I must apologize, I have been very late with this post, and I finished this project a little while ago. In fact you have already seen two sneak peaks of this project in my past posts!

(from my sewing room tour) 
(from my Boretski Gallery post)

So I am finally making a post about it! My new silk top! – This top is another Burda World of Fashion (BWOF) project. I went with a slightly more recent edition than my previous BWOF project Bringing Back 2004, opting for the August 2009 issue.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Parisian inspired section of the magazine and I have already made this beautiful dress a couple years ago with great results!

I wanted to make a top because I feel that tops are a little more wearable than dresses for day to day and I would get more use out of it- so I picked this top- I was a little dubious about the ruffle front, as I am not much of a ruffle person, but I figured I would give it a shot.

I opted for this silk -nice and drapey but also completely opaque with a little body to it. After cutting the pattern out and pinning the pieces on Stella (my dressform) I realized that the ruffles were NOT doing it for me.

After gagging a couple of times at this ruffle I got to some brainstorming- because the top too basic without the ruffle it needed something else-  While searching pinterest for trendy, chic, loose-fitting, silky tops (woah there adjectives!), I decided that a band of colour on the bottom and a front pocket would do the trick! So I pulled out some of my other nice silky fabrics to pick a complimentary one-

I wanted a bright pop of colour so I opted for the top left- which is actually almost a violet in real life.  It was a pretty simple adjustment from the original design- just ditch the ruffle, sew a band to the bottom of shirt pieces, and make a little pocket for the front. 
 The Front
 The Back
I decided to sew the front pocket on by hand, just to be fancy and make sure that it stayed flat because silky fabrics can be tricky. I also liked the effect of having no stitching line with a really clean edge.
I really like how it turned out, it has a nice drape and I think that the pop of colour suits it well!
And (this is for you mom!) I serged ALL the inside seams, oooh la la, look at those beautifully finished inside seams! 

I’ve been getting quite a bit of wear out of this top- I have already worn it out twice since I made it, which is saying a lot because I rarely leave the cocoon that is my apartment, especially since it has been so cold lately.

This is another shot of me at Boretski when I was wearing the top- holding up a necklace I debated buying, while realizing that I am already drowning in so much of my own jewelry – so much swag, I just can’t resist!
Anyways -hope everyone’s sewing projects are going well. I  know that I have a huge line-up for Christmas right now, seeing as I never really think to do any projects before the Christmas rush- I really have to be in the Christmas spirit anyways! 
Back to the sewing cave! 
xo erin