons! And all of the sudden it was back on the plane waving goodbye!

I feel like I’d have to do a whole year of bra theory posts on here to get through everything!

Speaking of Bra Theory- if you haven’t check out my last weeks Bra-A-Week Challenge- it was all about powerbar theory 🙂 You can check that out over here.

When I landed my dad surprised me with the most amazing gift! A Spooler!!


Dad made this for me using a motor from an old sewing machine! Now I can take all the elastic and channelling I get in boxes and put it on spools! No cranking or effort- just push the foot pedal and it spins! 🙂 🙂 I’m going to have to take a video when I’m spooling one day and show you all! I just adore it! <3 Thanks dad!! 🙂 🙂

It’s so exciting getting everything together for my studio!


Speaking of getting things ready for my studio.. I went to visit my studio yesterday and it’s coming along so well!!

They finished the ceiling, drywalling. And they’ve just got a couple things left to do. Crossing my fingers for a November opening! 🙂



I’m so excited to get into the space and set everything up! And to paint! There really isn’t much painting to be done in the space since it’s lovely exposed brick and dark hard wood floors, but the back wall is drywall to be painted and there is an area to paint around the front entrance. And I was thinking that this would be a lovely colour 🙂 to go with my green and grey theme 🙂 and to match all my online branding 🙂

But for the outside of my studio… this gem was dropped off at my door!! My sign !!

Isn’t it just stunning?! I’m SO in love with my sign <3 <3 Thanks Adam!! I will have this sign for the rest of my life!

It’s definitely on of those moments where I’m pinching myself to see if this is really happening. This whole week has been a ‘pinch me’ week! And I’m very happy to find that it’s not a dream 🙂

So that has been my week! Now I’m off to sew up my bra for the challenge tomorrow! Nothing like leaving it to the day before!

How was your week? Anything big? exciting? small? funny? please share in the comments 🙂 I love hearing about your week!

until tomorrow,

xo erin

Saturday Life [22.08.15]: Supply Shopping, Cottaging & Business Building!

Saturday Life [22.08.15]: Supply Shopping, Cottaging & Business Building!

Hi All!

And another Saturday rolls around too soon! Wow the time is really flying!

This week has been really busy – I’ve actually been away for four days! Cottaging then shopping! And the rest of the week has been busy working on business, storage issues, and Etsy prep!

It was quite a blissful start to my week to spend the full day outside at my friend’s cottage, in the sun, drinking Corona’s with lime 🙂 Wearing the bikini I made my sister (it’s funny you always want what isn’t yours!)

It was amazing weather and a day full of sun with my friend Claire 🙂 Thanks for sharing the beer!

What you can’t see in the photo is the insane sunburn I ended up with the next day- 😛 I guess I got my vitamin D in for the whole summer!

After that blissful get-a-way it was right back to work with some days picking up supplies in Toronto in Hamilton. Which meant endless aisles of fabric- aaaahhhh shopping bliss! So many stops!

Besides cottaging and shopping my week was full of business prep, business planning and other meetings.


Brain-storming sessions on my bed with my good friend who is planning an amazing photo-shoot!

I also found out about an AMAZING online design tool at a workshop this week:

I am so excited to start playing around with that and making some beautiful blog graphic design updates!

It’s also been a fun week on Instagram with the #sewphotohop happening the August! This was my photo for ‘Tiny vs. Big’ lol

I also have a SUPER exciting thing coming up that I’ll tell you next week 🙂 🙂

And last but not least I am SO HAPPY with how my Etsy shop is coming along! There have been a couple small delays with the bra kits but I’m hoping to have them, along with underwires and sliders and rings out this week 🙂 🙂 So look out for that!!

What an awesome week 🙂 Hope your week has been just as wonderful!

xo erin


Saturday Life [15.08.15]: Etsy, Shop Signs & Stashes

Saturday Life [15.08.15]: Etsy, Shop Signs & Stashes

Hi All!
I thought I would use this picture as the header for my Saturday Life this week- because a) it’s really cute and b) it represents the pace of my week: running!
So I’ll jump right in with the most exciting part of my week! My Etsy launch!!


