The Black Beauty Bra Pattern Is Here!

Jul 9, 2019 | Bra Makes, BRA NEWS | 7 comments

Yes! It’s finally here- the Black Beauty Bra pattern. Some of you might remember from way back in the day (the 2015 kinda ‘back in the day’) my Bra-A-Week challenge and all the bras I used to design. Well there was one in particular that I knew had to be my first underwired bra pattern, from week 44, and I called it the Black Beauty Bra. And I’m so happy to say that that idea has finally come to reality!

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The final version of this bra pattern is very similar to the original. It’s a horizontal seam cup, with an external powerbar and a double front strap detail with fold over elastic finishing.

Because this style is so versatile, I wanted to include a second view option, (and I love to have options!). Also the second view option is for lace, and who doesn’t love some lace.

View B has the same seaming and external powerbar, but different finishes with the lace neckline edge, picot plush elastics and strap elastic front strap.


The instructions are completely illustrated and 38 pages long, which covers start-to-finish instructions for both pattern views, plus the bonus instructions to include a foam lining to your cup!


The other important thing to note about this pattern is that it’s split into two size ranges: 28-40 B-DD and 28-40 E-G. The B-DD range is designed with 1/2″ band and strap elastics and a 2X3 hook and eye, and the E-G range is designed with 3/4″ band and strap elastics, and a 3X3 hook and eye.

I went with UK sizing for this pattern because it’s my favourite system, and I find it to be more accurate and much easier to measure for 🙂 If you want to find your size you can read my sizing guide here.

After so long in the works, it’s hard to believe that this pattern is finally out! I think every pattern takes huge amounts of work, but this pattern has really pushed me to take my skills to the next level.

It’s been amazing working with all my fantastic testers, hearing the feedback, editing and improving. From first draft to final version, this pattern has had 6 versions, each change tweaking the fit, or the proportions to be exactly what I hoped : ) And as challenging as the whole process has been, it’s such an amazing feeling to know that I’ve put my all of my energy and creativity into a project that I am so passionate about, and that I can share with you! Releasing this pattern feels a bit like climbing to the top of a mountain and stopping to finally see the breathtaking view. It’s humbling, exciting, vulnerable – and probably a bit addictive since I’m already mentally planning out the next steps for a million future pattern ideas.

It wouldn’t really be an Emerald Erin blog post if I didn’t have a picture with Gibby, would it?

Well, I hope you like the Black Beauty Bra, and if you’re wondering why I named it that- I just really like a good alliteration if you couldn’t tell ; )


I would love to know what you think about the pattern, if you’re planning to make it, and if you’ve recently worked on a huge project that you’re really proud of!

And again if you’d like to purchase the pattern or the kits I’ve put together for it, you can find them all in my online shop.





  1. Bonnie

    I love the look of the new Black Beauty Bra. I got the pattern and have a couple of kits on their way to me. I’m so excited to make this bra!!!

    Are you going to do any video tutorials? I know you have very well written instructions but I like to see the bra being made.

    I can’t wait to dive in when my package arrives!

    • Emerald Erin

      Oh that’s so exciting! I was planning to make a video, but the launch was so much bigger than expected that I’ve been completely run off my feet with no time for video making yet! Liz Sews on YouTube made a whole series about the Black Beauty that is amazing though 🙂

  2. Dana Hill-Sterner

    I’ve bought many tulle kits from you. I’m in love with the Black Beauty bra, and have finally decided to make it. Is there any way I can modify the bra so it can be wireless?

    • Emerald Erin

      Hi Dana, No, I don’t recommend modifying the Black Beauty to be a wireless, the shape and structure rely a lot on the underwire. It’s best to use a pattern that is designed to be wireless if you’re going for a no-wire style 🙂

  3. Gail Reiter

    New sewist here. I am in the beginning steps of making the Black Beauty Bra & wanted to know if you have a video tutorial hidden somewhere. It would be so helpful to see someone making this beautiful bra!

  4. okaydeebee

    Your design for the Black Beauty Bra is exquisite and I’m wondering if it can be constructed as a padded bra? If so, is there a hack or tutorial available for this?

    Thank you for your time and your great designs!


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