Hi All!

Lots of fun things have been happening in the bra making world this month! Let’s jump right into it!


Christine Haynes of City Stitching wrote a great article on her Bra Making Adventures So Far, a great read!

Ying of Tailor made wrote two great articles this month- about the 10 Bra Making Blogs You Should Follow, and a great beginner tutorial on Sewing Adjustable Bra Straps

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Me Made May: Week 3

Hi All!

Another week of May just sailing past. This time I took as many photos as last week- not too bad lol! It’s always amazing to me how much things change in May- the month always starts out cold, in sweaters and jackets and jeans- then by three weeks in you can sunbath in your bikini some days. Maybe that’s just how sporadic the weather is here in Southern Ontario, but I’m completely soaking up all this warm weather! There’s nothing better than knowing that you have all of summer ahead of you 🙂


So to start off this week I wore one of my favourite pretty bras- my Lily of the Valley – I have to say that I don’t often wear the garter belt that I made to go with this set (since I don’t usually wear stockings) but I do wear the matching panties all the time. It’s one of the only white bra and panty sets that I’ve really fallen in love with, usually white isn’t my favourite, but I think the lace and the cut out details really make this shine!


Next I wore another favourite- and I would say that this is my all-time favourite- My Black Beauty bra! I also did an Exposing the Unders on this bra for my Sunday post. I’ve used this base pattern for quite a few of my other favourite bras, including the foam sets I made the week before, and my chartreuse & black set.


Next I wore a clothing make! It was the perfect day because it was so sunny and warm, so nice and breezy! I really love this dress, I made it at the end of the summer last year and got as much wear out of it as I could before the weather got too cold, but I’m really looking forward to having it in my wardrobe this summer! It’s the Tank Dress from Sew Caroline, and I made it with this printed rayon, so it’s so super soft and flowy and I added a little placket detail in the front, just to give it that something extra when you’re up closer 🙂


And last but not least for this week of wears- My Snow White bra. Another classic of mine. This bra deserves a wear every once in a while. I usually wear it on a special day or when I want something that makes me feel really held in. A longline just isn’t practical and comfortable for my everyday- but definitely so for a special day 🙂


And there we have it! Another week of May passing by- and I have to say- maybe it’s the warm weather, or just more time passing, but I’m definitely getting more and more energized and getting so many projects moving and of course my brain is buzzing with a million ideas and things that I want to do! It’s going to be a big summer of projects for me!


Do you have any summer projects that you’re looking forward to?

Also I used to do some posts on my blog called ‘Saturday Life’ where I took pictures through my week of what I was doing and posted life updates. I don’t know if I would do posts exactly like that again but would you be interested in content like that again? Just something I’ve been rolling around in my mind.


As always, I love hearing from you 🙂




[Style Search] Week 8: Styling the Ogden Cami

Hi All!

How has your fall been going (or spring if you’re on the other half of the earth)? Have you been able to work your way through the style changes of the season?

If you’re having a hard time, and feel like you want something quick and easy to sew that will give your wardrobe a boost – then I can highly recommend the Ogden Cami!

It was pretty great for styling this week!


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[Style Search] Week 7 The Ogden Cami

Hi All!

Back to the Style Search! And this week I decided that after some skirts, and a dress, it was about time that I added some classic tops to my wardrobe.

Looking through my wardrobe I realized that I have absolutely no spaghetti strap tank tops- I have some sleeveless tops, but no tank tops- not one- isn’t that crazy? I guess they had all worn out, and in my complete avoidance of shopping I’d never replaced them. But now I’m happy to say that I’ve replaced them without shopping (except in my stash!)

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[Style Search]: Week 5 Ultimate Wrap Dress

Hi All!

It’s time for another addition to my wardrobe 🙂 And this one was something I definitely wanted to check off my list, because I think it will be perfect for my fall/winter wardrobe and it hits so many of my style words! And that of course is a wrap dress!

I made this using the Ultimate Wrap Dress pattern from Sew Over It.

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