Sewing Level Guide

This is a guide to help you find out which patterns and kits are recommended to start with based on your current sewing skillset. We apply these levels to all of our bra making patterns, panty patterns, and all sewing kits.


Newcomer ●○○○    Novice ●●○○    Skilled ●●●○    Expert ●●●●

Newcomer ●○○○

You’re ready for your first venture into bra, lingerie, panty, or swimwear sewing.

Skills You Will Build:

Sewing with knit fabrics, Applying elastics, Sewing simple seams with a zig-zag stitch or a serger

Novice ●●○○

You’ve already sewn a couple basic projects and you’re looking to kick it up a notch.

Skills You Will Build:

Sewing curved seams, Topstitching, Working with lace and foam, Sewing closures & adjustable straps

Skilled ●●●○

You’re feeling confident with all the basic lingerie skills and want to try a more challenging project.

Skills You Will Build:

Working with more pattern pieces, Sewing channeling and using underwires, Making projects that require more fitting

Expert ●●●●

You’re already a pro and now you want to reach for the stars!

Skills You Will Build:

Working with more difficult fabrics and laces, Modifying patterns for new styles