Hi All!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a pretty crazy week!

First thing, as always, my week started out with some bras!


This bra in particular, my bra for Bra-A-Week, Week:33 !! My come-back week where I take over as host again 🙂

The exciting thing about this bra, (and all the bras for the month of September) is that I’m focusing on bra theory!! Yay! This bra was all about the impact of vertical wires and the direction of stretch!

Check that out here if you haven’t already 🙂


Now the real behind the scenes for that post was this little puppy wanting to chew on my fingers and play while I tried to get my post out! You can blame him for any delays!

Then after considerable stress, planning, packing, and a little bit of last minute moving help for my friend, I made the drive up to Toronto, to stay over and head out bright and early for the beautiful state of Connecticut and private lessons with a friend/student of mine! SO COOL!!

Landing 🙂

And then we got right down to business! There’s nothing like having someone who enjoys bra talk as much as you and who is super eager to learn. And I have to say that we’ve been hold up in this sewing room for almost 10 hours a day! just working on bra theory, pattern drafting and so much more!

This has a little sneak peak for what you’re going to see in the Bra-A-Week Challenge tomorrow morning 🙂

SO much teaching and learning! So much boob talk! I have to say that we’ve stayed so focused, that I’ve hardly taken pictures or posted on Instagram- it’s been a total bra-making getaway!

Fuelled of  course by only the best selection of energizing snacks! And maybe a glass of wine here and there! 😉

I have truly been having such an amazing week, and I’m almost surprising myself with how much boob-knowledge I have rolling around between my ears! I should write a book!

I’ve also had the pleasure to meet this little cloud 🙂 Who is too quick and impassion for a photo, along with her little brother who managed to scoot out before I clicked the button! they are SO CUTE lol, my Gibby is going to be quite jealous when he smells these puppies on my clothes when I get home!

Well I’m back to work! The topic of the day today is bralettes!
How has your week been? Have you ever been so caught up in something that you’re teaching and just spent a whole week getaway on it? What topics would you like to learn most about in bra-making?
Until tomorrow for the challenge!
xo erin