I was at home this weekend, enjoying the wonderful chill of fall, and one thing that made my weekend just that much better was a lovely bowl of homemade soup. There really is nothing better than homemade soup, especially when it is fall, when your mom made it, and when it is accompanied by some variety of dunkable companion.

Since I enjoyed my soup so much this weekend, I felt that I had to share it with the world. And upon realizing that I have a variety of soups in my cooking repertoire I figured that I would make it a fall feature on my blog “Soup Sunday” – starting with my mom’s soup: Ham & Potato soup, with cornmeal muffins.
As you can see this soup is more of a Ham & Potato, & corn, & carrots, & white kidney beans soup, but for simplicity we just call it Ham & Potato. – and yes it is just as creamy and filling and delicious as it looks :), especially when consumed accompanied with a homemade cornmeal muffin. 
Looking through my mom’s recipe book I found these well loved recipes:
A good rule of thumb when looking through my mom’s cookbook is: the dirtier the recipe card, the better the recipe. 
Mom’s Ham & Potato Soup
3 1/2 cups diced potatoes
2 medium carrots diced
1 small onion chopped fine
1 cup ham (or more if you really like ham)
2 cups of water
1 1/2 cup chicken stock
– place above ingredients in a pot & boil covered until the potatoes are tender-
5 tbsp butter
5 tbsp flour
1 cup cream
1 cup chicken stock
1 can white kidney beans (drained)
2 cups corn
1 pkg chicken bullion 
– while the veggies & ham are boiling, melt butter with flour to make a roux, then mix in the cream. Add chicken stock and stir until thick. Add beans, corn and bullion (& parsley ‘for looks’- clearly optional)-

Then add the veggies & ham with their stock into the creamy mixture and you have SOUP!!
AND- if you are feeling particularly decadent then you can make these dunkable companions to go along with it:
 Great Cornmeal Muffins

Dry Ingredients:

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (the wimpy Canadian whole wheat flour)
1 1/2 cups cornmeal
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
Wet Ingredients:

2 cups buttermilk
1/4 cup olive oil
2 eggs
1/4 cup honey
1 cup fresh corn (optional, and not in the featured photo, but good)
– mix dry, mix wet, mix together. Bake at 400 °F for 20 minutes, or until lightly brown. Makes 12 muffins that can be enjoyed hot or frozen for a later time.- 

I promise you will not regret making these! – Also I think this is the time where I have to change the name of my blog from “The Sewing Adventures of Emerald Erin” to “The Sewing and Life Adventures of Emerald Erin”, because, let’s be honest, this blog is not even close to being entirely about sewing. Food, crafting, jewelry making, creative outings and general cool life stuff is taking over- or at least is a good accompaniment to my sewing posts. 🙂 
Anyways – I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and maybe snuggle up with a nice warm bowl of soup like I did! I know that when I do I feel like this:
All yawns and snuggles, and then I cuddle into bed and enjoy a movie or get lost in the vortex that is YouTube.
Happy Sunday everyone!
xo erin