This has been so long in the making between sourcing and testing al the materials, pricing, figuring out Etsy, product photography! But I’m so happy with my shop 🙂

Here is me writing the announcement post on Thursday! (Gibby had a bit of an unhappy tummy and was needing snuggles)

Lots of product photography!! And a sneak peak of the sliders that are coming to the shop next week 🙂 🙂
And of course- to launch the shop I’m having a promotion! Free pack of Schmetz Stretch 75/11 needles with every swimwear kit!!
I’ve also had some updates on my actual physical store front Emerald Studio! I’ve met with my sign guy this week and he drafted me up this beauty!!
I can’t stop swooning over this! Love at first sight! Thanks @ahaleyart !! I can’t wait for this to be above the door of my shop!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Otherwise this week has been a bit of this:
A lot of this:



And just a little bit of this:
I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week 🙂 🙂
xo erin
Saturday Life [08.08.15]: Organizing, Old Friends & Beer with Dad

Saturday Life [08.08.15]: Organizing, Old Friends & Beer with Dad

Hi All,

Saturday rolls around once again- wow that week was gone in the blink of an eye- was your week over quickly too?

I’ve had a pretty busy week- organizing, out in the summer air and hanging out with dad! I’m also putting the final touches to my Etsy shop, waiting for the last couple details to come together- and it will be up and running in the next couple days! With the bonus of an early release of my bra kits along with the swimwear kits!! I’m so excited!!

So other than running around getting everything together for my shop- I was a very busy bee this week. Part of my week I spent sorting and organizing through everything- with all my supplies coming in my house filling up with piles in every corner and I needed to stop and put it all together!

One of the best organizing jobs was going through all this vintage lace from my grandmother. There was some gorgeous little finds in there!

And I had my sleepy little helper with me, who was happy to keep any fabric I set on the floor warm for me- how thoughtful.

Sorting through all the vintage things I had a chance to go through my 1911 copies of ‘The Young Ladies Journal” – which are all gems! It also got me thinking about my sign design for my studio!! I’ve found a local sign-maker who is crazy talented and also loves the idea of a 1910 vintage-sewing machine type font! So I’ll make sure to update you on the design of my shop sign too! 🙂

My dose of outdoor summer fun for this week was hanging out with one of my best friends Jenn 🙂 🙂 She moved out to B.C. last year and I haven’t seen her in SO LONG- it was a blissful day <3 <3


We went to these waterfalls up where my grandparents used to have a cottage when I was growing up- It’s so much fun to walk through them, play in them and sit under the falls while the water rushes over you!


Naturally I slipped and cut open my finger (thankfully as we were leaving) And Jenn had the best first aid kit- consisting of tissues and electrical tape. Always in good hands 😛

But I quickly consoled myself with donuts- these aren’t just any donuts though, these are Dooher’s Donuts – arguably the best donuts in the whole world, and I may or may not have eaten 1/2 of all of these..

My other outing this week was a supply run to Toronto with my dad 🙂 Lots of little things for setting up the business, some stops for dad- and best of all a good dinner with some beers 🙂 This time we tried something new and went to Cravins Caribbean Grill. I had a jerk chicken roti- and OH MY was it good! And some excellent Jamaican beer to go with it of course!

The other cool part of my week has been the #sewphotohop on Instagram hosted by @houseofpinheiro I am LOVING it!! and meeting so many fellow sewists 🙂 And so many gorgeous pictures with great themes! So make sure you check that out and join in if you aren’t already! And if you are participating- make sure to leave your instagram info in the comments so I can follow you!!

Otherwise my week was full of lots of little things, meetings, Skype calls with long-distance friends, workouts and lots of snuggles with mom and the puppy. And it’s left me happy tired 🙂 I think Gibby represents my feelings best in this photo:

So that was my week! I’ll make sure to let everyone know as soon as I get my Etsy shop fully finished and open for business!

How was your week?

Are you doing lots of fun summer things?

Are you participating in #sewphotohop?

Happy Sewing!

xo erin