I’m going on Holiday!!!


Hi All!


This is just a short post to announce that I’m going to be away on holiday!! I’m going on a family trip to Barcelona!! I’m SO excited for the trip! It is a holiday, but of course I’ll be taking as many blog photos as I can while I’m there!


There are a few points of housekeeping while I’m away:


There will be no blog posts for the next 3 Sundays 

Although you won’t see me on the blog, I’m sure I’ll be all over instagram!

The Emerald Studio Etsy Shop will be CLOSED April 2 – 21

I’m going to be closing the shop at midnight (EST) this Sunday April 2, and I won’t be reopening until I get back on Friday April 21. It’s going to be a while – so if you need something – order it before Sunday at midnight!!

That’s all! I hope you all have some amazing makes to show me when I come back! And I did make sure to have access to wifi there- so I’m sure I’ll be creeping all your blogs 🙂



#BRA NEWS March, Sew Panty Party!!!

Hi All!

Happy #SewPantyParty! How did you make out this month? As you can see above, I made a little video to show you all of the lovely panties that I made this month! I’m super happy with them!! And I’m so excited to make more panties going forward- no more avoiding the panty making!!!

It’s been an amazing month, with so many of you using #SewPantyParty on Insta and so many of you entering your name for the giveaway! ….. which leads me the big winner reveal …..

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#SewPantyParty GIVEAWAY!

Hi All!

I thought I would add an extra boost of panty sewing inspiration to our #SewPantyParty with a Giveaway!!!

This panty kit giveaway will include: Half a meter of coral bamboo, 2.5 meters of latte fold over elastic & a bow! Perfect for making yourself a gorgeous pair of panties!

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6 Tips to Make Your Panties Look & Feel RTW

Hi All,

This week, since we’re all in the midst of sewing up a storm for the #SewPantyParty, I thought I’d throw out some of my favourite tips for sewing up undies, and specifically tips I use to make my undies look and feel the most RTW. So let’s jump in!


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Sew Panty Party!

Hi All!

It’s getting to that point again where I look in my drawers and realize that my underwear collection is looking a little sad. If you’re anything like me, then you’re super happy and eager to make yourself a new bra, but then completely lose motivation when it comes to making the panties to go with it.

I was in this same situation last May, so I dedicated that month to panties, and I thought it was about time to do that again, but this time I thought I’d make it more of a party!

Join me for the Sew Panty Party!! 

It’s going to be a pretty simple and inclusive thing- All you have to do to join is to sew yourself some panties this March! And if you like, you can share them on instagram with the hastag #sewpantyparty or on whatever platform you love most! And of course, send them in for the round-up at the end of the month!

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