Saturday Life [10.10.15]: Camping in Pennsylvania

Saturday Life [10.10.15]: Camping in Pennsylvania

Hi All,

This week there won’t be anymore shop updates, or supply runs, or corset announcements. This week I did one main thing- I went camping in Pennsylvania with mom & dad 🙂 🙂

So now I’m going to give you some fall-envy – because it was quite lovely 🙂

The fall colours were just a little pre-peak as we drove down to Pennsylvania, but there were some gorgeous pockets where you could see bright reds, oranges and yellows!

The first park that we camped at was Lackawanna State park, and it was beautiful- and home of some mighty big acorns!

I was also very proud to say that my pyromania tendencies as a child totally paid off, and I was able to start this fire with damp paper, and damp wood!


After one chilly night of tent camping, we moved on to Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a city that I loved and would totally want to explore a little more!

First we went to the National Civil War Museum, which was amazing!

They had so many interesting old artifacts and so much info- I can honestly say that the Canadian education system didn’t really cover the American Civil War in much detail- so it’s nice to know a little more now 🙂

And also mention-worthy was the amazing restaurant we went to called the Millworks.
It was such a cool spot- amazing food (we had the fried green tomatoes appetizer and wow was it good) But the coolest part is that it’s a cooperative for Artists, so the whole place was a gallery with little studios for the artists, and before or after dinner, or with a drink in hand, you could wander around and see all the amazing artwork and chat with the artists! It was AMAZING!


It was such a phenomenal time, and it’s really making me excited for my own studio 🙂

After Harrisburg it was off to one last night of camping before turning home, this time we stayed at Locust Lake State Park.




We got to go for a hike up the mountain at this park- and I did it in my new Millworks T-shirt!
The colours were beautiful, thankfully it was a little warmer and drier, and we were all sad to be leaving the next morning.
And that takes me to today- I’ve had one day for unpacking, phone calls, emails, planning, a little sewing. And then I’ll be on to my next week that is very full of new adventures!
How was your week? How is your fall shaping up?
Do you like camping? Any good state parks or camping trips? Did you go on a trip this fall?
I love hearing from you 🙂
xo erin
Saturday Life [03.10.15]: Queen st., Keys & Corsets

Saturday Life [03.10.15]: Queen st., Keys & Corsets

Hi All!

What a crazy week I’ve had! So many exciting things!

One of those exciting things was a trip into Toronto, shopping on Queen st.W for fabric!


I love the variety of shops that you find there- some are tiny, some are big, some are organized- and some are so packed that you have to wander single file through the shop scanning over the piles and piles of fabric- like this shop –>


It was so much fun spending the day and wandering around with mom 🙂 When we’re together- we are almost the same person 🙂

The other big and exciting news is that I picked up the key to my studio!! YAY!! It’s finally here! I’m so excited!!


You can expect lots of updates on my studio coming up! (after my trip to Calgary!!) And stay tuned for the big launch!!

Other than fun times shopping and celebrating the new addition to my key-chain- I’ve also been fiendishly sewing to get all of my corsets done this month! They definitely take longer than bras!!
Well I’m back to my sewing room! I hope you’ve add had a lovely week, please tell me all about it!
xo erin


Saturday Life [26.09.15]: The Best Start to Fall!

Saturday Life [26.09.15]: The Best Start to Fall!

Hi All!

I hope you’re having a lovely start to Fall! (if it’s fall where you are- or a lovely week in general!)

The weather here in South-Eastern Ontario has been blissful- and I’ve taken full advantage of it! To be honest- I’ve been so exhausted between travelling, teaching and running my business on the side- that I had to take a couple mornings out for long walks, to get some fresh air and to enjoy all the wonderful things about early fall!


This is a lovely trail near where I live 🙂 Gibby has definitely been enjoying the extra walks this week!


And he really loved his new experience of apple picking! Or running around like a manic while we picked apples.

He was so tired after he just slept in the car for the whole ride home 🙂
Another fall treat this week was the Corn Bee!! 


The Corn Bee is a family tradition that we’ve had since I was very little. Every year we get 15 dozen corn, husk them, blanch them, cut off the kernels and bag it all for the freezer to have all winter long!


Kristie, Grandpa and I husk the corn- sometimes with help from Grandma 🙂
And this year we had a very special little supervisor.



Then mom, dad and Grandma worked their magic in the kitchen and got it all bagged.


Gibby was in charge of keeping the floor clean, and eating any little pieces that might fall.

It’s always so special having family traditions 🙂

In other news from this week…

If you haven’t checked out last weeks Bra-A-Week Challenge- I did a lovely Bra Theory tutorial on converting your long wired bra into a plunge wire bra 🙂

You can check that out here.

I’ve also been spending some extra time in the sewing room- getting ready for Corset October, a month of 4 corsets! I’m already sweating!

