Potter Puppet Pals- finger sized! DIY

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I am sure that everyone remembers potter puppet pals, even if the reference is getting a little old… like 2007 old… this is making me feel old.. ANYWAYS… 


If you know Harry Potter but don’t know about potter puppet pals then here is a link to the best youtube video ever : THE MYSTERIOUS TICKING NOISE- You’re welcome

The Actual Potter Puppet Pals:

If you don’t know anything about Harry Potter then you are pretty much dead to me… not really… kind of really…

Anyways- as I am the coolest person ever- this might be the third set of these that I have made.. they are pretty easy, just a little time-consuming and finicky, the first set I made I think I just made up myself, and ever since to make it a little easier I trace the head shapes and the cloak and arm shape, but otherwise I always just improvise on the faces.

This was the first set that I made- and I just traced around the heads and the cloak to get a general pattern

So generally I cut out all the heads first (Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore all have the same head, Snape’s is bigger and more square, and Voldemorts is bigger but more round and wide).

Then you apply the ears between the two head pieces putting it all together with hot glue.

All the heads ready to go. 

Then I apply the hair (or hat for Dumbledore). It is important to make sure that you do the heads double so that they have a bit more structure to stand up, otherwise the head will flop a little at the neck.

It was at this point that my fangirl instincts kicked in from another fandom, or more correctly phandom… After putting the hair on Harry Potter I noticed that the head had a remarkable resemblance to AmazingPhil, one of my fav youtubers.

Which obviously lead to the creation of these:

 DanIsNotOnFire and AmazingPhil, if you don’t know who these people are, enjoy cute british boys and entertaining youtube with a sarcastic sense of humour, then I would highly recommend that you check them out:  amazingphil & danisnotonfire, And now I can feel like a total stalker owning these until I can find a way to possibly send them to them… 

BUT BACK TO HARRY POTTER (my ultimate fandom) 

After applying the hair- I start to do all the features, and those I just free-hand and improvise- remembering that when you do Dumbledore, you have to make him double sided so that you can have a naked side (if this makes no sense to you, then you should really watch more potter puppet pals).

Naked time!

The cloaks are very simple: make the arms first by cutting two rectangles of the black felt, glue them together with a little hand sticking out one end- then glue them in between the front and back pieces of the cloak like the head. Make sure you only glue the outside edges of the cloak so that your finger can fit in the middle (making it a finger puppet).
It’s really about the details, I just keep referencing the PPP videos to make sure I have all the details right. None of them are ever going to be exactly the same- but they are characters so they just have to have the resemblance. – the only important thing is that you have tweezers and a hot glue gun. As well as black, brown, white, skin colour, red, yellow pink, orange and blue coloured felt. And with a few hours and a few movies or shows you will have some wonderful potter puppet pals!! (to possibly reenact the PPP videos….)

I hope this touches your inner Harry Potter fangirl/fanguy!

xo erin


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