Barbie Girl

When my mom asked me if I would like to help her make a purple Barbie outfit for a friend’s daughter, I jumped at the chance. I was OBSESSED with Barbie as a child- she was my ultimate- I had the Barbie house, the Barbie car, and a huge wardrobe of all Barbie’s clothes from ball gowns to swimwear, along with a few more questionable outfits that I made for her myself.

Now with more sewing experience, I tackled the project right- with a vintage Barbie sewing pattern:

The only thing that disturbs me slightly about this pattern cover is the fact that the proportions of the models (that are meant to be Barbies) are the same as the regular people patterns I have…

We decided on this jazzy green number, full of glamourous purple dress potential!

 I wish that I had every piece from the 1964 Tressy* Wardrobe!

We decided on a beautiful purple cotton velvet – look how cute those little pattern pieces are! Why does everything miniature look cute?

Here is the bodice and the skirt cut out, we decided to omit the strap and make it strapless- full on class. It was simple enough to sew together, just two bust darts, some front pleats, snaps up the back. But then on to the embellishments!
Does your sewing area ever end up like this during a project? Between my mom and I we both managed to find every bit of purple anything from all areas of our sewing stash and heap it all over the table- For the top of the dress, however, I decided on a very simple silver rick-rack but with two pieces entwined- and it gave a very nice look.
While I was stitching up the dress- which was pretty straight forward, Mom managed to make a tulle over-skirt, and a matching velvet jacket with marabou trim!- Quite the ensemble.
So what do you do when you want to show off a Barbie outfit? – Make a Christmas-in-Paris theme background and have a photo shoot of course!
This is the ensemble all together- along with a Christmas snow-beast who refused to leave the frame…
Once the beast was coaxed away with liver treats I was able to get a couple shots of the dress with overskirt.
The dress solo
And the coat solo, which I can really imagine being on the streets of Paris! So posh!
BUT THEN- the snow beast returned!
And refused to leave until he had his own Parisian photo-shoot! So vain! 
Such a drama king- I could have sworn I heard “paint me like one of your french girls Jack” pass his furry little lips!
Only two more sleeps until Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
xo erin

In Heaven at Boretski Gallery

This past weekend, hanging at home with mom, we decided to do a little shopping at my favourite place, Boretski Gallery. It is a little shop in downtown Belleville, close to my hometown, that deals in everything vintage and fabulous. I don’t know if I have yet shared with you my love of vintage fashion, but it is quite a passion of mine and very close to my heart.

I used to go to Boretski Gallery all the time when I was in high school, usually with a friend or two, and we would spend HOURS looking through all the dresses, jewelry and hats, putting on fashion shows and modeling all the dresses, feeling as special as can be :). Sometimes not buying anything and sometimes splurging on a couple items I couldn’t live without, items that are always among the most special in my wardrobe.

 I wasn’t able to go there as much when I was in university and since I graduated this spring  because I live further away and didn’t have access to a car, but I have always tried to drop in from time to time to check in, say hi and drool over everything in the store.

Visiting with my mom reminded me of all the special times in that store- the time I spent 5 hours with my good friend, modeling all the dresses in the shop for Marina (the amazing shop owner, who kept the shop open more than an hour after closing because we were having so much fun!), and finally settling on an amazing little blue number for my graduation. Or the time that I spent about 4 hours looking through everything in the store and finally splurging on a Marilyn Monroe-worthy gold bathing suit and long black evening coat… I still swoon thinking of these purchases, that are in loving places of honour in my closet!… 

One of the most special things about this shop is that it reminds me so much of my grandmother. My grandmother was a seamstress, a collector of all thing vintage and a very fashionable lady. She was and still is my inspiration, and her house and her sewing shoppe was always filled with amazing vintage clothes, accessories, fabrics and sewing and crafting things that are now part of my collection. Going into Boretski Gallery, and with every turn and little surprise I can’t help but think of her :).

(a bra that might make people inquire about the coldness of the room…)

Every time I go into this shop, there is something that I just CAN’T leave without, and this visit was no exception. Browsing through the coats, thinking of the cold outside, I came across this- and I just couldn’t put it back.

I know that I already have a, um.. large number.. of coats, but wearing different winter coats is one of the only things you can do to look different day to day in the Canadian winter, and this one was just the perfect amount of vintage and quirky- and I am really looking forward wearing it and building outfits around it! 

I am so excited to share one of my favourite places in the world, and the best shopping destination in my area! It is worth dropping in just to chat fashion with Marina!

(Marina & I)

Now I am off to make some long wrist warmers to go with my new coat, and dream about all of the other gems that I saw this visit 🙂 !

xo erin

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