I also have another HUGE surprise coming up for October, which I will let you in on very soon:)

How was your week? How was your September? Anything cool coming up for October?

I love hearing what’s going on with you all!

Until the Challenge tomorrow 🙂

xo erin

Saturday Life [19.09.15]: Signs, Spoolers & Studio Updates!

Saturday Life [19.09.15]: Signs, Spoolers & Studio Updates!

Hi All!

What a crazy week I’ve had! I feel like I’m still trying to catch my breath. *deep breath* Let’s jump right in!


This week started off with more teaching. Looking back I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in my life as I did in those 8 days! It was quite the experience! And wow- so much information and so many lessons! And all of the sudden it was back on the plane waving goodbye!

I feel like I’d have to do a whole year of bra theory posts on here to get through everything!

Speaking of Bra Theory- if you haven’t check out my last weeks Bra-A-Week Challenge- it was all about powerbar theory 🙂 You can check that out over here.

When I landed my dad surprised me with the most amazing gift! A Spooler!!


Dad made this for me using a motor from an old sewing machine! Now I can take all the elastic and channelling I get in boxes and put it on spools! No cranking or effort- just push the foot pedal and it spins! 🙂 🙂 I’m going to have to take a video when I’m spooling one day and show you all! I just adore it! <3 Thanks dad!! 🙂 🙂

It’s so exciting getting everything together for my studio!


Speaking of getting things ready for my studio.. I went to visit my studio yesterday and it’s coming along so well!!

They finished the ceiling, drywalling. And they’ve just got a couple things left to do. Crossing my fingers for a November opening! 🙂



I’m so excited to get into the space and set everything up! And to paint! There really isn’t much painting to be done in the space since it’s lovely exposed brick and dark hard wood floors, but the back wall is drywall to be painted and there is an area to paint around the front entrance. And I was thinking that this would be a lovely colour 🙂 to go with my green and grey theme 🙂 and to match all my online branding 🙂

But for the outside of my studio… this gem was dropped off at my door!! My sign !!

Isn’t it just stunning?! I’m SO in love with my sign <3 <3 Thanks Adam!! I will have this sign for the rest of my life!

It’s definitely on of those moments where I’m pinching myself to see if this is really happening. This whole week has been a ‘pinch me’ week! And I’m very happy to find that it’s not a dream 🙂

So that has been my week! Now I’m off to sew up my bra for the challenge tomorrow! Nothing like leaving it to the day before!

How was your week? Anything big? exciting? small? funny? please share in the comments 🙂 I love hearing about your week!

until tomorrow,

xo erin

Saturday Life [12.09.15]: Travelling, Teaching, & More Teaching

Saturday Life [12.09.15]: Travelling, Teaching, & More Teaching

Hi All!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a pretty crazy week!

First thing, as always, my week started out with some bras!


This bra in particular, my bra for Bra-A-Week, Week:33 !! My come-back week where I take over as host again 🙂

The exciting thing about this bra, (and all the bras for the month of September) is that I’m focusing on bra theory!! Yay! This bra was all about the impact of vertical wires and the direction of stretch!

Check that out here if you haven’t already 🙂


Now the real behind the scenes for that post was this little puppy wanting to chew on my fingers and play while I tried to get my post out! You can blame him for any delays!

Then after considerable stress, planning, packing, and a little bit of last minute moving help for my friend, I made the drive up to Toronto, to stay over and head out bright and early for the beautiful state of Connecticut and private lessons with a friend/student of mine! SO COOL!!

Landing 🙂

And then we got right down to business! There’s nothing like having someone who enjoys bra talk as much as you and who is super eager to learn. And I have to say that we’ve been hold up in this sewing room for almost 10 hours a day! just working on bra theory, pattern drafting and so much more!

This has a little sneak peak for what you’re going to see in the Bra-A-Week Challenge tomorrow morning 🙂

SO much teaching and learning! So much boob talk! I have to say that we’ve stayed so focused, that I’ve hardly taken pictures or posted on Instagram- it’s been a total bra-making getaway!

Fuelled of  course by only the best selection of energizing snacks! And maybe a glass of wine here and there! 😉

I have truly been having such an amazing week, and I’m almost surprising myself with how much boob-knowledge I have rolling around between my ears! I should write a book!

I’ve also had the pleasure to meet this little cloud 🙂 Who is too quick and impassion for a photo, along with her little brother who managed to scoot out before I clicked the button! they are SO CUTE lol, my Gibby is going to be quite jealous when he smells these puppies on my clothes when I get home!

Well I’m back to work! The topic of the day today is bralettes!
How has your week been? Have you ever been so caught up in something that you’re teaching and just spent a whole week getaway on it? What topics would you like to learn most about in bra-making?
Until tomorrow for the challenge!
xo erin