Hi All!
*first off- sorry this is a little late in the day, I’m on vacation right now and I have limited resources!*
Week 7 is here!! And this week I have something very very pretty to show you!
This is my latest creation, and I have to say that surprisingly this is one of the most comfortable bras that I’ve made so far- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! 🙂

I made this one with a very ‘bridal’ theme in mind, because one of my best friends is an up-and-coming boudoir photographer, and I do some modelling for her and she really wanted to do a bridal shoot for her portfolio. And who doesn’t love an ivory lace bra anyways?

I really wanted to go delicate with this bra, using 3/8″ straps, gold hardware, and a single hook and eye (which unfortunately doesn’t lay quite as flat as the 2X3 I usually use)

I used cut&sew foam and covered it in an ivory stretch lace. This one is also a self-drafted pattern (as always) and this one is my first vertical seam bra (apart from my bralette). The foam cups underneath are two separate pieces, but to keep an unbroken lace edge on the top of the cup, I used the same vertical seam pattern but I joined it at the top so that it was one piece with a dart that followed the same line was the vertical seam cup underneath.

I made this bra with short wires, so it’s nice and low in the front and has a bit of a sexier neckline- I also drafted this frame to be a lot narrower across the bridge, so that it would pull the cups closer and give a ‘push-up’ look, and I was very impressed at how well his worked!

Of course I tried to add some lovely feminine touches, like having a lace front frame with a gothic arch, and a bow at the front

And a bow at the strap attachment- that also conveniently covers the stitching attaching the strap to the top of the cup and the end of the fold over elastic on the underarm edge.


And the delicate back finish with single hook and eye, fold over top, lace bottom edge, narrow straps and gold hardware.

I am completely in love with this bra, it might actually be my favourite so far. And it really came together with so many finishing touches! When I find the time I am already planning the million tutorials that I would love to post about all of these finishings!

And now on to all of your amazing submissions this week!

*I’m going to apologize in advance- I’m working off of coffee shop wifi, and with limited time- so I could only upload one photo for each person (or for each bra that you made)- I will update these post when I get back so I have two photos per person/per bra!*


First we have three bras from the very ambitious Joanna Venegas of Live, Laugh and Sew

First up she has a lovely hot pink Watson Bra from Cloth Habit

Followed by this pretty pink Florence bra from Seamwork Magazine- love the colour combo on this it looks so delicate!

And finally this lacy number made from Kwik Sew 3300. What a gorgeous job on all of them! Joanna also did a great post where she reviews the three bras and patterns!


Next we have beautiful Watson from Linda of Uplift Custom Bras

Lina made this Watson with a pretty pink lace lined with cut&sew foam on the cups, duoplex on the cradle, and powernet on the back. A bra fit for a princess! Very pretty!


Next we have a pretty bra from Andie of Sew Pretty in Pink

Andie is a beginner bra sewist, and this is her second bra-make!! She made this by cloning one of her RTW bras using duoplex, powernet and some stretch lace from her stash. Love the colour of that lace! Check out her post on her bra-make.

Next we have a  bra from Karin of Karin of Mrs.Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables!

Karin made this super chic set out of a zebra print! It’s a Shelly bra from Pin-Up Girls pattern, with matching bottoms in this super cute sheer zebra print! Check out her blog post on this set!

Next we have a very pretty bra from David

This is his ‘Camilia’ lace bra made with black tulle lace

David is a freelance lingerie designer, label: Bonnet Blue

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl

Next we have a pretty bra from  Jodi of Threads by Jodi

This is a Classic bra (Pin-Up Girls) made with red duoplex covered in a red polka dot stretch mesh. Very simple and pretty- love the colour!

Next we have a stunning set from Diana of Diana Lingerie Design

She made this set from the same pattern as last week but with a few modifications. What a gorgeous colour, and those panties are just as sexy! Check out her post on this set for more info!

Next we have this pretty bra from Kerri of Lady K’s Wardrobe Unlocked!

Kerri is continuing her designs for different skin tones, and paired this pretty pink lace over a darker beige- a shade that is invisible over many skin tones! Very pretty!

Next is an adorable bra from Anne!

She finished this bra last week in boob camp, using the same gorgeous coral lace that I used on my bra in week 1! What a pretty bra- absolutely love this! I’m go glad she made something so pretty for herself  during boob camp!


I don’t think there will ever be a week where you don’t completely amaze and inspire me! It’s always such a treat checking my email to see what you’ve sent me! And it’s especially nice this week as I sit in the beautiful sunny California and put my feet up as I check my inbox 🙂

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Until next Sunday,

Happy sewing!

xo erin