[BAW4]: The Lace Demi-Bra

Hi All!

Week 4 is here and with it comes another bra 🙂 My second bra-make of the year!

I love this bra, and I wanted to show a few new ideas and techniques with this bra 🙂 And also to announce the theme for next month…. LACE!! 🙂


This bra is again the new France wire 🙂 I wanted to show another style that works for this wire, and in this case I made a demi cup bra, as you can see it’s quite low, great for very scooping necklines and low-cut tops 🙂 very subtly sexy in the blush pink lace!

To make this demi cup bra I placed my straps a little wider, and lower than usual, and cut the neckline really low. Then instead of having a vertical seam like my last bra, I wanted to have a more horizontal seam (both ends of the seams ending in the wireline) but because this wire sits very low on me, they don’t hit across the horizontal- but a little bit lower. Which I think is a little more dynamic and pretty!


I also thought I’d do a gothic arch at the centre front to add to the light and dainty look of this lace bra 🙂

I lined this lace with a layer of bra tulle to keep the super-sheer look! *gets out the nipple covers again*


The other exciting news about this is…. I finally have lace kits up in my Etsy shop!! YAY

And here is the lace kit that I used to make this weeks bra!

Next week is the final week in January, meaning it’s all about you and your beautiful submissions! so make sure that you send me all your photos and links for that post!!! (deadline is this Friday!)
How is everyone feeling about February as ‘Lace Month’? I thought it would be very seasonally appropriate with Valentine’s day!
What would you like to know about lace or working with lace for my theory post?
Let me know what you think!!
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  • Reply

    This bra is enchanting! I love it!

  • Ilna

    Erin, that is so delicate and pretty! I love lace bras. I would like a tutorial on how to attach the bra band so that the lace scallops show at the bottom.

  • Reply

    Mmmm pink lace! So so pretty <3 I said I was going to take a little break from lingerie sewing, but I think I might have to make an exception for a couple of quick sets next month – especially if the theme is lace! And I do have some red stretch satin that is practically begging to become a Valentine's Day set… 😉

  • Reply

    Oooh!! It's so beautiful and delicate!! The gothic arch suits this bra perfectly, ans I absolutely love the lace! I think I'm going to enjoy February as the Lace Month, I forecast lots of prety lacy inspiration around here! 😛 For Valentine's day I'm thinking about making a full set for me, garter belt included! And I'm planing to use lots and lots of lace, of course 😉

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    What a beautiful bra, you give me inspiration ….
    I would like to participate in "a bra a week"
    and I've already placed button on my blog.
    When and how can I pass on my part?
    My English writing is not that great, sorry for that hopefully you can 'follow' it

    • Reply

      Thanks Marian! To join the challenge all you need to do is send me an email with 2 photos of the bra or bathing suit that you made with a short description and a link to your blog! 🙂 send it to the email: [email protected] I can't wait to see what you've made 🙂 🙂

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