#MMMAY16 Final Round Up & Plans for June

#MMMAY16 Final Round Up & Plans for June

Pictured this week are the (starting from the top right counterclockwise) mermaid bikini with flower top, dreaming in silk bra, gingham retro bathing suit, ivory lace bra, zig-zag sport bikini & black lace body suit.Β 

Hi All!

Okay, so May didn’t go quite according to my #MMMAY16 goal. I really wanted to be able to to make an indie pattern every week, and wear and photograph something different everyday, but alas, even the best plans don’t always go as you wanted. I’m pretty happy with how well I did, and I still have lots of plans to get making those indie patterns this summer (there may or may not be a cut and ready to sew Carolyn pyjama pattern sitting in a heap at the end of my ironing table). But May was just not the month to do it all! I had other things to do in May!

What I have been doing in May is getting sick (boo!), spending time with friends and family in the beautiful spring weather (yay!). And getting a whole pile of work done! I’ve had so many new products come in, and I’m in the middle of putting so many new things up!

I have my new foam!!

A gorgeous microfiber laminated foam imported from France, I can’t wait to use it in all my swimwear this month <3, you’ll see the first swimsuit tomorrow!

Also I have some other bits for swimwear :

My favourite swimwear elastic by the meter πŸ™‚


And I’ve added another size to my triangle bikini cups! I now have them in small, medium and large with 5″, 6″ and 7″ cross-cups!

Not to mention I’m going to be releasing a TON of new swimwear to buy by the meter and in swimwear kits!!

And another exciting release! The Orange Wire!!


These are the wires that are designed to go in the amazing Marlborough and Boylston bra patterns designed by the lovely Norma Loehr over at Orange Lingerie. These are very similar to my popular Round Wire, but they are a little shorter at the centre front, making them the perfect fit to the pattern!
I’m so excited that I could get the perfect wires in, I love Norma’s patterns, and I’ve seen so many people have great success with them!!
Well that’s a little taste of what’s been coming in to the studio, but I feel like there is so much more to share. I’m planning to make June a really fun month. June is my birthday month, June is the start of the summer, June is swimwear month (my fav!!) and I really want to get making some cool things, get more active on my social media, and connect with all of you!!
What are your plans for June?
How was your May?
Let me know in the comments!
[WEEK 3]: MMMAY16 Round Up!

[WEEK 3]: MMMAY16 Round Up!

Hi All!

Week 3 has already come to an end, how does time move so quickly? And I have to say that time slipped out too quickly this week, and I didn’t have time to get my indie make done. After fighting a terrible cold for the first half of the month (since when do colds go around in May??) the beautiful sunshine was too tempting for me this week, and I decided to give myself a break.

But that didn’t stop me from wearing some of my all-time favourite me-mades this week, mostly under-things of course πŸ™‚

Here is my week in wears!

DAY 15
Absolutely adored wearing my new lace on the side boyshorts πŸ™‚



DAY 16
This was a time to pull out a bra from earlier this year, my lace demi, and match it up with my new boyshorts! I think I’m getting addicted to the luxury of matching sets!



DAY 17
This was the first day that I had a non-sewing make, and since I was beading and beers night with the girls at The Emerald Studio, I thought it was fitting for this gorgeous bracelet to be my me-made of the day!


DAY 18
But of course I can’t stay away from my me-made lingerie for too long, and it was such a gorgeous day to wear my ‘in the nude’ bralette and high-waisted panty set, which is definitely a spring staple for me πŸ™‚


DAY 19
More lingerie of course my black lace plunge bra, although this bra definitely needs to find a matching bottom in the future! Black lace on a Thursday is always good πŸ™‚

DAY 20
This was a super fun day, out with mom and Gibby! wearing my off-the-shoulder pattern hacked Nettie Bodysuit from Closet Case Files, that I also made into a crop top. Perfect outfit to enjoy the sunshine!


