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Hibernation Preparation

Nov 3, 2013 | Other | 2 comments

So now that Halloween is over, and the long winter is ahead, I have decided to prepare for my inevitable hibernation (not wanting to leave my bed ever) by making myself a new duvet cover.

My old duvet cover had a pretty flower print on a white background, but was prone to yellowing near the top where it would come into contact with my face, that may or may not have been properly removed of make-up before going to bed.. Anyways, this time I wanted something very pretty, and perhaps a little more off-white, to at least appear clean for longer, so with some help from my mom, I picked out this fabric:

With green being my favourite colour, and the lovely serene print- I figured that I could sleep very soundly bundled up in a cocoon of this. So I set to work making a queen sized duvet cover and matching pillow cases for good measure. I also set out to prove to my mother that I can use the serger that she bought for me for my last birthday (although I do have a slight fear of sergers), and I have learned to love it! It is a beautiful Husqvarna Viking H class (pictured below) and it really did make this project easier. (see mom, it was worthwhile!)

This picture is a good representation of my sewing process – machine in front of me, and laptop beside me playing an audio book- Audio book of choice was Paper Towns by John Green, which I actually enjoyed more than his more recent Fault in our Stars- however I would recommend both! I also like that they are short enough that you can listen to the whole book in one day on a sewing marathon. In general I would say that this project was really simple, just a lot of working with huge pieces of fabric that can get a little awkward at times, but I was so happy with the result!

Complimentary shot of the vintage fashion posters *cough* pictures cut out of a calendar *cough* above my bed.
The duvet cover is simply a big rectangle (lined with off-white poly-cotton blend) with an opening at the bottom to fit the duvet in, with ties to keep it closed. The pillows are a little more decorative. I designed them so that there would be a border of fabric around the outside of the pillow, and I did a bit of piping detail on the front, as well as having an overlapping back to fit the pillow in, instead of having a zipper or side opening.
– the piping detail, using the same green grosgrain ribbon from the curtains in my sewing room.
– dark and awkward hand shot showing the back overlap opening of the pillow.
Overall I am so happy with how this turned out, and am excited to snuggle into bed every evening, which realistically looks more like this picture below, once I have piled more pillows and all the appropriate stuffed animals onto the bed, along with (of course) my laptop.
I do realize that this blog seems a little more involved in the ‘home decor’ area of sewing, but I promise that is only because I have recently moved, and I really don’t do this home decor stuff very much. My next post will be a fashion sewing post. And now you can clearly imagine where I will be creating that post from :).
Sweet dreams!
xo erin


  1. Maude Parent

    Ok. I'm in love with this fabric! Did you use a lot of meters/yards to make this project? I've always wanted to make my own duvet cover but it scars me a bit … Too much fabric to handle haha By the way, I've discovered your blog because you added my on boglovin and thanks to you because your blog is AMAZING. I love what you sew!! 🙂

  2. EmeraldErin

    Thanks! I found you through pattern review- I love what you make especially your 'copy-cat' projects! This project was surprisingly easy. The fabric was from the drapery section and it was really wide (it was folded double on a long bolt)- wide enough to cover the width of my bed in once piece, so all I had to do was get enough meters for the length of my bed and a little extra for pillows- which I think I got 4 meters and I still have about 1/2 a meter left after the pillows! I lined it with an off-white poly/cotton. I would highly recommend making your own duvet cover- it was a surprisingly easy and rewarding project- I managed to finish the cover and the pillow cases all in one day- then it is really rewarding because you get to sleep in it that night! Thanks again for your comment 🙂

    xo erin


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