Bra Make [BAW8]: Black Lace Vixen & Giveaway Winner!

Hi All!!

Week 8 already!- and here is my second and final make for February! I think lace was the perfect topic, and I’m already dreaming of all the lace bras I’m going to make the rest of the year now that I’m so inspired!

But first, what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for!
The GIVEAWAY announcement!!
And the winner of this lovely kit (with either large or small findings):


Drumroll please…………………………….



I’m so excited!! I know Maddy will make something truly stunning with this kit! Congratulations Maddy- I will be in touch and this beauty will be on it’s way across the world in no time! 🙂
(*why does random number generator always find the person with the most expensive shipping? lol*)
Now that we have all the excitement about the giveaway over, it’s time to get excited about my make this week!


Since you all got a massive sneak peak of this bra in my tutorial on making a scallop lace band last week. I thought I would give you a little extra eye candy this week with a matching waist cincher, made with the Vixen pattern from Scarlett!!

I made this set using my new Beautiful Black Lace (and lots of it! So much lace edge!!), Black Bra Tulle, Plunge Underwires and a small black regular elastic findings kit (with a 3X3 hook and eye- my fave)!

On the waist cincher I also used some pre-made cotton binding to finish the edges, black channeling with 1/4″ plastic boning and some sturdy black woven wool for a waist tape and to support the grommets in the back!

Now I do technically have a full set with this bra, the waist cincher and the black panties I made to go with my black beauty set, but I’m not quite brave enough to photograph myself in the whole set for you guys, so these two will have to do!

I LOVE how this waist cincher turned out! The bra tulle looks so delicate and light as air! And I should say that it definitely isn’t as strong as coutil- so this is not a real ‘haul in the waist’ kind of corset- but it makes for some very pretty lingerie, especially on a pattern like this with so many shapely panels!

I added a little pop of pink ribbon in the back 🙂 just to mix things up 🙂 I love how you can see the waist tape though the sheer pannels, and this waist cincher is nice and high in the back, it even overlaps my wide bra back! I think that’s a more flattering shape though 🙂

I’m pretty impressed with how this bra came out too! I’m LOVING this darted cup 🙂 I know that they aren’t the best for everyone and all sizes, but I find that on me, and my size- they are so flattering and give a really nice shape! I love the way these large lace scallops turned out, it really emphasizes the plunge of this neckline. I definitely think this is one of the sexiest bras I own, hands down!

I think these two designs worked well to compliment each other as well, with the top line or the waist cincher following the bottom edge of the bra  in that nice ‘V’ shape!


And don’t forget Scarlett most generously offered a 50% discount on this beautiful waist cincher pattern for my lovely readers this February with this coupon code!! YAY!


I’m so happy with how my set turned out! But I’m also SO excited to see everything you’ve made this month!!

Don’t forget to send in all your bra makes for February to:
Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend!

Bra Theory [BAW7]: How to make a Lace Frame Bra

Hi All!
Firstly- A Very Happy Valentine’s Day!! Or as I prefer to call it Day Before On-Sale Chocolate Day / Selfish Lingerie Sewing Day!
It’s Bra Theory this week! And I had a wonderful suggestion from the lovely Ilna for a tutorial on making a scalloped-lace frame for bras. And I thought my new black lace would be perfect for it!
This is giving you a HUGE sneak peak into the bra-make that you’re going to see next week! And to give you another sneak peak about another special thing that you’ll see to go with it next week…
Scarlett has very generously offered you, my lovely readers, 50% off her Vixen Waist Cincher for the rest of February with the code VIX-E-FEB! Happy Valentine’s Day All!! Head over to get your pattern and get a look at the corset that will be featured in my post next week!! 🙂
Now- onwards to the tutorial!
To make a lace frame there are some modifications that you have to do to your standard bra frame. This is the bra frame pattern that I use with my plunge wires:

To have a scalloped lace bottom to your frame, you’re going to have to have a straight bottom edge on your frame (as opposed to this pattern piece that has a nice curve following the cups), because your lace fabric edge follows a straight line.

But before you go and chop off the bottom of your frame- let’s do a little deconstructing and thinking first, so you know you won’t run into any problems later.

So in this image below, I’ve taken the same frame, but I’ve marked my seam 1/4″ allowances (in turquoise), then I’ve marked where my channelling and underwire goes 3/8″ (in pink), then I’ve marked my elastic allowances 3/8″ for this bra (in purple).