DAY 21
Then I wrapped the week up with one of my bra staples, the black beauty πŸ™‚ Always a favourite!Β 


Overall a fantastic week in the me-made life πŸ™‚ It’s so nice to be doing this for the third year, and seeing how my me-made wardrobe has grown so much, and how I’m making more and more wearable staples and favourites!

I think there are still a couple gaps in my wardrobe, and I have to say, I’ve never felt quite so hungry to do some more regular clothes sewing, I’ve already dreamed up the next pair of Hudson pants that I want to make, and I’ve got my eye on so many more patterns! I’ll definitely have to find a few spare hours this summer for some clothes sewing, in between my lingerie & swim makes of course πŸ˜‰

How are you doing with your me-made may goals? Found any gaps in your wardrobe? Feeling inspired by any patterns or fabrics?

I love hearing from you πŸ™‚



[WEEK 2] MMMay16 Round-Up!

[WEEK 2] MMMay16 Round-Up!

Hi All!
It’s already the end of week 2 of Me Made May, and I have to say that I’m just as smitten with it as last week πŸ™‚ This week I’ve worn lots of my me-made underwear, some me-made pjs, an indie pattern make from last MMMAY and of course my latest indie pattern make from this week, which I love!
Here is my week in me-mades πŸ™‚
Β This was a day where I wore one of my favourite new pairs of boyshorts that I made in my tutorial on Three ways to sew panty elastic!


This was a day to be out in the garden and the sunshine, and to get a little extra vitamin D and feel the sun on my skin, I wore my low back nettie body suitΒ (from closet case files) that I made last year for MMMay15 πŸ™‚



DAY 10
I sneaked this bralette out of my sisters draw on this day, this was the bralette that I made here for Christmas πŸ™‚Β 
DAY 11
This was another day for some me-made lingerie, and I pulled out one of my favourites, my Snow White bra, that is looking very lovely for Spring too πŸ™‚Β 


DAY 12
This was my indie pattern make day, and this week it was my version of the Hudson Pants from True Bias, which I am in love with!Β 


DAY 13Β 
It’s finally starting to warm up (some days) and it was the perfect opportunity to break out my favourite summer pjs! They are self-drafted bloomer shorts and the Sorbetto top from Colette!


DAY 14
And today was of course another day for some lovely me-made lingerie, and my Parisian bra was my pick of the day, I love it just as much as the day I designed it <3

There is my round-up for Week 2 of Me-Made-May 2016!

I’m finding that it’s much easier this year than it was last year, after a full year of the Bra-A-Week Challenge!

How is your Me Made May going? What challenges have you found? Still sticking to your goal?

Let me know!



[WEEK 1] MMMay16 Round up!

[WEEK 1] MMMay16 Round up!

Hi All!

It’s been a pretty good start to Me-Made-May this year, if I do say so myself πŸ™‚

I did wake up with a bad cold on day 3, but I’m not letting it dampen my me-made spirits πŸ™‚ It just gives me a chance to wear all my comfiest me-mades!

Here is my week in outfits!

Red Bra & Matching Boyshorts Set- possibly my favourite thing ever


Jacket Express from the Islander Sewing System- an old favourite!


A day to be sick and cozy in my me-made sweatpants, these are very old and very loved πŸ™‚Β 




Another day to be sick and snuggle in my cozy sewing jammies with mr Gibby- (did you notice his hair cut, lol)!


My new indie pattern make! The Bethioua at the beach!Β 


Feeling cool in my indie pattern make from last May- the Alexandria Peg Trousers!Β 


Today was a day to be comfy, I’m still getting over my cold and I needed something snuggly to be with me all day, so I’m wearing my Winter Bralette & new boyshorts! πŸ™‚Β 
It has been a good week in Me-Mades!!
It’s funny how much Me-Made-May inspires me to sew, I realize as soon as it starts that I’ve been suppressing all my clothes sewing urges and then suddenly it’s like ‘I want to make ALL the things!!, not just the under-things!!’
What have you been inspired to sew so far this May?
Talk to me in the comments!!