Hi All!

Back to the Style Search! And this week I decided that after some skirts, and a dress, it was about time that I added some classic tops to my wardrobe.

Looking through my wardrobe I realized that I have absolutely no spaghetti strap tank tops- I have some sleeveless tops, but no tank tops- not one- isn’t that crazy? I guess they had all worn out, and in my complete avoidance of shopping I’d never replaced them. But now I’m happy to say that I’ve replaced them without shopping (except in my stash!)

I have heard so many good things about this pattern, but after having a scroll through #ogdencami on instagram, and seeing this beautiful version from Allie J, I knew it had to be part of my capsule wardrobe.

If you haven’t already heard of this pattern it is the Ogden Cami pattern from True Bias.

I started off simple with this pattern, I picked a super silky and flowy black rayon from my stash. This fabric pours over your hand like water. I made it exactly to the pattern specifications, no modifications in a size 8- and it was pretty perfect!

So naturally I thought, well that was super easy, why not bump it up a notch- with a little lace!

In comes some of my favourite Scarlet Donna Lace! And the best thing was – it only took 1/2 a meter, such an easy and affordable project 🙂

To make it with lace the only modifications I made were: I had to straighten the hemline so that I could use the scallop lace edge- then (because this took off quite a bit of length) I added it back at the shorten length line – it was about 1.25″.

The other modification I made was to change the facing- I made it so it was only 1″ wide after sewing, then I stitched it down 3/4″ away from the neckline edge- which you really can’t see on lace, but makes it stay put so perfectly!

I have to say that the lace version was actually so much quicker than the rayon- no fraying edges or finishes, no hemming- it was great!

I cannot wait to style these for you next weekend! I have so many ideas of outfits to put them with- casual and a little dressier!

What would you style these two tops with?

Have you made the Ogden Cami? How did you style it?

What would you make it out of?

I love hearing from you!