Me Made May: Week 2 Round Up!

Me Made May: Week 2 Round Up!

Hi All!
Here is my Week 2 round-up for Me Made May!
On day 9 I wore these cute little nautical shorts! Recognize the fabric?

Another fun afternoon at the beach!

with the puppy of course πŸ™‚ he’s a very curious puppy!

DAY 10
A day in Hamilton with mom and the pup! I wore my Islander Jacket Express! I love this jacket!
DAY 11Β 
A hiking day with mom and the pup where I used my trusty old back pack!

This was at the Beamer trail in Grimsby- the same one I visited this fall! The pup loved it!


DAY 12

On day 12 I wore this cute charm bracelet that I made last year- it’s my sea-charms bracelet with all the cool blues and silver πŸ™‚ It’s also the day that all of our lilacs bloomed!


DAY 13

On Day 13 I wore my favourite bra- which bra is my favourite you may ask- well it’s this lace ivory bra from Week 7. It’s strange, I didn’t even make this one with myself in mind originally- I made this for a bridal lingerie feel for a photoshoot with my boudoir photographer friend- but it ended up being my go-to bra.


DAY 14

On Day 14 we had a bit of a cold snap- and it was into these cosy PJs my mom made for me from a vintage pattern!

Convincing the Gibby that my sleep mask is not his new toy.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

DAY 15

And the exciting final day where I have a new indie pattern make! And I’m wearing last week’s indie pattern make in this photo too! But this week is all about this top- which is actually a body suit- the very popular Nettie from Closet Case Files!

I chose to do the high neck, 3/4 sleeves and low back version out of this beautiful stretch navy fabric!


I love it!! And I’m going to be doing a full post on this tomorrow!How are you all enjoying your Me Made May?

What was your pledge?

Happy Friday πŸ™‚

xo erin


Me Made May: Week 1 Round-Up

Me Made May: Week 1 Round-Up

Hi All!

Some of you might have noticed the little Me-Made-May 2015 badge over on my side bar meaning that I’m participating in Me-Made-May this year!! I did it last year and I totally loved it- so I thought that I would do it again!

My pledge this year is pretty similar to last year and it includes:

1. Wearing a different me-made item every day of May
2. Posting weekly round up- pictures on all the Fridays
3. Including all of the bras that I’ve made in my challenge! πŸ™‚
And the most exciting of them all!!……..
4. Every Friday (except the first that I missed, oooops) I’m going to wear an item that I made from a new indie pattern! Β 


So here we go!! Here are the first 8 days of May!!


This fun little number is my bra fromΒ Week 11Β of my Bra-A-Week Challenge! Yay for mirror selfies!




I made this top last year, copying it off of a cheap tank-top I bought at the mall!

I like that it’s a high-low style, and goes well with the gold zippers on my pants.

On Day 3 I wore my Spring Bralette from Week 9!! It was so nice outside!
And I wore it under this lace-isn sheer top, so you could see all the colours showing through and the double strap on the shoulder!


A beach day!! and I wore this really pretty red, green and gold flower bracelet that I made πŸ™‚ I love spring fashion!!


This was an on-the-go day! and I needed my handy, holds-everything, green bag- that is still chic enough for meetings!


Mom actually made me this bag a few years ago!



On day 6 I was feeling like wearing some pretty high-waisted underwear πŸ™‚ These ones from myΒ Coral Set from Week 1!!



Was a day for being around the house- and a hot day around the house! So I thought I’d just wear one of my bralettes πŸ™‚ they are staples- this is my Canadian Winter Bralette from Week 3!



Me working away at my laptop in the summer-like heat!


And here I have my final day of the week round-up and my new indie pattern make of this week!! These are the Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named Clothing– and I’m absolutely in love with them! I’m just loving indie patterns right now! And this is the push I need to make some!



Perfect for a day at the beach! I’m going to be doing a post on the making of these tomorrow, and put up a pattern review as well! <3


Are you participating in Me-Made-May this year? How’s it going for you? What was your pledge?
I hope you are having an excellent start of May!!
And don’t forget to check out / enter the GIVEAWAY that I’m having on my blog right now!! πŸ™‚
xo erin


#MMMay14 Week 5 Round-Up!

