Hi! I’m Erin, aka Emerald Erin- a twenty something, bra and swimwear sewing enthusiast, who sews from my studio in Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

On my blog I like to post about all the fun things I’m making, tutorials, new products available in my Etsy shop and my life as a creative business owner. Oh and always lots of pictures of my dog Gibby!



My Story 

Sewing has always been my love- I grew up in a sewing family, my grandmother was a seamstress and my mom made my clothes as a kid- sewing is in my blood! Through school it was always a hobby for me, but after I graduated university and went through my quarter life crisis, I realized how important creativity was to me. So I dove into sewing and started blogging  to document my creative process and share my hobby with the amazing online sewing community. As I got deeper into sewing, I found my favourite sewing – swimwear & bras, and I never looked back! 


Bras & swimwear is just the best sewing to me- it’s where creativity meets engineering! Over the last few years I’ve made it my mission to learn, discover and experiment as much as I can with bra & swimwear sewing even setting a goal of making a new bra every week with my Bra-A-Week Challenge! It’s been amazing! I’ve been able to innovate in the bra & swimwear world and meet so many incredible sewists through my blog!

In 2015, I decided to bring my passion back to my hometown, where I’ve opened my own sewing studio, The Emerald Studio, along with my online shop!  Now I teach classes on bra making & swimwear sewing and source amazing fabric and findings from all over the world to sell. My studio is basically my blog in real life – it’s where I spend all my time sewing up my makes, writing blog posts, working on new patterns, shooting my photography and goofing around with my favourite assistant [mom] and my shop dog [Gibby].



Keeping with my online roots, I’ve also developed my online shop on Etsy, expanding my product range and sourcing new fabrics and findings from all over the globe. When I first started sewing my own bras and swimwear I was a little disappointed by the supplies I found. I wanted something that fit my style and comfort, which is why I’m so happy to be able to source my own supplies and share them with my online community all around the world! 

There are two principles that guide all of my decisions when I’m finding new supplies: 1. Is it something that I personally use and love? and 2. Is it ethically/sustainably made?  All of the materials and products that I sell in my shop are things that I personally use and love in my sewing (and you can see them in all the makes I post to my blog!). I have also made a huge effort to source as many things as possible from countries with ethical manufacturing processes, and I’m constantly working towards the goal of 100% ethical materials – people, planet & peace over profit. always. –

I am so happy to be in a community of resourceful makers and DIYers who are looking to have a better connection with the things that they use and love in their everyday life! It’s my goal to make it easier for all of you lovlies in the DIY world to find the materials and supplies that you need to make the projects you love! 


Thank you so much – my lovely community of makers-  for reading my posts, commenting, sharing your makes and being part of my sewing family! It makes me so happy to see everyone as excited and passionate as I am, and to see our community grow! 

Come and be a part of my community! Besides my blog you can follow me on these platforms:


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