I find doing this gives you a better idea of exactly what is happening with your pattern pieces, and how you can make adjustments to your pattern successfully. So from this you can think about two things that will help you convert your pattern to a lace band:

1. You CAN NOT touch the seam allowances and the channelling allowance around the cup. If you make it more narrow than your 1/4″ seam allowance plus your 3/8″ channel allowance, then you won’t have enough width in your frame to cover your channel- you have to work around that.

2. Your elastic allowance at the bottom isn’t relevant anymore, since you won’t be turning your bottom edge up (because your bottom edge will be lace).

So with that information- there are two ways that you can make a lace band, you can make it in one piece- straight across, or you can make it in two pieces with seam in the middle.

This is the first way:

This is if you want to use ONE solid piece of lace for your frame, and it will go straight across. You can go as narrow as the yellow line (right to the bottom of your channels) or you can lengthen it to make it a longer-line for an effect like this bra:

(thank you Pinterest)

If you are working with your pattern as a half-frame and you haven’t traced the whole thing out like I’ve done, then all you have to do when you draw your line, is to make sure that it is exactly perpendicular to your center front line, so that you don’t have it on an angle.

And remember- this new bottom line is your finished edge, you don’t have to add elastic allowances because you won’t be flipping your elastic in.

So that is the first way to make a lace band. The other way is to make a two-piece lace band, with a seam of the center front. This is my favourite way to make a lace band because I love the angles- this is the same idea as making a gothic arch.

Because this is going to be a two-piece frame (seamed up the middle) it’s easy to show on the half-frame. With this style, instead of making your bottom edge perpendicular to your center front, you’re going to put it on an angle so that your bottom edge will be an upside-down ‘V’.

Now the angle that you choose can be more (the yellow line) or less (the pink line) dramatic, it’s all about your preference- and you also have to remember that for a more dramatic angle- you will also be widening your side seam, and will have to adjust your back band piece to match.

Don’t forget to add a seam allowance to the center front, because you will have a seam there!

So I’ve decided for my example to go with a more dramatic ‘V’.

Remember when you’re cutting out your frame, that the bottom edge is your finished edge, and that line should follow the lowest valleys of your lace edge, so that the scallops stick out past that point.

Now there are a couple caveats to this. The MOST important thing about placing your band is that the bottom of your seamlines (where your seams end at the bottom of the band) fall on a low point of the lace- or are touching the very edge of the lace, so that when you sew it up together it’s not mid-scallop and making your seam longer than you intended.

This will sometimes mean that you want to play with your side seams a bit to get the lace to fall where you want it to, and in this case I’m using a lace with big scallops, so I can’t get the lace to fall perfectly along the lowest point, so there is a spot you can see where the lace edge dips in and isn’t covering my pattern piece. That is not ideal, but it’s also not the end of the world, as long as it doesn’t dip in too far or dip in to the channelling area.

Another thing to note is that the most important part of placing the lace is considering the center front. Make sure you have a beautiful center front that is going to look nice will go a long way to making your bra beautiful and look more RTW, in this case I made sure that I started it right at the bottom most point of a big scallop, so that it could fan out on each side from that point. If you have a lace that mirrors than you can cut your frame out to be perfectly symmetrical on each side, and if not, the important thing is to match the scallops!

Once you’ve got the perfect placement, then cut out your linings to match if you’re using them, and sew your frame like usual, matching your center front seam. Then sew your back band onto your frame. Remember that your back band still has elastic allowance, in this case I’m using a 3/8″ elastic so my band sticks out 3/8″ below the bottom edge of my front frame.

Now it’s time for the first part of elastic application. You’re going to sew your elastic to the RIGHT side of your back band, just like you normally would on the inside edge. But you’re going to stop right at the edge where your back band ends and meets your front frame. You want to be sure that your elastic is sewn right to that point where they meet, so that when you flip your elastic to the inside it looks seamless with your frame. (Also a small aside, I’m sewing my elastic so that the picot edge is facing in, so that it doesn’t compete with my lace edge).

Once you sew your elastic to one side of your band, you’ll want to leave a tail of elastic that is long enough to make it along your frame and cross at the center.

