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Hi All,


It was about that time again where I needed to sew something that wasn’t a bra, and this time I settled on something that felt very fall to me – a wrap top. Something that is light, but cosy, that wraps you up, but doesn’t smother you in warmth just yet.

Specifically, I settled on the Elmira Wrap Top pattern from Colette, in my favourite Scarlet Bamboo!


I wanted something that was lightweight, fairly close fitting and easy to throw on with jeans, leggings and under a coat if need be.

I fell into their size 8, which is a medium, but with this fabric I thought I would go down a size to the small, and looking back I might have gone down to their extra small, because I still find it a bit roomy in the shoulders and across the lower back. The only other size modifications I made, after reading lots of reviews, was to grade the bottom of the arm and the cuffs to the size large because I heard they ran really tight, and I’m not the smallest-armed person either lol.



So I made up the top, with the ties, threw it on and…… was pretty unimpressed by the sad heavy droopy bow that the fabric ties made. It was not something that I was going to wear. So I got brainstorming and thought of a solution with these two smaller string ties, where I basically just lobbed the regular thick fabric ties off shorter and added these two little ties!


And of course, because I’m a bra & swimwear sewist, I made the ties by covering my swimwear elastic with the bamboo, just like you would make a swimwear strap. And because I can’t be bothered to do an actual hem, I finished the bottom hem with swimwear elastic as well, but the neckline edges I did with a thin strip of self binding that peaks out- which I really love and was SO much less bulky than their method of doubling the front.


I don’t know if that would qualify this pattern to be ‘heavily modified’, but I definitely took a quick look at the instructions and said ‘not today!’



I realized just how long it has been since I made myself clothing, because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to go out in public to do a photoshoot that wasn’t a beach!


Gibby was quite pleased that we chose his favourite park for the photos : )



Have you been doing any fun sewing this fall? What did you make?

Please link anything you’ve made this fall in a comment for me to see!!


Happy Sunday!




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  • Reply

    Ooh love this top! The modifications you have made seem so logical to do. I haven’t made this myself but it seems like a 50’s style top too (which is right up my alley). x Gwen

  • Ilna

    Beautiful top in a beautiful colour! You look stunning.

  • Reply

    Such smart changes–I made this pattern a while back but I should make it again with these modifications since it seems a lot simpler!

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks! I saw the one you made, and I loved the look of it! I also really appreciated knowing that the cuff of the arm runs a bit small too- because it would have been too tight without the adjustment 🙂

  • Reply

    It’s so lovely, Erin!! The color looks so good on you! Your modifications really improve the look of the pattern, the two little ties make me think of this top as one of those super-chic ballerina wraps (I did ballet as a child and I remember having a top very similar to yours in baby blue!)

    Sometimes it feels nice to sew something different than bras 😛 I’m currently about to finish… my very first pair of jeans! I’m so excited about them, I’d never thought I’ll be having so much fun sewing jeans!

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks Sofía! I’m very happy with it!! And it is SO nice to get the creativity going with a different type of project every once in a while! I saw your white jean pockets on instagram, and I can’t wait to see them- they’re going to be gorgeous!! 🙂 🙂

  • Susan

    Love the top – but Gibby stole the show!

  • Reply

    OH…this shade of red is amazing on you Erin!

    The first thing I noticed was the ties…love what you did and knowing it was a ‘save’ makes them even better.

  • Reply

    I love the mods you made, it looks really light. Lovely!

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