#MMMay14 Week 5 Round-Up!

Hi All!
It’s the end of #MMMay14, I can’t believe just how fast this month went by! I think I want to make this a bit of a staple, maybe not outfits everyday but perhaps a me-made outfit of the week- My-Look Monday? maybe πŸ™‚ 
on with the looks!

DAY 25

On Sunday I wore this bracelet I made last January- I love this bracelet, I don’t know why since I don’t like spiders, but I guess making one of my fears into something beautiful is kind of cool.

DAY 26
Monday was a day of travel back to Hamilton to pick up some at-home-work while Bev is away in Saskatchewan teaching, and then back home again. I found this bag pretty handy. This was a mom-make, just a nice over the shoulder bag, it fits a lot! I think she drafted this one herself. 

DAY 27

Tuesday was a down day where I didn’t leave home, so no make-up, leggings and a random top. This one I didn’t make, but I did all the applique all over the front- it says ‘I love my BIG sister Kristie’, and has references to all of our inside jokes and fun times all over it. Naturally she has a matching one πŸ™‚

DAY 28

On Wednesday I went out to lunch with a friend and I wore this necklace that I made.

It has a cardstock back and I made all the flowers from random bits of ribbon, fabric and felt, adding beads and buttons- then I put two little loops on the back where I attached a chain. This was a really fun project to work on while watching TV- all hand sewing and just placing them all together- and I think it came out super pretty!

DAY 29

This is a shirt I just made from the Spring American BurdaStyle Magazine. It ‘s a knit top with princess seams and little cap sleeves- I love it! And this one is included in the pattern insert.

I love how the sleeves meet up with the side panel.

DAY 30

Day 30 was a hat day. As you can see this hat is made from the same fabric as the bag on day 26. I made this hat ages ago, and it was from a free online pattern but I can’t remember where I found it now, if I find it I will link it! It just a cute little brimmed hat!

DAY 31

And finally day 31. It was warm today! so I wore this top, which is also from the Spring, American BurdaStyle Magazine, included in the pattern insert. Mom made this one, we each chose a top and mine was the day 29 top, and she chose this draped-neck top, so breezy for the summer!

And that was my Me-Made-May 2014. Reviewing this month I have found there are a few gaps in my me-made wardrobe.

Firstly, I live most of my life in comfy house clothes, so I need more casual tops and sweatpants that I can wear for my real at-home life.

Next I need more bottoms,- more skirts, more shorts, more pants, and even more dresses. I feel like most of what I wore this month was dressing the top half of my body- and I need more things for the lower half.

And I would say lastly I need to make another light jacket- I didn’t include it in the pictures but I wore my islander jacket LOADS this month! So I need another light-weight jacket to mix things up!

If you didn’t see my past posts, here are links to: week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 of MMMay14

How did you all do on your Me-Made-May, any sewing revelations or new goals for the summer?

xo erin

#MMMay14 Week 4 Round-Up!

#MMMay14 Week 4 Round-Up!

Hi All!
Remember my last MMMay14 Round-Up, the one where I said that I was going to be more on top of this whole picture taking and uploading thing? I lied. Well, I suppose it is always better late than never! And here is my Week 4 Round-Up!

DAY 18

This was the Sunday of our May long-weekend ‘Victoria Day Weekend’ or more commonly known as May-24 where I’m from. I went to a party with my sister that day and I wore this bracelet!

I made this one over the winter when I was really getting into working with chains, and I did all the charms with little chain loops to frame them! love it!

DAY 19

This was the holiday Monday and I spent it lounging around in this dress.

You may recognize this fabric from my first outfit round-up- This dress is the most comfy thing to wear- I made it ages ago and it’s my ‘around the house dress’. It’s out of a stretch jersey and it is literally a rectangle that has a slit in the front, gathers on the shoulder and a tie around the waist, I didn’t even finish any of the edges.

DAY 20

Tuesday was back to work- and I thought my Drape Drape top was a good choice! comfy but interesting!

Yay for multi-colour pussy willows!

DAY 21

Day 21’s look was something I dragged from the back of my closet- this is a vest I made in high-school from a BurdaStyle magazine. just a cute little vest.