*If you are doing a straight across lace band and want to do your elastic in one solid piece, then you will have to measure your elastic to make sure it is the exact length you need, and you will be sewing both ends of this elastic to either side of your back band leaving it open in the center.*

I like to sew my bra cups into my frame before I sew my elastic to the frame, to help guide my elastic placement, and make sure I don’t overlap into my seam allowances!

So your next step is to flip your elastic to the inside on your back band and sew your second pass, once you get to where your elastic meets your frame, it should be perfectly lined up, and you can continue sewing your elastic along your frame. If you’re doing a gothic arch like I am in the example, you can pin your elastic before so they cross in the center and you can sew it in one-pass, staying on the inside edge of the elastic again. After you finish this pass the elastic will be sewn down fully on your back band, and you can go in and sew your second pass on the bottom edge of your elastic in the frame.

For the gothic arch style, you will have this criss-cross in the front and these tails that stick out. I like to leave these long while I sew on my first pass of the channelling so they are easy to pin out of the way.

Then, once your channelling is attached, you want to trim these elastic ends so they will be caught under the channelling- for a nice finish.

Then when you fold over your channelling- super neat interior finish!

Then you can sew on your underarm elastic, and do your other bra finishings, sew down your channel and voila! You have a beautiful lace band!

And I’m not going to show too many pictures of the final finished bra- you’ll have to wait until next week for more pics!!


That’s all you get for now!!!

Also don’t forget I still have my Giveaway happening for this beautiful lace kit!!

I’ll be drawing the winner next Sunday! And all you have to do to enter is sign up for my newsletter in the side bar!! 🙂 🙂

Do you have any favourite ways of sewing lace?

Let me know!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Valentine’s Day!!



[BAW 6]: Red Valentine & GIVEAWAY

Hi All!

How excited are you for lace this month! I feel like I’ve really gotten away from lace over the last couple months with my love affair with bra tulle, but my love of lace is coming back to me pretty quickly!

To help you get excited for lace month, I’m having a GIVEAWAY!! YAY! And it’s for the bra kit that I used to make this weeks bra, my Red Valentine! I’ll have more information at the bottom of this post, so you can see what I did with this lace kit and dream about what you’ll do with it!


I’m pretty in love with this bra, I love the all-over lace, power bar, lace edge neckline, it’s really very me 🙂 I made this using a non-stretch lace fabric, lined with bra tulle. I used a large findings kit, for the wide straps and thick bottom band elastic for extra support and comfort, and my fav Bliss underwires! (pssst.. I have this new kit up on etsy!)

If you follow me on Instagram @theemeraldstudio you would have seen a teaser for this matching elastic findings! I’m really feeling this red, it just seems so rich and perfect for a Valentine’s bra!

I thought I’d try a new cup seaming on this bra, with a three piece cup, and I LOVE it! I think it’s just so flattering and comfortable. It is fairy similar to the Snow White bra, but the angles are a little different and I think that I like this one a little better.

I love that this lace is really smooth too, and the gold and red just pop!

I love laying my bras out for the photos and imagining the outfit and the jewelry that would go with it I’m imagining this one with a lovely little cocktail dress and gold accessories. 🙂 Do you ever do that?

So now that I have you drooling over this beautiful new lace.. it’s on to the GIVEAWAY!!


Enter to win a one of my new red & gold lace kits!!

The contest is open to everyone and you can choose between a large or small findings kit!


So how do you enter this giveaway?
Well, that is another exciting announcement:
I’m starting a Newsletter!!


The newsletter is going to be a great way to keep up with the Bra-A-Week Challenge,  to get little tips and tricks for bra making and swimwear, and to stay in the loop about what’s happening in The Emerald Studio!


All you have to do to enter is to sign up for my newsletter!
Sign up is in my side bar –>

Do you have any ideas for this kit? What will you do with it if you win?

Let me know in the comments!



[BAW 5] January Round Up!

 Hi All!
Wow January has been an amazing month!! And I can’t believe that it’s already gone- how did that happen!?
All of you have been sewing up a storm this week, and I can’t wait to show off all your gorgeous makes! It’s been so strange this month, holding all the submissions off until the end, but now I have a lovely long post of beauties for you all to admire!
First we have this beauty from Jennifer of Jensware

Jen made this using the Shelley pattern from PUG patterns. White with pretty pink lace- and lovely lace matching and placement, can you see the angel in the front? Check out more about this bra on Jennifer’s post!

Next we have two beautiful submissions from Emma of A Hand Stitched Life!


