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Supper Sunday: Pretending it’s Summer with Steak!

Jan 12, 2014 | Other | 0 comments

I don’t know about you all, but I am pretty much over this whole ‘winter’ business. I mean snow can be pretty and whatever, but I have found that the weather in Southern Ontario so far has left much to be desired. I mean an ice storm over Christmas? really?

Anyways, that said, I have taken to staying indoors and pretending it’s summer as a coping mechanism! And the best way to do that is to enjoy my favourite summer dinner: Steak & mushrooms with salad!

 Mmmm so delicious- Just how I like my steak, medium- rare and covered in delicious fried mushrooms.

Ideally I would BBQ the steak, but as it is about -20, I opted for pan frying.

These are lovely thick rib steaks and the process of cooking them is pretty much:

Sprinkle this:

All over both sides of the steak then throw them into a pan on high heat searing one side, then flip, put the lid on and check on it until it is your preferred doneness, possibly flipping it once more, but I keep it on high for the whole time.

While you are doing this you can also do your mushrooms- I like a lot, so this is about 5 extra large portobello mushrooms:

That I like to cook very simply with some butter and salt, adding the salt at the very end so that it doesn’t pull all of the water out of the mushrooms right away.
Meanwhile- if you really want to pretend it is summer- like my sister and I- you can whip up a couple extra large cocktails! 

This was very simply just a shot of Grand Marnier, about 1/2 cup of mango juice and sparkling water- all mixed into an oversized white wine glass and garnished with an extra large orange wedge! Cheers!

MMM tasty, of course I went all out and decided to paint my nails rainbow in honour of summer as well… or it might have been a nod to Dexter… you can look at it either way.
Then whip up a little spinach/kale/red pepper salad, maybe have some veggies & dip on the side and BAM!! insta-summer!!
I savoured each bite- which of course is best when you skewer some mushrooms followed by the most juicy piece of steak like this:
Overwhelming deliciousness!! I even dressed the Kitties up in their bathing suits for the occasion!
So that has been my way of coping with the winter so far. Do any of you have good ways of coping with the long cold winter? Or any favourite summer dinners?
Hope you all have a delicious Sunday!!
xo erin


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