The Orange Underwire

Hi All,


This post is all about my Orange Underwire!


If you want to know more about underwire styles & the wires I offer check out – Underwire Styles & Body Types

If you’re looking for more info on fitting underwires check out – How to Fit an Underwire


I think it’s fair to say that this underwire is the most ‘standard’ or ‘average’ underwire that I have in my collection. I actually named this wire after Norma of Orange Lingerie, because she has two beautiful bra patterns (the Marlborough and the Boylston) that both use this wire! At the time that she came out with her patterns, there weren’t many that had a RTW gorgeous style and it was really inspiring to see them- so I named these after her 🙂


You can find the printable PDF wire  chart for this wire here: Orange Wire Chart PDF

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#BraNews June

Hi All!

It’s the end of June, and I can’t believe how fast time is flying- not just June itself but 2017- we’re already half way through this year, which is almost hard to believe.

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Underwires: Body Type & Style Guide

Hi All

This post is going to be all about the different styles or shapes of underwires- before I jump in I want to let you in on some exciting updates… I just launched two new underwire styles in my Etsy shop! more about them in this post- so let’s jump right in!!

Also- if you haven’t already read last weeks post on Fitting Underwire, it has some great information before you start into this post!


So first off- what do I mean when I say different ‘Styles’ of underwires?

Different styles of underwires are all the different shapes of underwires. They can be tall and narrow, short and shallow, high on the sides, high at the front, all different!

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How To Fit Your Underwire …and other underwire mysteries

Hi All!

I’m starting off this month with a good overview of underwires and how to find your size- Let’s jump right in!


To start off- let’s talk a little bit about underwires and why we use them.

Underwires are designed to help distribute the weight of your breast into the band of your bra, giving you more support and lift. They also help to give more shaping to your breasts and keep them out of your armpits.

A properly fitted underwire should help with support, lift, and shaping – but it should not pinch, poke, dig in or generally be uncomfortable.


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June Is Underwire Month!

Hi All!

It’s June- and this month I want to talk all about Underwires!


I did a post quite a while ago now, All About Underwires, and it’s one of my most popular posts. So clearly you guys have some questions about underwires!


I thought this June would be the perfect time to re-hash that post and add to it.


So I wanted to throw this out to you at the beginning of the month-


What do you want to know about underwires?

I’m planning do write about sizing underwires, and different styles of underwires, but I’d love to hear some of your questions and see if I can work them into my posts this month- It’s going to be a great month!

Talk to me in the comments!!!



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