Isn’t this the cutest bikini ever! Love the very sweetheart mermaid vibe that I’m getting from this one- gorgeous!! Emma made this using the Boylston pattern from Orange lingerie, modified to have a ruchhed upper cup, longline and other fitting alterations.

For the bottoms she used the Ava pattern from Ohhh lu lu. I’m so flattered that she referenced my pink gingham suit as inspiration- but I have to say- mermaid makes everything better! If you want to see more about this cute suit- make sure to check out Emma’s Post over on her blog!

Emma was a busy bee this month and also made this lovely bra using the Boylston pattern again, and one of my Bra Kits in gorgeous red! 


She did such a beautiful job enclosing all the seams on the inside, what a nice detail! Love this bra! Check out more about this lovely bra in Emma’s post!

Next we have a very cute swim suit from Maddy of Miss Maddy Sews!

Maddy made this suit for her sister for Christmas! Best present ever! She made this using the Nettie pattern from Closet Case Files, with a very healthy number of modifications, and this really awesome print lycra!

I love how simple and chic this set is- it just looks super cute, I can imagine running around the beach in this *dreams of living in AUS* Make sure to check out more about this suit over on Maddy’s blog! 

Next we have some lovely makes from Sian of Rebel Angel

First she made the most charming of bras! This is her Mickey Mouse bra- and how adorable is this- I love it!! Sian made this using a 1940’s bra pattern, and decided to combine her love of bra-making with her love of Disney- inspired!

This is a non-padded, no-stretch, no-underwire bra, with a love vintage shape! Personally I think this would make a fantastic crop top! For more on this make- be sure to check out Sian post over on her blog!


Sian’s also been a busy bee this month! And her second make was this beautiful lingerie set! WOW! She made this set using the Boylston bra patter from Orange Lingerie,  her custom corset pattern from Sew Curvy, and the Grace hipster briefs from Ohhh lu lu! I love how these all came together in one beautiful set!

For this set Sian used a tricot with lace overlay with black findings and accents- I love this colour combo- I think it’s so pretty! and I’m so jealous- I can’t wait to make a set with a corset! Make sure you head over to Sian’s post and read more about her lovely set!

Next we have two lovelies from the very lovely Andie of Sew Pretty in Pink!

First Andie made this Naughty Nautical Maya beauty using the Maya pattern, cut and sew foam cups covered in stretch satin and powernet for the band. Unfortunately it didn’t fit- but she might just get a world’s best friend award for this!

Next she made this beauty called “Desert Sun” And I can totally see it with those colours! This is made from a cloned bra pattern, and slowly tweaking it to the perfect fit!

Loving these colours and I’m loving the bra naming! I’ve named a few of my bras lately and I feel like they deserve names 🙂 Make sure to head over to Andie’s blog to read all about this lovely!

Next we have a beautiful set from Lauriana of Petit Main Sauvage! 

Lauriana made this set using her own soft, bra pattern with a front closing and racer back. She used a red stretch lace fabric with black elastics. How cute is this set- It look so comfy and so chic at the same time, with that racer back detail! Love!!

Make sure you head over and read all about this set and matching panties over on Lauriana’s blog!


Next we have a lovely set (with extra panties!!) from Angela of My Little Sewing Dreams!


Angela made this using the Merckwaerdigh BHS10 pattern with three different panty patterns to go along with it! (The Watson Bikini, Milano Slip and Lacy Thong)

I love how she used this beautiful green lace, it look so delicate and pretty! Make sure to head over to read Angela’s post on this set over on her blog!

Next we have a pretty pink and white number from Samantha of Made by Mitty!

Samantha made this bra at a bra-making workshop she took at Booby Traps! She made this using a light coloured kit to make sure she could see what she was doing on her first bra- and wow- it turned out so beautifully!

I can sense a new bra-making addict in our midst!!! 🙂

Make sure to head over to Samantha’s blog to see her post all about her bra! 

Next we have a pretty little bra from Christie!

Christie made this bra using the Watson pattern from Cloth Habit. She used black stretch lace over 15 denier and black elastic with a piping edge. SO PRETTY!! And it comes with a twist- this is a nursing bra for her sister- how lovely is that! Thanks for sharing Christie!

Next we have a cool set from Marian of Ill Signo!

This is a self-drafted pattern by Marian, using a grey stretch mesh and grey elastics! Such a cool cup design on this bra!