And I had to include this picture because mom and I nearly peed ourselves laughing at it. It just goes to show, even dogs have their un-photogenic moments!

DAY 22

Now for day 22 I got back into my bags! This one is a favourite and I take it everywhere- it holds so much! with a nice big pocket across the front too! This was a self-drafted pattern.

It even holds Finn!

DAY 23

On Friday I thought I would pull out this top that I made back in November, modified from a BurdaStyle pattern. I love this loose-fit chic, and I’m still in love with my decision to add the front pocket!

DAY 24

And last but not least- more jewelry- specifically these earrings!

They matched my dress so well!

And that was my round-up!

I can’t believe this month has gone by SO FAST! This Saturday will be my final MMMay14 post- and I promise this one will come out on Saturday!

Hope you are all doing well with your pledges, I know that I’ve been struggling quite a bit, with my new job and trying to coordinate everything, so sometimes I don’t always wear my me-mades for the whole day, or plan them out very well- but I do find that I’m remembering them all more and getting more use out of them.

I ‘ve found that a gap in my me-made wardrobe is simple light tops and summer dresses. Also I would like another light jacket because I have been living in my denim Islander Sewing one and as much as I love it, variety is always great! How are you doing with your pledge? have you found any gaps in your me-made wardrobe?

Let me know in a comment!

xo erin

MMMay14 Week 3 Round-Up!

MMMay14 Week 3 Round-Up!

Hi All!

Here is my week 3 round-up of me-makes, and this was a really busy week for me- so busy that *confession time* I staged these pictures (except for the first day and the last) because I forgot to take the pictures everyday.. I know shame on me- but I promise this is what I actually wore this week- I was just so busy and it was really rainy and miserable too so there wasn’t much good light for taking pictures.

A busy week of what? you might ask- well *ANNOUNCEMENT TIME* – I have actually started work at Bra-Makers Supply! after BoobCamp, Beverly was so impressed with my bra-making skills and enthusiasm that she hired me on as her assistant. So I work there part-time helping develop her new patterns, helping her with her blog and generally just helping her work on all the projects that she wants to do but doesn’t have time for! I started on Monday and it has been AMAZING! I’m learning so much- and you can expect so much bra/swimsuit making in the future- now that I have Beverly in my life to help me if I ever get stuck!

But alas- now you can see the me-makes from this week!

DAY 11

This was on a very cosy Sunday, just relaxing with my family before I drove back up to start work in the morning. The me-make of the day was the purple sweat pants, which were drafted off of a pair of my dad’s sweatpants- gotta be comfy!

Some puppy-snuggle time!

DAY 12

For my first day of work I had to make sure that I had everything I needed- so I wore my trusty backpack!

This backpack is my one-and-only! I did a Throwback-Thursday on it!

DAY 13

The next day was another day for bags and carrying things, and as I cleverly added bags into this challenge, I can show you that I used my laptop case!

Look at that- not only a nautical theme but a handy pocket as well!

And this is what happens when you go to take a picture with mom around.. thanks mom I’m glad I bring out your inner 3 year old… lol πŸ™‚

DAY 14

This was the third day of my job, and I was able to complete my green bra (started in BoobCamp) on monday and tuesday night and wear it to work for wednesday!

Loving the cut-and-sew foam and the partial band!

DAY 15

Thursday was all about leggings and a knit top- I wore the same knit top last week but I had made it up in a different fabric (it was purple with floral chiffon sides) and this on is just gold/white stripe- I love the high low style!

DAY 16

I had Friday off so I was able to wear a bracelet (no bracelets are great if your job is sewing lol) and I had to wear this one- it’s probably my favourite bracelet of the moment!- I call this my overstuffed charm bracelet.

This one I made with a black and metallics theme πŸ™‚ I made this back last fall after I got back from the creative festival with my sister.

DAY 17

And today was all about being comfy- and I wanted to show you this amazing nighty my mom made me!

And she even made the matching sleep mask!

It was made from a vintage pattern and they are so comfy! I will be putting a post up about them on Monday!

Well that was my week round-up! I promise I will be better at taking daily pictures next week!

Hope your MMMay is going well this far in!

xo erin