My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

Hi All!

This is my last and final indie pattern make for May! As you know, I was trying to make one indie pattern for each week of MeMadeMay- because I love supporting indie designers and I wanted to try out some of the patterns!

Well this is the last week of May- (I held off my weekly round-up until Monday so I didn’t have two extra days of may left over- so you can expect that on Monday!) And I decided that it was time for a summer dress- and I wanted something sure simple! So I picked the Tank Dress form Sew Caroline!

This is a really simple tank dress, no bust darts or fitting, so I cinched it in with a waist belt- which I think has a nice effect.

The pattern printed out well, very simple just the two pieces front and back on a fold- I decided against the pockets because I wanted the dress to be as light as possible, and I thought the pockets might make it heavier and not drape as well. I also reduced the seam allowances from 1/2″ to 1/4″ so I could serge it together.

I made it out of this navy and white knit that I got at Lens Mill. It’s very light, a bit see-through and slightly stretchy- I just loved this print! It says summer to me 🙂 and it helps that it was on sale!

You can wear it without the belt too- which I really like, I can see wearing this without a belt as a bathing suit cover up this summer, just very loose and casual. Mom actually whipped this dress up for me- it took no time, just a quick serge up the sides, some 1/4″ fold over elastic to finish the neckline and left raw for the hem- couldn’t be easier!

Pretty fabric! It has these see-through stripes running through it horizontally-but since it’s dark enough and there’s enough of a print, you can’t tell if you wear nude coloured under-things! But it’s also nice for a bathing suit cover up for that reason!

This is a nice dress for the summer!

I also found this pretty moth in the back yard! Mom saved him from our dog, who thought he was a very interesting toy!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! And you’re enjoying the last days of MeMadeMay if you’re participating!

I think dresses like this are going to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer, such an easy go-to outfit to throw on.

What are your wardrobe staples?

xo erin

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    Such a simple clothing patterns idea but it works brilliantly. I will be stealing some off them for my daughter!

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    Very cute! Perfect for summer! Reminds me of a print I have in my stash. I may use it as a swimsuit coverup. I'm intrigued about this fold-over elastic. Where would I find it? (I live in Canada as well:)

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      Thanks! It would be perfect for a swimsuit coverup! I bought this fold-over elastic at Fabricland, it folds to be 1/4'', so flat it's 1/2" and it's shiny on both sides. You can buy it in different widths, and some have a shiny and a matte side – I really like to use the 3/8" with the matte side out for bras! I've also seen some nice fold over at Len's Mill (I go to the one in Hamilton), and Bra-maker's Supply offers a nice variety of colours!

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    Lovely summer dress!! Definitely a staple! My favourite me-made garment is a simple black pencil skirt I've been wearing almost all winter, but now that we're in summer… I need to make some dresses! Hundreds of them! 😉

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      Thanks Sofia! That sounds like a great staple to have in your wardrobe! But I agree- you'll have to trade it in for some dresses for the summer!! Hundreds sounds quite ambitious!! Definitely let me know what patterns you're trying 🙂

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    Love the Tank Dress, Erin. I'm going to look it up now. As for my favorite summer staple – so far it's the Flirt Skirt by Pam Howard. I've made it three times, and just bought some more material for another one.


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      Thanks Michelle! It's such a simple pattern! I remember you mentioning the Flirt Skirt before- and I looked it up on craftsy- I think that would look good in so many prints! But for some reason I always feel weird in a maxi skirt- I don't know, just one of my clothing hang-ups that I need to get over!

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      I don't have any other maxi skirts, but this one…. just love it.


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    What a great little summer dress! My daughter might like one too. ��

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