I love this style with the cut outs and overlapping, especially in the sheer stretch mesh where you can really see the overlap! Very cool. Make sure to head over to Marian’s blog to read more about her set!

Next we have two awesome submissions from Réka of Red Heels!

First she made this super cute body suit with stretch black tulle for the body and pretty pink/purple lace for the cups! She also made a nice snap detailing in the crotch, because practicality always wins! Loving this body suit!

The pattern for this body suit is a combination of an old bathing suit and the Watson! I love mixing patterns! Make sure to head over to Réka’s post to read all about this make! 

Next she made this gorgeous bra, from a self-drafted pattern using the book Patternmaking for Underwear Design, and some beautiful blue lace!


Réka goes over her experience drafting with alterations and lots of great info! Make sure to head over and check out her post on this bra!

Next we have a fun bra from Ilna!

This was a trial bra for the Make Bra DL01 pattern, and a first time using cut-and-sew foam for Illna, so she decided to go super comfy for the exterior fabric and use old pj bottoms fabric! So cozy!!

She’s a little unsure about the extra padding of foam, but it sits like a dream 🙂 I know I’m dreaming of a bra that looks as cozy as this right now!! Thanks Ilna! 🙂

Next we have a lovely basic bra from Samantha!

Samantha made this bra using the Shelley pattern from PUG patterns, and some lovely beige fabric and findings. Everyone needs basics!

Samantha was having some fitting issues with underwires for this bra, so instead of regular wires, she used short wires, rotated to be shorter under the arm and the centre front, not perfect yet but getting better!

Next we have this beauty from Ingrid of IsaTe’s Designs!

Ingrid made this bralette using the Kwik Sew K3167, with a wide stretch lace band, cotton/bamboo knit cups and soem stretch lace trim to finish them off. I love those little details! This is almost like a cute little camisole! Make sure to head over to Ingrid’s blog to see more about her beautiful make!

Last but not least we have a beautiful bra from Holly of Intimate Underpinnings!

Holly made this beautiful lace bra for herself, using some scraps of lace she had left- beautiful! She decided to make it a vertical seam to flatter her shape, and a partial band to go along with an inspiration photo she was working from!


I love the use of the modal, it’s such a beautiful colour match! Make sure to head over to Holly’s blog to read all about her new make! 

All I can say is WOW! Clearly you’ve all had an amazing January, and it’s so inspiring to see all the beautiful things that you’ve made, the new challenges that you’ve concurred and the fits that are being perfected! Bra making can definitely be considered both a journey and an addiction! I can never imagine going back and not sewing bras!
So with that final close of January, what are your plans for February? It’s going to be lace month for me! Do you have any lacy plans for February? Or do you have any other goals or inspirations for this month?
Let me know in the comments 🙂 🙂
It’s going to be a good one!!


[BAW4]: The Lace Demi-Bra

Hi All!

Week 4 is here and with it comes another bra 🙂 My second bra-make of the year!

I love this bra, and I wanted to show a few new ideas and techniques with this bra 🙂 And also to announce the theme for next month…. LACE!! 🙂


This bra is again the new France wire 🙂 I wanted to show another style that works for this wire, and in this case I made a demi cup bra, as you can see it’s quite low, great for very scooping necklines and low-cut tops 🙂 very subtly sexy in the blush pink lace!

To make this demi cup bra I placed my straps a little wider, and lower than usual, and cut the neckline really low. Then instead of having a vertical seam like my last bra, I wanted to have a more horizontal seam (both ends of the seams ending in the wireline) but because this wire sits very low on me, they don’t hit across the horizontal- but a little bit lower. Which I think is a little more dynamic and pretty!


I also thought I’d do a gothic arch at the centre front to add to the light and dainty look of this lace bra 🙂

I lined this lace with a layer of bra tulle to keep the super-sheer look! *gets out the nipple covers again*


The other exciting news about this is…. I finally have lace kits up in my Etsy shop!! YAY

And here is the lace kit that I used to make this weeks bra!

Next week is the final week in January, meaning it’s all about you and your beautiful submissions! so make sure that you send me all your photos and links for that post!!! (deadline is this Friday!)
How is everyone feeling about February as ‘Lace Month’? I thought it would be very seasonally appropriate with Valentine’s day!
What would you like to know about lace or working with lace for my theory post?
Let me know what you think!!
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