TBT: My Backpack

TBT: My Backpack

Hi All,

So I thought I would start a new thing- TBT (throwback-thursday, for those not in the know), where I will show you a sewing project from my pre-blog days.

I’m thinking that quite a few of these will be made by my mom, since she has made me so many lovely things throughout my life- and I’m going to kick this off with something my mom made me almost 18 years ago: my back pack.

In all its cat tapestry glory:

The denim has achieved a faded and worn look that modern distressing techniques can’t even replicate

Here -as proof of its age- is me, on my first day of grade 1

With the backpack- as you can see it was a much darker denim to start off with and also the zipper has since been replaced with a navy zipper.

Can I just point out what a stylish child I was- I mean short-alls over a smiley face T-shirt and those velcro sneakers- rocking that 90’s fashion

I managed to find another picture as proof of its continued use – this is my first day of grade 4- gotta love those side ponies.

And of course the backpack- with slightly more fading and the navy zipper.

I can say with full honesty that I have never had another backpack- this thing lasted me all the way through high school and I even used it in university. Now I mostly sling it over one shoulder and run out the door. But I love anytime someone asks me about it- because I can say “my mom made me this in Kindergarten- it’s the only backpack I’ve ever had!”

I think you can tell by the colour change over time that this has seen a lot of use- this bag has been traveling with everywhere- It is one of my favourite things that I own 🙂

Thanks again mom for making me this backpack!

Happy Thursday!

xo erin