Bra-A-Week [44]: Black Beauty

Hi All!

Back to the Bra-A-Week Challenge! I do miss it when I skip a week! And this week I decided to treat myself and make a bra that is everything I want in a bra! Exactly me 🙂

It is made out of my new favourite fabric- Bra tulle, I used a double layer with opposite direction of stretch! This is everything I like in a bra, my horizontal seam, an external powerbar, fold over elastics and of course my favourite bliss wire 🙂  (If you didn’t already see, I did a post about the Bliss wire!)

I had to break out the nipple covers for you on this one! But I do really love the sheer! There’s something so minimal and so pretty about it to me. This is probably my favourite bras that I’ve made myself 🙂 I’m so happy with it!

I made the powerbar an external element and finished the edge with fold over elastic, so I could have it continue up in the strap. You know me and the double straps!

I love how it all seams to flow so seamlessly and smoothly with the fold over elastic, it’s all so clean and simple!

I also decided to finish it with 3/4″ straps and a 3X3 hook and eye, with a wider band, for a little extra comfort and support!

I just love it! I love the fit, I love the seams! I love it! And the bra tulle was great to work with!

I’m very happy to say that I’ve just added bra kits with this beautiful tulle to The Emerald Studio Etsy!

You can buy just the fabric on it’s own, or the kit with everything to make a bra! And I’m going to be coming out with fold-over elastic findings kits soon too- so you can make the same bra! I’m so happy that I finally get to share all of my bra-making favourites with you all!! 🙂

I see so many beautiful bras in the future!

And here are some of your beautiful bras!

First we have a beautiful bra & panties set from Jodi!

Jodi made this bra using silk and lace to cover pre-formed foam cups, and the same silk and lace to make a pair of Grace Panties, and Rose Cross Over Panties from Ohhh lu lu.

Love these!! So pretty! And it works so well with both styles of panties!!

Next we have a lovely bra from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

Sofia made this bra using a beautiful plum lace, striped frame and black lace back band. What a gorgeous combination!! this bra is SO pretty!

Sofia also did a little seam experimentation on this bra to get her vertical seam just right! It’s always such a great feeling when you perfect a fit! Lovely!!

Make sure you check out Sofia’s post all about it over on her blog!!

Next we have a very pretty bra from Jennifer of JensWare!

This is Jennifer’s Pink & Pearly Butterfly bra! She made this using the Classic Pattern from Pin-Up Girls, with pink duoplex, pink findings and a pearly white lace for a butterfly in the center!

Jennifer also added some extra details! A doubled duoplex interior powerbar for extra oomph  and some of the pearly lace on the back band near the hook and eye! Super pretty!

Next we have a very fresh set from Emma of A Hand Stitched Life!

Emma made this bra using the Boylston pattern from Orange Lingerie, with a matching pair of bottoms from the Watson Bikini pattern from Cloth Habit. How much do you love this fabric? So gorgeous!!

This was also her first leap into cut & sew foam! what a beautiful job! And I love the matching set! I need to start making matching sets!!

Make sure you go and check out more about this beauty over on Emma’s blog post!!


Another week of beautiful inspiration, another week of new techniques and new fabrics! I love it!!

Don’t forget to check out the Pinterest board and if you’re on Instagram and posting your lovely makes- don’t forget to add in #braaweek!!

You can go here to grab a challenge button and don’t forget to send your bra for next week to [email protected] by Friday for the next Sunday post!

I couldn’t be more inspired, or more excited from this week 🙂

And for a little bra-a-week check in- how are you feeling about the bra-a-week challenge? Do you have any new goals? New shapes, fabrics, styles you want to try?

Let me know all about it!



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    Hey Erin how and where did you get the patterns for bra making. I really am inspired and wanna make one for myself. Please help me….

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks! I learned how to draft patterns, by researching lots of different methods, then practising all of them until I found a system that I liked for myself 🙂 If you want to start now, you can always purchase a pattern. I have a couple patterns available at the moment (more to come in future) but there are lots of designers with underwired bra patterns available!

  • Reply

    wenn this is THE most amazing bra I have seen around! great great job!

  • Reply

    Erin, this bra is absolutely gorgeous with its simple lines. I just have a question about the doubling of the fabric – if the two layers of fabric are in opposite directions would the pattern's direction of greatest stretch be laid on the bias? As this is a non stretch tulle, would that also be the case when using a single layer as a lining? I love the technical posts in your blog – definitely gets the creative side thinking. Thank you. Hope you had a great New Year.

    • Reply

      Hi Iris! Sorry I missed this comment! thank you so much 🙂 I don't lay the fabric on the DOGS bias with two layers, I lay one layer on the DOGS and then oppose it with the other layer, I find that this is more stable and less chance of the fabric going wonky (not that this is a big problem with the tulle). If I used a single layer I would also place it just on the DOGS, not on the bias 🙂 Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  • Reply

    This is so gorgeous! So clean and mod looking, but still sexy and feminine. You do beautiful work and fit yourself so well!

  • Reply

    Oooooh!! I think this bra is one of my favourites too!! So minimalist and sexy! I love the look of the black tulle and the external powerbar. And the fit is so spot on! I've read in the previous comments that you're going to release your own patterns soon. I can't wait to see them! The pattern for this bra could be a good candidate for a start 😛
    And the rest of the submissions this week are so pretty as well! I particularly love the floral set by Emma. The fabric is so gorgeous!!

    • Reply

      Thanks 🙂 🙂 I love this bra, it's my favourite- I've hardly taken it off since (I'm actually wearing it right now as I type this!)

      And yes! I will be releasing patterns in the future! And this one is definitely on the list 🙂 🙂

  • Reply

    Oh my goshhhh! That bra is gorgeous. I absolutely love the powerbar/straps.

  • Reply

    What a beautiful bra! The fit is great, all the lines flow well and that external power bar with the double straps leading up from it is an interesting feature.
    I have recently found a local-to-me webshop which sells bra tule (and I have been looking for something like it for ages) so it is very nice to see it in action. I know you sell this through your Etsy shop but I don't like worldwide shipping for sewing supplies 😉

  • Reply

    Hi Erin, what a beautiful bra!! and so….sexy��….i am waiting for your own patterns.

  • Trudy W.

    Gorgeous bra.
    Looks very french — Cadolle.
    Is this your own bra pattern?
    If not, would you kindly reference the source?


    • Reply

      Thanks Trudy!! This is my own pattern 🙂 I draft all my own patterns- and I'm thinking of releasing some in the future- this will definitely be on the list 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Erin, I'm a PR member and have seen your work from time to time. I really hope you do release some patterns in the future, because I love your more contemporary designs! Very few pattern companies are willing to tackle these new styles, which bums me out. I'd love to see you bring your fresh ideas to the world of sewing. : )

    • Reply

      Thank you so much! And I promise that I'm working on lots of patterns for the future 🙂 They do take a while to design and fit test- so there might be a bit of a wait! I want them to be great patterns for you all! 🙂

  • Reply

    So beautiful Erin! What is the difference between bra tulle and powernet? I'm so inspired to make a similar bra!

    • Reply

      Thanks Novita!

      The difference between powernet and bra tulle is that powernet is stretchy and has spandex. Bra tulle is completely rigid and has no stretch at all.

      I'm so happy I could inspire you ! I love this bra 🙂


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    That bra is amazing Erin! I'm going to have to buy a kit (or two or three). I love all the detail it has!

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