DIY: Purple Dip-Dye Hair

Jan 13, 2014 | Other | 0 comments

I have never dyed my hair before, no highlights, no crazy colours, no regular colours- I have always been fairly content with my hair colour, which I would describe as a darkish brown.

It’s somewhat strange that I’ve never thought of dyeing my hair, since I do my fair share of dyeing other people’s hair- I dye both my mom and my sisters hair- with my sister keeping her hair in a constant state of the most blonde you can possibly be- like the box with double bleach packets blonde- as close to white as it gets blonde-

So I thought it should be my turn to be in the hot seat- and dye my hair. Although I am still a huge wimp when it comes to this- I can say that I have had pretty much the same hair style my whole life- just ditching the bangs in grade 4, and switching to a side part (that I still have) in grade 10. So I wanted to do something different, but not too different- and I was thinking purple ends.

I used Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye in the colour Ultra-Violet.

Since I was not too committed to this overall look, I waited until my hair was really long- almost in need of a cut- so that, if I really hated it- I could just cut it all off and pretend it never happened. 

I decided on a cut-off point and tied sections of my hair off with rubber bands – here I am looking nervous-

Then I got my mom to apply the dye- straight to my freshly washed hair, making sure it was fully saturated- and left it for 30 minutes. Watch out because this stuff will stain EVERYTHING around you. – Then I cut the elastics off and rinsed it out in cold water- at which point I felt very grateful that it was not my whole head and only the ends of my hair that were being doused in cold water.

And Voila! Purple tips!

I have to say I am pretty happy with the look- it is very subtle, since my hair is already dark and I didn’t lighten it before applying the colour, and you almost can’t see it in dim lighting- but you can definitely tell in the daylight, it just gives that trendy edge.  
I’m sorry if you were expecting something super dramatic! But I have to say, I did this a few weeks ago and the colour has completely left my hair, which is making me think that I want to redo this- but perhaps a little brighter and with permanent dye- I will keep you updated if I do!!
Hope you are all having fun with your hair colour, lol! 

*Glamour new hair look pose*

xo erin


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