[BAW12]: The Cast Away Collection

Hi All!!

I am so excited for another week of swimwear and to show you more pics of all the swimsuits that I made this month!  As you saw from last week, I made three different style bottoms: The High Waisted, the Boyshort and the Bikini, which to me are all essential in a swim wardrobe!!

I’m calling these my Cast Away Collection! Because they are everything that I would want if I was cast away on an island (along with my piña colada, mask & snorkel of course!)





I think of high-waisted bathing suits as so glamorous! I like it start right at my natural waist to show off the smallest part! And a medium cut on the leg height, to make your legs look nice and long!


I love a good print with this style too, something that screams glamorous tropical island!

A little bit of ruching never goes amiss either!




I think of this as a more sporty chic style! It’s what I always reach for if I’m going to be running along the beach, or poking in the tide pools for critters! And I love this style under my wetsuit too!

It’s super comfortable to wear and lets you get up to all sorts of shenanigans like my sister and I were!




The bikini to me is such a classic, it’s so fun and flirty! I like my bikini to be just a little bit cheeky and high-cut to make your legs look a million miles long!


They are even better when you make them in a mermaid print, and go swimming in the ocean! I bet I scared all the sea turtles with my paleness!

But it’s also the perfect style to lounge on a hammock and tan!

Did I get you all excited for some swimwear??

Next month I’m going back to some bra-making, but I promise that isn’t it for swimwear!! I will be releasing this Cast Away Collection as PDF patterns sometime next month! EEKK!!

So are you excited for next month? Which style of bottoms is your favourite?

Also don’t forget to send in all your submissions to [email protected] for the March Round-Up Post next Sunday!!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!



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  • Anonymous

    It looks like you guys had an amazing time! Helps to have some beautiful suits to make the pics even prettier!

    – Claire

  • Ilna

    Gorgeous collection Erin! Love the location too. Pity I don't have the body for one of those…

  • Reply

    These are great! That's so awesome that you're going to have your own patterns!

  • Reply

    These are so great! Congrats on your new collection! I would be so excited if you drafted up to a size 32…. my hip is 58" and I would so rock those bathers!!! Let me know if I can help/ pattern test!

  • Reply

    I'm loving the Cast Away Collection!! My favourite is the mermaid print bikini, the high-cut leg opening is so flattering! And it's so exciting that you're going to realease them as PDF patterns!! I can't wait to see them!! 😀 Are you going to release some lingerie patterns too?

    PS: I'm so jealous of your holidays at that delightful beach! Today it's raining cats and dogs in Barcelona, so it's probably the best time for thinking about all the bikinis I'm going to make this summer 😛

    • Reply

      Thanks Sofia!! Yes I have so many plans ahead for patterns, but I thought this would be the perfect pattern to ease myself into it!

      My vacation was SO nice and so needed too! But now I'm back in Canada- it's been freezing rain outside and everything is coated in ice *sighs and dreams of Grand Cayman*

  • Reply

    Such gorgeous bathers Erin! And I love the location shots too 😉 I am so unbelievably excited that you're starting to release patterns! I only wish that we'd still have the weather for making swimwear by the time they come out…but I'm looking forward to making some next summer! So keen for lingerie patterns down the track too 🙂

    • Reply

      Thanks Maddy! It was so much fun taking pictures in Grand Cayman! And don't worry they won't be the last patterns I release- it's only the beginning! And don't forget, bathing suit bottoms can also be panty patterns too 🙂

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