Hi All!

So this week- I was thinking- what bra/swimsuit should I make? What haven’t I made yet? What would be the best thing to make? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really REALLY need some more me-made clothes, and spending another weekend making myself a swimsuit or bra, would be a little bit out of line from my actual sewing needs at the moment.

That is not to say that it won’t return to your regular bra inspiration next week. This is just my little treat to myself for the summer since I am currently very clothing desperate!

And since I need some more summer clothes (especially before the summer’s over!) I thought I would make myself a simple little summer dress!

Now the other thing to admit was that I had grand plans this Friday of going to my studio with my mom and whipping this up along with a few other wardrobe staples, and then that turned into a day of me not feeling very well and my mom saving me at the last minute and sewing this up for me. Thanks mom <3

Details on the dress: this is based on the Caroline Tank Dress pattern, I made this last year for MMMay15 out of a fabric that turned out to be the itchiest thing on the planet and completely unwearable. So this time around I picked a really slinky rayon, in this cool blue &white print.

I like this style because it’s super simple and you can wear it all breezy like I have in the first two photos or you can polish it up a bit with a waist belt to give it more shape.

I have to admit that my style is something that I’ve really been struggling with for the last few months. Sian of Rebel Angel wrote a post on her changing style on her blog and I found myself nodding along while I was reading.

At the grand old age of 25 now, I’ve finally found a place where my body has started to settle. I went from being an average weight through highschool, to gaining weight through school, to graduating and eating my way through a life crisis to my highest weight, then finding my life direction and losing all the weight- back to my ‘average’ comfortable weight. I feel like now that I’m finally settling into my body, I’m having to accept it and figure out how to dress it- because my body shape is so different from what it use to be.

Most of my clothes are either from high-school, the odd me-made thing that I actually ended up working or active wear that I’ve bought along the way *thinking- well at least these leggings will still fit me no matter what*. Over the last couple of years I’ve been making huge purges of all my stuff that I don’t use or need, and clothes have been no exception (I feel SO much lighter when I get rid of clutter!). But it’s really highlighted the minimal clothes that I have left that fit and that I like enough. And you might be asking – why didn’t you just buy more clothes?- the answer to that is mostly- 1. I really don’t like shopping (unless it’s fabric) 2. I don’t like supporting unethical manufacturing that is used to make most of our clothing (so I try to buy thrifted clothes, or things made in Canada/US which are usually way out of my budget) and finally 3. I really have not figured out how to best dress myself yet- I’m very style confused!

Right now I’m trying to stick to basics- and build my wardrobe from the bottom up with basics that are quality and fit me well, so you might end up getting more- sorry it’s not a bra- it’s a basic white blouse! kinds of posts- because I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to get a little style desperate here- I’ve totally got the underwear and swimwear game down, I can be fabulous on any beach or boudoir- but the moment I have to put on actual clothes to go somewhere cool, I end up having a mini-meltdown in front of my closet.

How did you figure out your style? Any tips for someone who desperately needs some style help?

Well now that that long style tangent/desperate plea for your advice is over. I’ll tell you more details about this dress! One of the first amazing details that mom added was this super cute placket down the front. It’s kind of hard to see because of the print of this dress, but it’s about 5″ long, and just has some cute snaps on the inside, -just enough that I can leave the top one undone and it gives a more RTW look to the dress <3

The other alteration that mom made was to the back of the dress. I cut out a size large, because that’s what I had made last year, but in this slinky rayon, it turned out a little bigger than we were expecting and it was drooping a little around the armholes and sagging a bit in the back. So mom made a big inverted pleat in the neckline at the center back- and nipped those in closer together- which completely tighened up the armhole nicely (and gave a great shape to the armhole in the back- it’s a little more ‘racer-backesque’ now) And I think it gives a flattering look to the back, especially styled with a waist-belt.

And of course, Gibby couldn’t be left out! Mom made him a bow-tie to match my dress- which I can’t decide if this looks more “My dog is my furrbaby” or “I’m bringing my dog as a date!” Either way, it suits me.

Anyways, I hope you’re not too disappointed by the lack of boob-centric sewing this week, I just really needed something that would cover my body when I go out in the real world, and to get my little style crisis out in the open.

And you know, I DID use this as a bathing suit cover up in these photos, which could loosely, possibly qualify in the slight realms of the challenge (although I still won’t give it a BAW#).

After this photo I went swimming- which means I gently walked out to deeper water while holding Gibby, because he’s more of a shallow wading- kind of dog, but doesn’t like to be left behind, so I carry him – photo proof:

How has your week in sewing been?
Have you figured out your style?
What are the basic staples in your wardrobe?
Any suggestions to help a girl out with style?
Love you always!