Everything You Want to Know About Bra Tulle & Sheer Cup Lining | Vlog

Oct 15, 2017 | Tutorials | 1 comment

Hi All!


I’m back at it again with the vlogs! And this time it’s all about two of my favourite sheer fabrics for bra making: Bra Tulle & Sheer Cup Lining (aka Marquisette Mesh).


As I’m sure you guys know by now- these are some of my most loved and most-used fabrics, and they are two fabrics that I get a lot of questions about- so I thought it was about time that I went over them in a video!

You Can Watch the Video Here 


And if you’re not much of a video person, than you can check out this post I did a while ago covering a lot of the same information 🙂


Of course, I offer both of these top quality lovely fabrics in my shop! I have Bra Tulle and Sheer Cup Lining/Marquisette Mesh.


Do you like to use Bra Tulle or Sheer Cup Lining in your bras?





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  1. Ann Carr

    If you are in contact at all with Lizsews I think it would be in your interest to ask her to sell her instructional videos of how to make the Black Beauty Bra and adaptations of it. I think it would sell a lot of patterns and bra kits for you !


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